Johnny Wolf Reveals The Secret-Happy-Fun-Button Spot…

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I’m not sure how accurate this is, but what the heck?  It can’t hurt to try…

Johnny Wolf writes:
A lot of guys have been asking me about the so called “Secret Kino Spot Technique” where you can massage it on a girl and get your instantly turned on because it is somehow connected to her clit.

First, I’ll explain what the Secret Kino Spot is, then I’ll tell you where the Real Secret Kino Spot is.

Imagine there is another green dot on the other side. The secret kino spot is not the back dimples as some people think, it’s on the sides of the hips. Supposedly you can rub them while dancing with a girl to turn her on. This is unproven however, it might work, you might as well try it for yourself. Massaging a girl always works to build sexual comfort and to turn her on.

The Real Secret Kino Spot according to Johnny Wolf

This one is proven, as I’ve done it with enough girls to know that it works. I’ve also asked them after we’ve had sex how it feels when I rub them there and they love the feeling and says it makes them horny.

It’s not quite her pussy, so you get as much LMR (Last Minute Resistance) from rubbing her Real Secret Kino Spot as you would if you tried rubbing her pussy or her clit, which works much better if you can get that far. So if you don’t want to take the big jump to get her pants off and rub her clit, you can instead, keep her clothes on and rub her Real Secret Kino Spot, the Wolf Spot as I like to call it or even just firms press down on the spot with your thumbs which I do while I’m kissing her.

The Wolf-Spot Kiss using the Secret Kino Spot:

While holding a girl by her hips and kissing her, I place my thumbs on her two wolf spots, and as the kiss gets more passionate I gently start adding pressure and pushing down on the two points while we kiss. This turns her on and sends shivers down to her pussy while you kiss her.

The Wolf-Spot Massage:

I actually learned this technique while getting massages in Thailand. Some of the girls there will try to test to see if you want a happy ending by pushing on your wolf-spots to see if you get a hard on. They do this so they don’t offend you by touching your dick if you’re not into it. It’s a sneaky tactic that you can use on girls. When I give girls massages, I will massage their back, their legs, and then have them flip over to massage their arms and their thighs. Then I will locate their wolf spot, lean down and start applying pressure slowly. The trick is, the slower you press down the better it feels and the deeper it can go. But you MUST release twice as slow as you originally pressed for it to work.

Self-Practice locating the Wolf Spot:

You can practice on yourself to find where the wolf-spot is. Take your thumbs and feel for the spot about one and a half inches down from where your stomach fold ends,near the “V” shaped mound of soft flesh above your penis. Slowly rub around until you think you found it, and then slowly push down on it. Make sure you push VERY slowly, and release TWICE as SLOW as you pressed down.

You should feel a tingly sensation where if you need to pee, will make you want to pee even more. The deeper you push down, the more the sensation will be, and you will continue to feel it down there for a few minutes after you release.

Good luck with this, it has gotten me laid more than a few times.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf

One note:  I refuse to call this the “Wolf Spot.”  I think we should coin the term “Secret-Happy-Fun-Button” spot.  Or SHFB for short.  Any other ideas for names?

How Asian Men Can Pick Up Black Women

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Asian Playboy has a few posts up on his blog by a guest writer that advises Asian Men how to hook up with black women.  It’s pretty interesting, since most PUA tactics work no matter what race you or the girl are, but there are certain cultural differences that can affect your interactions if you’re not aware of them.  Check out what guest author “Blasian Bytch” writes about the subject:

Blasian Bytch writes:
There are three basic things I think all the Asian men who appealed to me and eventually got the booty mastered and I’ll try to explain them to you. First, they were never douche bags about race. Second they made an effort to try to understand some of our cultural differences. Lastly, they were comfortable being who they were and respectful of their own people and culture.

It’s easy for people to assume that just because two people in a relationship are not the same race that somehow they’ve discovered the cure for racism, I know first hand that’s not the case. Plenty of men that chose to date interracially can be total cunts when it comes to issues of race, some without even realizing it.

It can be little things like turning to the hip-hop station that you would never listen to as soon as I get into the car. A pretty solid rule of life is if phrases like “boo”, “girlfriend” or, “oh no he didn’t” aren’t in your everyday vocabulary don’t try to adopt them to be “down”. If these terms are in your everyday vocabulary punch yourself in the face, please. This type of racial pandering has for me been a red flag when it comes to dating.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a group of people so forced into racial awareness as a Black woman living in America. Our society is simply racially obsessed and usually to our detriment. The last thing a black woman is interested in is a date that regurgitates what mainstream has decided is “Black”. On that note any actions that can confirm to her that you’ve formulated your entire concept of Blackness and Black people from BET is most likely going to be a deal breaker.

You can read the full articles here and here.  (Yeah, its in two parts.)

Men’s Cologne Guide

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Dravius over on mASF put together a pretty good guide on how to find a cologne that’s right for you.

Dravius writes:
[1] Dress well. Wear clothes that you believe shape you well.

[2] Go to the mall alone. Find a store that allows you to sample cologne, go through sampling cologne and make notes (write / put in your cell) of YOUR favorites. DO NOT BUY & DO NOT ask employees for recommendations! Spray it on the card (not yourself), wait at least 15 seconds, then smell, and before sampling the next, smell the coffee beans supplied at most places.

[3] Choose 3 favorites from your list. Spray one on your left wrist, another on your right, and the last on your neck.

[4] Approach women that clearly take care of their appearance, tell them you are cologne shopping and need a quick opinion. Have them smell your left wrist, listen to their feedback, and watch their reaction (body language»). Wait a few seconds then have them smell your other wrist (watch reaction). Lastly have them smell your neck.

Sure you could use this as a “routine”(it works), but the main point is to get multiple opinions and find the best cologne that works for you.

I’ve been using Calvin Klien’s Obsession for years and it’s never failed me.  The Original Poster in the thread above recommends Stetson Black, which is good too.  But you really gotta find the cologne that’s right for you.

How To Pick Up Drunk Sorority Girls

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Jukebox535 over on the attraction forums had a question about how to properly sleaze on college girls as they stumble by in a drunken stupor…

Jukebox535 writes:
I was at this house on greek row and there were literally packs of hot girls going by I tried the 2-kiss opinion opener like 10 times got shot down every time. It held their attention for like 30 seconds and thats it. Whats a better way to hold their attention then try and get them in the house.

Here’s what I know about picking up sorority girls in college…

First of all, using opinion openers on girls as they are walking by your place usually isn’t the best tactic.  Secondly, if you’re AT a frat house, why in the world are YOU doing any work to pull girls to the house?  Shouldn’t the frat be luring women in with the promise of free beer to begin with?  But I digress…

First of all, if you’re out trying to pick up girls at college, and it’s a weeknight, packs of them are roaming around going to the bars, clubs, parties, etc. – realize that you need to engage the GROUP as a whole, not just one or two of the girls.  They are in “pack” mode and walking together to a pre-determined destination.  One of them will not stop to talk to you because they entire group is moving.

So when engaging the group, don’t expect to get them to stop and chat with you.  Instead, you want to find out where the group is going.  Once you have their destination, that is where you should go if you want to try and pick them up.

A tricky thing here is that college girls won’t usually volunteer the information of where they are going.  This is a safety thing.  Sure, some might, but if you ask “Hey, where are you all going?” before you’ve properly established any kind of rapport, chances are good they won’t tell you – especially if it’s a small group of women, like two or three.  The reason?  They don’t want some guy they don’t know following them!  Duh.

It’s actually more appropriate to ask where they came from.  Something like “Hey, what party did you guys just come from?” can do the trick.  If they say “we didn’t come from a party,” then you can say something like “Well, you’re obviously going to one.  Let me guess – you’re headed to (local bar/club/frathouse/etc)?  I hear that’s where it’s at tonight.”  From there the girls will usually tell you where they are going.  Once you find this out, you can do something like “You guys should really have an escort to keep away all the annoying drunk guys from hitting on you.”  Then volunteer your services.

Also, if you’re looking to pick up sorority girls SPECIFICALLY, it helps to know what frats are affiliate with what sororities.  So try and familiarize yourself with the greek system at your school if you can, so you know where the girls like to go for parties and functions.

How NOT To Try And Pick Up A Mom…

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A female poster by the name of Lovergirl over on mASF had some choice advice about how not to go about picking up women with kids…

Lovergirl writes:
Okay, as some of you know I have 5 kids so this is a big pet peeve of mine. I absolutely HATE it when men (loudly) try to get my phone number IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN. WTF are they thinking??? I don’t care WHO it is, what they look like, their approach or anything, if my kids are RIGHT THERE LISTENING I cannot give my phone number to you!! Good lord!!

Yesterday I was at the grocery store loading my bags into the van and this guy walks up to me and asks me for GAS MONEY (claiming he had run out…which is pretty damn lame to begin with, who wants to get with a broke ass man in the first place.. but I think that was just a way to talk to me because there were a zillion other people in the parking lot and he wasn’t bothering any of them and he went straight to trying to talk to me when I told him NO I didn’t have any money…good god!) He starts going on about how much he likes my hair and how beautiful he thinks I am, blah blah and my kids are all climbing in and sitting right where they can HEAR him. He asked for my phone number and I said no and that I have 5 kids (hint, hint, they are sitting RIGHT THERE) and so he is like “I don’t care about that!” and won’t let up!! I had to say no like 3 or 4 times and I was probably turning about 5 shades of red it was sooo embarrassing to me in front of my KIDS. Then of course I have to explain to them that Mommy does not give her phone number to random guys in parking lots! I mean, seriously, how would that make my kids feel if they were to see me do that?? THINK PEOPLE before you do something like that!

Okay, I’m done…lol It’s just that it is NOT the first time this has happened to me and I do not get what men are thinking. If you are going to talk to a woman and her kids are there at least talk quietly and take her aside where they cannot hear what you are saying. Use some common sense!

Think of the kids!  Good lord – THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!


Honestly, I got nothing against single mothers.  But sweet Jesus – 5 KIDS???  You should be thankful you’re getting approached at all, lady.  (I’m just sayin’.)

David Wygant On Approaching Women…

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Love him or hate him, you can’t deny – David Wygant knows his stuff.

How To Pick Up Bartenders

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IAmMaximus started an interesting thread on mASF about how to get hired guns while out picking up, which prompted this response from poster Joseph Went South, which I thought was pretty good…

Joseph Went South writes:
I picked up a couple of bartenders in my time. I did it by being chill and not trying to “game” her like every other guy in there was doing, not capturing the obvious facts that she is making YOU feel good in exchange for MONEY.

If I got good service I would tip well, but not embarrasingly so. Just show her I really appreciate her fine ass and fine attitude and it’s all good, nothing in return is expected. I am not saying, “I appreciate this service” when not giving a fuck about the service but really trying to fuck her. IOW I mean what I say.

If a woman is attracted to you and she is socially popular with lots of guys chasing her there will come a point early on where she will test you for confidence. It can be anything: prolonged eye contact, teasing you about your drink choice or something you’re wearing, flirting with athlete chodes and tall geeks. How you react will often determine if she’ll INVITE YOU to escalate, or not.

I found bartenders who were surprised by the outcome and then realized they were having impure thoughts in connection with their good boyfriends, and went directly back to business. In many cases this still turned out ok because we became friends with mutual respect, and I could count on her to give me an assist if I brought a girl to the bar. There was one bar in Edmonton where I had several friendly female bartenders like this. Before I left, I was bringing one or two new girls there every week! So you can see the advantage of a good relationship with a female bartender, as opposed to awkwardness and bad tension.

To be clear, I am not saying a guy should take the AFC route, PRETENDING to be the girl’s friend while taking sketchy “peeks” at her hoping she won’t notice and get offended. I am saying it’s a good idea to treat the hottest woman in the club who is also the drug supplier for the whole room, with a certain level of respect. She is one of the top alpha dogs in the entire room and will always have men larger than you and in some cases, serious fighters, ready to defend her in a time of trouble.

What I mean is, just as you would never think of having a physical fight with a female bartender, don’t think of trying to tool her or fuck with her head or get one over on her, either. It won’t work and you’ll fuck up your game at that bar.

In other words, if you make her job easier, she’ll tend to make your job easier. This means you DON’T demand the attention, you do tip well for good service, but discretely, you don’t brag about yourself, you don’t let her tool you into making the guy she REALLY likes show if he is jealous of her or not. And when SHE wants to talk to you, you can engage with confidence and not take things too seriously… imagine drinking a beer and playing ball with your friends, versus pitching in the bottom of the ninth on the road in front of a hostile crowd. You want to be easy, fun and light, delighted to talk to her and not so worried if she doesn’t get back to you for an hour because she’s just that busy.

I think it’s important to note here that picking up a woman from her place of work actually requires different types of consideration than your average girl.  First of all, she’s AT WORK.  So you can’t expect to actually pull her from her place of work right away.  (Not saying it can’t happen, but it usually doesn’t.)  So your game should be going towards creating connection, and getting a “bridge” to a meeting outside of work – such as getting her phone number or facebook.

Secondly, you have to present yourself as someone OTHER than a customer.  If you’re at a bar, or a restaurant, or a nightclub, strip club, coffee shop, grocery store, WHATEVER — know that there is an “us vs. them” mentality when dealing with the women who work there.  You’re one of “them.”  You’re a “customer.”  Most women don’t like to date customers at their place of work.  So if you present yourself as someone other than a customer, then suddenly you stand out and it becomes okay to date you.

You can do this by presenting yourself as an INSIDER.  This is a great technique I’ve used to pick up strippers in strip clubs.  You come in, chat with the manager, chat with the DJ, the bouncers, get their names.  Then talk to the girl, act like you know those guys.  Talk about other strippers you’ve dated before, etc.  Suddenly, you’re not a customer, you’re a guy who knows about her world.

This can actually work in any venue – restaurant, bar, etc.  If you’re an “insider,” you can more easily bypass the “customer is hitting on me” frame most of these girls have.

Not to say ALL “hired guns” are against dating customers.  It’s just you have to realize most hired guns get hit on and flirted with a lot, so they have to put up those barriers to customers to do their jobs.  In the case of bartenders, they are happy to flirt with guys and lead them on because it usually means they get better tips.

Being a regular can also help you.  Because the more a hired gun is exposed to you, the more comfortable she’s going to be in meeting you.  But hanging around constantly is not a good idea.  Coming in regularly, touching base, firing up that connection, and leaving is usually how you should go about doing it, all building up to getting that all-important contact information.  Sure, if you really hit it off, you can ask her to meet you after work, but typically if you build up the rapport and start talking to her outside the workplace, via phone or internet, eventually you’re going to get the date if you’ve done everything right.

Getting Same Night Lays & One Night Stands…

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IAmMaximus, over at the mASF boards, has a really good post up about how he goes about getting women to have sex with him the same night he meets them.

IAmMaximus writes:
After having tons of problems scoring club pulls over the first several years I was at this, I’ve actually managed to hook up with 5 over about the past 7 weeks (including 2 in one night). While I’m certainly no expert on them, here’s what I’ve learned that helps me score them:

1. Go out looking as good as you possibly can.

2. Be sociable/talk and flirt with everyone/play the numbers.

3. Be persistent, even if you’re blown out once or twice.

4. Have fun yourself and show her a good time

5. Flirt and then escalate nonverbally (EC, get close, caress hands–credit: 60)

6. Keep pulling her to go home with you. Don’t necessarily verbalize that you want to take her home for sex. Just focus on taking her home and tie it into whatever her state is. She wants to get something to eat? You’ll take her! She just wants to get out of there… no problem! Then, once you’ve got her away, the sex will “just happen.” Don’t be afraid to persist and keep asking.

7. When you’re taking her home, keep up the kino the whole way. Keep caressing hands. Put your hand on her thigh and finger her if she’s in your car or sitting next to you on the subway, etc.

8. Get her home and just keep kissing and making out (pay attention to kissing her neck!) while working on getting a finger into her pussy. If she’ll let you put a finger there, more will follow.

That’s it. Nothing complex about it. I don’t worry about DHV, negging, canned material, special openers, etc. I just open, have fun with her, escalate, and pull and pull until I take her home.

Now, I’m NOT a particularly attractive man, so don’t go bullshitting that this only works for me because I must be good looking. Truth be told, I’m fat, sort of hairy, and I have impressive manboobs. No girl with working eyes would ever drool over seeing me shirtless, yet several have been gladly fucking me in recent weeks. Physically, I’m maybe a 6. Dressed in my “field clothes,” I might become a 7.5 or an 8. I’ve been fucking girls who are 7s-8.5s by my scale. If I can do it, you can do it!

Oh… and one more thing… the most crucial…


I wish I’d known this years ago. I used to spend so much time trying to show a girl what a great, awesome, high value, caring guy I was. All that does is get her screening you as a potential boyfriend. THIS DRAMATICALLY COMPLICATES THE HOOKUP PROCESS AND WILL PROBABLY KEEP YOU FROM GETTING LAID!

Girls are the same as men in that they enjoy sex for sex’s sake. Maybe she just broke up with a longtime bf and wants to make sure she’s still attractive to other guys. Maybe she’s just horny and wants a quick fuck to soothe her aching vagina. Whatever.

I’ve noticed that the women I’ve been pulling for SNLs could give a fuck about me, my life, or my dreams for the future. They… just… don’t… care. If she’s going to fuck a guy within a couple hours of meeting him, she doesn’t want to worry about possible emotional entanglements.

Bringing those things into the situation just suggests that you’re going to be hounding her for a commitment. That’s going to cause her to view you in a completely different light. Does she like your personality enough to date you? Do you have enough common interests to make it work? What about your career, or your family, or your philosophies on life, etc.? What if she just plain does not want a boyfriend and is going through a whorish phase?

For a quick SNL, this is much simpler: Is she horny? Are you presenting yourself as a walking sex toy for the evening? OK, then! That’s all she needs to know.

If she does start asking the questions about your life, just answer truthfully and move on. Instead of dwelling on those mundane things, focus on having fun in the moment and on setting up opportunities to kino and either get rejected (and save yourself time) or hook up and get laid.

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying to be rude or run some cutesy pattern to disqualify yourself as bf material if she starts asking these things–IME, that’s suicide.

I’m just saying to be pleasant, be sincere, enjoy yourself, express your interest in her sexually, and create nonverbal opportunities to escalate that don’t feel forced. Hold the seductive EC. Get close and give yourself opportunities for kino. Caress her hand (60 is a GENIUS for pointing these simple tactics out).

There’s a time and place for relationships and boyfriend screening, of course. Personally, I value a good relationship far above any quick bar fling. But sometimes you just wanna get laid with some hot little girl at the club. This has been working for me to achieve that. I think it can help other guys, too.

Another thing to remember: you’re much, much, much more likely to be able to turn a SNL into a relationship after you’ve fucked a girl than to pass the annoying boyfriend screening process and get a lay of any kind, even after 2-3 days. The criteria for a no-strings fuck are just that much lower.

Bravo to fat-hairy-manboob PUAs who are taggin-n-baggin dem ladies!  A lot of IAmMaximus’s stuff isn’t complicated, its mostly an attitude based natural game style with a healthy dose of logistical mastery and physical escalation.  At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if you’re getting what you want, right?  Well, it seems like IAmMaximus is getting plenty, so why can’t you?  :-)

Plenty Of Fish Profile Strategy To Attract Hot Young Women

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JohnnyC69 has a great post over on the mASF forum about his strategy for creating profiles on Plenty Of Fish that attract hot girls.  It’s a pretty interesting breakdown of how he structures his profile, and anyone who is interested in online dating should check it out.

JohnnyC69 writes:

So the other week, I decided to delete my POF and OKC profiles. I was telling myself that I was spending too much time online and that I need to be getting out and honing my cold approach skills.

Problem is, I’m waiting to start a new job right now and until I do, I’m broke and jobless. Temporary problem with the solution already resolved, but fact is, I’m stuck at home waiting and waiting and waiting.

Hell, even if I wanted to make a trip out to wal-mart just to chat up girls, I don’t have the gas in my car to do it!

So after about a week and a half of getting no action to speak of, I got bored and decided to try out a new type of profile. It still utilizes the screening approach I had before, but thanks to some tips from Regal (actually I copy/pasted his and made some minor variations…what? half the ideas were mine anyway!), it’s now really geared toward young hot women, which, around here, it seems the only true hot ones are aged 18-23. After that age, you start getting into the single moms, jaded biatches, etc.

I WILL NOT post the profile on here. After looking on PAIR and seeing how many local guys there are on here (you fucking lurkers! speak up for chrissake!), I can see it getting abused too easily.

I’ll give you the formula though:

Talk about yourself in a C/F manner in the beginning, i.e: “Me? What do I do? I kick ass and take names!” etc…it should be obvious that you’re playing around in an over the top, funny (but still cocky) way.

Next paragraph, tell her how amazing you expect her to be. Then go over the top funny in the descriptions of how she should be amazing. Be creative. In fact, feel free to brainstorm on ways we can make new templates from this model, I’d love to hear what you guys can come up with. I’m talking to you, Mankite.

So that was about it for the profile. I did decided to do something that I’ve never been a fan of, but so far has proven to be doing me some good: I lied about my age.

And why the hell not? 18-23 year olds discriminate against guys in their 30′s. And yeah, I can already hear Blackdragon getting ready to come in and breath fire and acid all over me for having a “limiting belief.” However, it’s just been MY experience.

So this time when I filled it out, I shaved a good 7 years off of my actual age. Another thing about that: I DON’T FUCKING LOOK MY AGE. If the lie was more congruent to the reality, then I don’t see a problem.

At any rate, it’s working. The strategy was to swoop in and find some young, impulsive girls looking to be hot and impulsive with an “older” guy…but not too much older. For some reason, a hot 25 year old guy seems to fit the bill for most of them perfectly.

Supposed to be going over to a hot 18 year old black chick’s house this afternoon. She sent me her number yesterday in response to my opening message. Did a little phone sexing last night. She invited me to come to her house today.

“I don’t have gas money”
“I do.”
“Well alright then, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow…”

Young and impulsive indeed…

Some good stuff here.  Also, having a good picture for your profile will help.  If you’re going to put up pics, I recommend just putting up 1 really good pic.  If you want to play coy, or you don’t think you’re that good looking, you can refrain from having a pic and put in your profile that you will send pics upon request.  That’s worked real well for me in the past.

A Healthy “Relationship” Frame

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You know, every once in a while, I read a post that is just so spot on, it simply has to be featured, commented on, and passed around.   And this post on Relationship Game by AlwaysExcel over on the mASF board is definitely one of those.

Check it out…

AlwaysExcel writes:

After my disillusionment with long term relationship success this fall, I’ve experienced a pretty dramatic shift in focus or understanding of this stuff. As I‘ve stated already on here, I’ve adopted the belief that women leave regardless of what we do. Thus, I don’t give a shit about “doing the right thing” anymore. It’s been freeing.

Neo Rio once made a post about how you should delete the relationship if the relationship is stressing you out. I’m currently applying that, not to specific bad relationships, but to the general concept of “having a relationship.” This concept causes me anxiety about proper MAINTENANCE (ugh) and calibration of attraction, respect, compliance, her and my position in each other’s lives, logistics, energy investment etc. etc. Even if you’re restricting your energy investment into a chick, just the act of paying attention and TRYING TO GET IT RIGHT is a betaizing energy investment! The concept of “having a relationship” is also a platform for shit testing and jealousy.

Scary wrote about the value of STRs this year because they cut out the stress of longer relationships. I think he’s onto something. I’m personally taking it further so that EVERY interaction with a chick is a STR. After we’ve fucked and she leaves, she’s back to being a friend who I may or may not ever fuck again. If she has a problem with that, I simply soft next her by….DOING NOTHING (which means by default that sex doesn’t happen between us). In other words, I’m now all about friends with benefits.

I’ve found the key to this so far is being comfortable with fucking my friends and comfortable with LBJFing my lovers. And the key to being comfy with fucking my friends is being sexual (kino and flirtation) with ALL of my female friends so that slipping into sex is perfectly natural and smooth with the ones I decide to fuck. Basic stuff.

I don’t have to fuck all my friends, even the hot ones, or even continue fucking them. Since I no longer give a shit, any resistance from girls in the form of flat vibes, bitch shields, flakes, bad logistics, LMR, etc, just turns off my interested switch. I’d rather LBJF a chick than struggle with her over this stuff. This goes for both before and after initial seduction.

The goal with this new frame is getting and keeping good feelings and mutual value escalation in friendships instead of getting and keeping power like I used to fret about in romantic relationships. If either I or the girl fouls the vibe along the way, then attraction breaks, and we fall into the safety net of the friend zone/social circle either temporarily or permanently. I don’t hate the friend zone anymore because I get laid regularly and I know most women leave. If a friend stops fucking me because of a new monogamous relationship, I’m happy for her like I would be for any other friends because we had no “steady sexual or romantic relationship” that was lost. Either way, good feelings are maintained.

“Friendship” is a very fluid term. It encompasses deep connections and very casual acquaintances. It’s possible to be sexual with friends of any depth.

Friendship + sex = most of the good shit in relationships as far as I’m concerned. The only thing missing is the idea of rank/special status/role that can be romantic and nice but also the source of anxiety, ownership, and conflict. I don’t worry about my friends being too busy to hang out over the holidays or going on a trip without me. But that would be the source of drama in a romantic relationship. I can still do romantic stuff like trips, dinners, movies, phone calls, being affectionate, and even saying ILY etc because I do that shit with my friends too! And since I have the frame of serial STRs with friends, I can let myself experience romantic affection in those moments.

I can tell this guy is the real deal when it comes to this stuff, because I think most PUAs who reach a level where women are flocking to them like lemmings to the ocean, and they’ve been in enough relationships, can relate to what AlwaysExcel is saying.  I would definitely recommend you read the entire post here.

Any girl you’re in a serious relationship with will be a “friend,” but having a number of casual relationships with lots of different women will give you a good deal of power and choice to definite the type of relationships you want to be in.  If you can prevent yourself from getting too strongly emotionally attached to any one girl until such time as you make the conscious decision that you’ve found a girl you want to get serious with, you will tend to be a lot happier (and a lot more successful) in the “relationship game.”

Comfort Building Routine

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Eponymous has a great post about how to build comfort with a pretty solid routine in a post over at mASF.

Eponymous writes:

There don’t seem to be very many comfort routines in the community, even though I’ve heard a lot of big names declare that “the game is played in comfort”. This is a great routine that anyone should be able to use, and it is automatically rooted/personalized, since you’re using your own parents as an example.

Summary: You tell the girl how your parents (or grandparents) met and got married, emphasizing differences in the story each parent tells you. A good lead in is “I asked my parents how they met the other day and…”

script_: I won’t share my parents’ story, which is awesome but not congruent for other people, so here is how you get your own parents to open up (this routine can work with grandparents as well, so you have potentially three different couples to choose from).

All you have to do is ask your mother and father, separately, how they met. Press them for as many details as you can: what were the first words they said to each other, where did they go for their first few dates, was it love at first sight or did it evolve over time, were there any other boys/girls in the picture, etc. You’d be surprised how much your parents will remember.

Now the key thing here is to do this separately, because very often you will get different perspectives or even two completely different takes on the same set of events. In my case, my father left out some very juicy details that my mom later told me. These kinds of inconsistencies make the routine way more interesting for girls.

From here you can take the conversation in a number of interesting directions: male-female interactions, how her parents met, the show How I Met Your Mother, etc.

Calibration: Emphasize certain aspects of the story over others, depending on what you want to convey to the woman. In my case, it turns out my dad was basically a player who finally chose to settle down with my mom, so that kind of story sends really good signals about pre-selection and brain-hijacking (credit: MM) to the girl.

Building comfort is SO important.  It’s nice to have a good routine like this to fall back on.

Some Notes On How To Pick Up Strippers

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Joker over on the PUAForums had this great post about how to pick up strippers…

Joker writes:
Strip clubs are one my favorite places to pick up women. Consider the logistics: you’re surrounded by gorgeous, scantily clad women. The alcohol is flowing, every element of the environment is designed for seduction — from the music, to the lighting — and every one of these hotties is eager to talk to YOU.

Of course, most guys who set foot inside strip clubs are content to be customers, forking over their cash for pointless lap dances and superficial conversations with women who view them as human ATM machines.

The pickup artist, however, views strip clubs as target-rich environments filled with sexy, available women. These are also great places to hone your skills and become comfortable flirting with 9’s and 10’s in “regular” settings.

Now, are strippers simply trying to separate you from the contents of your wallet? Of course they are-at first. It’s their job. But you can use tactics to flip the script, cause them to stop perceiving you as a customer, and make them play YOUR game instead of playing theirs.

Put the right tactics to work, and you can build connections, collect phone numbers, and set up dates that lead to sex — just as you would at a bar. Strippers aren’t the unattainable, unaffordable goddesses that most guys assume they are. They’re just women. It all comes down to knowing how to break through their facade, connect with them on a real level, and get them to feel genuine curiosity and attraction.

Here are ten of my tips for strip club success: Read more

List Of “Boyfriend Destroyer” Comebacks

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i6power over on mASF has a pretty good list of how to deal with the “I have a boyfriend” objection.

========= Yugo Mercedes ====
“I have a boyfriend.”
“I understand: You have to test drive the Yugo before you buy the Mercedes.”

====== Direct Bounce ======
“omg I’m sure thats a big achievement for a girl like you”
” I’m not interested in him I’m interested in you”
“I thought you looked like the type of girl who would have at least two BF’s” (Dr Owl)

If time permits, ask her about her bf, and become genuinly interested:
1. you: show active interest in what bf does for a a bait hook reel release on BF….i’ll show you in a minute, how!
now guys the way you look for a simple genuine thing in a girl and complement her, do the exact opposite for bf..look for the flaw. you’ll start programming her!

2. Exadurate how good her bf is, like wow you guys should get married, he is so perfect for you.

=================== is he the one?

HB: I have a boyfriend.

Me: Is he “The One”?

HB: Uhhhhh….. I don’t know….maybe….etc etc
(this is usual. If a woman gives an emphatic YES, I say “Good. I’m glad for both of you.” and disqualify her. One reason is shes going to be hard as hell to game anyway, and the second reason is fucking up good relationships is not why I want to be a PUA)

Me: How do you know I’m not? (Very direct, frank stare. Like the way James Bond might deliver such a line.)


Me:…uh-huh…..(With a “You are so full of shit look” and then a slight turn away)


================== super cocky approach === works only with girl who is infereior to you

(look at her like she’s a retard)

“okaaay… good for you”
( while patting her behind the back or shoulder or head)

“… anyway…” (continue fluff / story telling / whatever…)

==== by RJ =============

Girl: “I have a boyfriend.”
Me: “Damn. At least let me introduce myself before telling me all about your problems! My name is Mr. Right aka the man of your dreams.”
Girl: (LOL) “You are so funny!”
Me: “I’m glad you laughed, it shows that you’ve got something else going for you, besides your beauty.”

Admittedly, the one by RJ is an oldie but a goodie, even if it is cheesy as hell.  But whatever.

Easy Ways To Talk To Women

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DrWho over at mASF has a problem keeping conversations going with women.

DrWho writes:

Hi everyone,

for quite some time my largest problems is to be keeping conversations going and interesting. I could improve things a little by memorizing canned material and regularly surfing the internet for cool, fun stuff to talk about. I know about the typical topics girls like to talk about (psychology, esoterica, relationships, celebrities, emotionally stimulating stuff, etc.) and try to specifically look for the right stuff. I am able to show the right emotional state to make girls talkative (relaxed, playfully funny, energetic). Still most of the time a don’t have a fucking idea what to say – and the chick also not.

When I open a chick or get opened by one (yes, it happens to me every half a year or so), after a few sentences the conversation stalls because nothing comes to my mind. If I hang out with a girl quickly we start talking about the weather or just walk along in silence.

Previously I believed it is mostly a mind blank due to panic, but watching it for some time I notice I also don’t know what to say to people when I’m relaxed and nothing is at stake. I guess I’m not very creative and I think creativity is something very hard to learn. So I’m stuck.

I’m wondering if there is some more systematic way to find conversation topics than ‘just say what comes to your mind first’. I like ideas like the routine to watch the people around you looking for something to talk about to your target (still this one doesn’t work well most of the time because I rarely find interesting things to mention). Someone knows of a structured method of coming up with a conversation topic or a good book on the topic?

I hope I don’t get shot down because I emphasize that I want something systematic. I think this is reasonable because being creative in a structured way is much easier than doing it completely free. If someone is interested the article below should bring this point across.

I can definitely sympathize with DrWho here. Having a hard time carrying on conversations is a pretty common problem and I used to suffer from the same thing. After all, conversation is WORK.  It requires mental engagement and interest in what you’re talking about.

In my course Pure Personality, I teach a method that I call “conversational ninjitsu” that allows you to carry on conversations effortlessly by following a few easy steps. Once you get the hang of it, it can be quite effective.

But barring buying a full course or memorizing a bunch of canned material, the method I’ve found most effective in talking and carrying on conversation is a very simple “fish and hook” method.

Basically, you can think of it like “Question and Answer time.”

Just ask someone questions until you find something you can relate to, and then share a story of your own that relates to the answer.

So for example, you could have an exchange like:

You: “Where are you from?”
Them: “Chicago.”
You: “Really? I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago and visit the Sears Tower. Have you ever been there?”
Them: “Oh yeah, it’s great!”
You: “Cool. If you could visit any location on Earth, where would you want to go?”

etc., etc.

It’s not rocket science, but it is effective.

How To Get Girls To Meet you Off Of Facebook

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Checkmater over on mASF had a good question about getting girls you meet on Facebook to meet you offline.

Checkmater writes:

I spend way too much time on Facebook. Facebook chat, messages, poking etc they’re all great low-commitment ways to talk with girls. I have a few good things I’ve learned, would also like to solicit some advice b/c I have such a hard time meeting some1 in real life afterwards. Out of 1000 friends there are at least 100 attractive women.

However, there is a downside. For instance, a girl recently wrote on my wall telling me I look like a certain celebrity. Great! I wrote her a little message back, 3 sentences saying “What’s up?” She replied, “What’s up to you?” I replied, with a dull question, then nothing. I posted something on my wall a week later, and she replied to it.

My facebook protip:  Always end with some sort of witty interrogative. Absurdist questions are sometimes good. Negging her facebook profile picture, be careful though, you might think it’s funny to write, but it may not be nearly as funny to read.

Request for protip:  How do I get from here to, coffee, etc.

First of all, for those of you interested in Facebook Game, check out the article I just wrote over at Pick Up Evolution about meeting girls on Facebook.

But as far as meeting girls offline from Facebook, here is my advice…

There are two ways I know of to take Facebook meets offline.  The first is to host some type of event that you can invite people to. Whether its throwing a party or organizing a group to go out, you invite the girl you want to come along and bring her friends, and follow up with her to make sure she’s coming. Then, at the event, you chit-chat and number close or set up the date right there.

A second, slightly more sneaky option, is to check and see if she has her phone number listed in Facebook. Lots of people who update Facebook through their phones include their number in their contact info on their profile. Because only your friends see it, they don’t think twice about sharing, so you can get her number directly and start texting her and eventually set up a coffee date.

Another option is to email her and ask for her number straight up. Just say something like you’re updating your contacts and you realized you don’t have her number, or something like that.

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