Asian PUA Bootcamp Behind-The-Scenes Video: Dealing With AMOGs

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Let’s face it – we all love Asian PUAs.  They almost have their own “culture” within the seduction community.  But now, we’ve got special “behind the scenes” video from Asian Pick-Up Bootcamps from around the world being leaked onto the internet.  In this first video, we see how Asian PUAs deal with AMOGs.  It’s quite an eye opening experience, for sure!

How Asian Men Can Pick Up Black Women

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Asian Playboy has a few posts up on his blog by a guest writer that advises Asian Men how to hook up with black women.  It’s pretty interesting, since most PUA tactics work no matter what race you or the girl are, but there are certain cultural differences that can affect your interactions if you’re not aware of them.  Check out what guest author “Blasian Bytch” writes about the subject:

Blasian Bytch writes:
There are three basic things I think all the Asian men who appealed to me and eventually got the booty mastered and I’ll try to explain them to you. First, they were never douche bags about race. Second they made an effort to try to understand some of our cultural differences. Lastly, they were comfortable being who they were and respectful of their own people and culture.

It’s easy for people to assume that just because two people in a relationship are not the same race that somehow they’ve discovered the cure for racism, I know first hand that’s not the case. Plenty of men that chose to date interracially can be total cunts when it comes to issues of race, some without even realizing it.

It can be little things like turning to the hip-hop station that you would never listen to as soon as I get into the car. A pretty solid rule of life is if phrases like “boo”, “girlfriend” or, “oh no he didn’t” aren’t in your everyday vocabulary don’t try to adopt them to be “down”. If these terms are in your everyday vocabulary punch yourself in the face, please. This type of racial pandering has for me been a red flag when it comes to dating.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a group of people so forced into racial awareness as a Black woman living in America. Our society is simply racially obsessed and usually to our detriment. The last thing a black woman is interested in is a date that regurgitates what mainstream has decided is “Black”. On that note any actions that can confirm to her that you’ve formulated your entire concept of Blackness and Black people from BET is most likely going to be a deal breaker.

You can read the full articles here and here.  (Yeah, its in two parts.)