The 10 Most Dangerous Phrases Women Use

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We all know that “girlspeak” has phrases that carry hidden meanings to them, and after reading this article, its obvious that there are ten phrases women use that every man should be on the lookout for…

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Chick Phrases

You are not wearing THAT, are you?

What are you doing?  Do you have to do this now?

Listen to me!  Are you listening???

Do you know what day is today?

You’re right, I should do that (…)

The decision is yours


Is there anything new you want to try in bed tonight?


We need to talk…

Check out the article if you want to know WHY these phrases are so dangerous.  I think the ones I run into the most are “Nothing” and “Whatever,” lol.  Then there’s also the phrases like “Why do you watch so much TV?” “So-and-so’s boyfriend does this for her,” and “You don’t have a hidden camera in the bedroom do you?”

On the flip side of the coin are the most dangerous things Men say.  Things like…

“Your sister is hot!”

“I have to go on a business trip to Thailand, with a layover in Brazil.”

“I have no idea where those charges on my credit card came from.”

“I know where I’m going.  I don’t need directions.”

“Just the tip, baby!  Just the tip!”

I think this just goes to show the power of language, and what it can be used for.  It never ceases to amaze me how some simple phrases can carry so much meaning.

The Most Interesting Man In The World – On Wingmen…

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Simple.  To the point.  No wonder this guy is the most interesting man in the world…

Stay classy…

Easy Ways To Talk To Women

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DrWho over at mASF has a problem keeping conversations going with women.

DrWho writes:

Hi everyone,

for quite some time my largest problems is to be keeping conversations going and interesting. I could improve things a little by memorizing canned material and regularly surfing the internet for cool, fun stuff to talk about. I know about the typical topics girls like to talk about (psychology, esoterica, relationships, celebrities, emotionally stimulating stuff, etc.) and try to specifically look for the right stuff. I am able to show the right emotional state to make girls talkative (relaxed, playfully funny, energetic). Still most of the time a don’t have a fucking idea what to say – and the chick also not.

When I open a chick or get opened by one (yes, it happens to me every half a year or so), after a few sentences the conversation stalls because nothing comes to my mind. If I hang out with a girl quickly we start talking about the weather or just walk along in silence.

Previously I believed it is mostly a mind blank due to panic, but watching it for some time I notice I also don’t know what to say to people when I’m relaxed and nothing is at stake. I guess I’m not very creative and I think creativity is something very hard to learn. So I’m stuck.

I’m wondering if there is some more systematic way to find conversation topics than ‘just say what comes to your mind first’. I like ideas like the routine to watch the people around you looking for something to talk about to your target (still this one doesn’t work well most of the time because I rarely find interesting things to mention). Someone knows of a structured method of coming up with a conversation topic or a good book on the topic?

I hope I don’t get shot down because I emphasize that I want something systematic. I think this is reasonable because being creative in a structured way is much easier than doing it completely free. If someone is interested the article below should bring this point across.

I can definitely sympathize with DrWho here. Having a hard time carrying on conversations is a pretty common problem and I used to suffer from the same thing. After all, conversation is WORK.  It requires mental engagement and interest in what you’re talking about.

In my course Pure Personality, I teach a method that I call “conversational ninjitsu” that allows you to carry on conversations effortlessly by following a few easy steps. Once you get the hang of it, it can be quite effective.

But barring buying a full course or memorizing a bunch of canned material, the method I’ve found most effective in talking and carrying on conversation is a very simple “fish and hook” method.

Basically, you can think of it like “Question and Answer time.”

Just ask someone questions until you find something you can relate to, and then share a story of your own that relates to the answer.

So for example, you could have an exchange like:

You: “Where are you from?”
Them: “Chicago.”
You: “Really? I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago and visit the Sears Tower. Have you ever been there?”
Them: “Oh yeah, it’s great!”
You: “Cool. If you could visit any location on Earth, where would you want to go?”

etc., etc.

It’s not rocket science, but it is effective.