PUA Deathmatch: Ross Jeffries vs. David DeAngelo

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Welcome to a new feature on the Lair – PUA DEATHMATCH!  For years, people have speculated who would prevail should two PUAs go head-to-head in the field, but until now, none have occured!

Many challenges have been offered, yet we haven’t seen any PUA’s willing to make it happen… until NOW!

Meeting for the first time in mortal combat in the Thundercat Seduction Arena in Orlando, Florida – scheduled for one fall, the two “Godfathers” of the seduction community meet in the first ever PUA DEATHMATCH!

Everyone loves to hate him, and now the originator of Speed Seduction -Ross Jeffries – gets a chance to take on his once-and-former student David DeAngelo!  Its no secret there is a lot of bad blood between these two titans of the seduction industry, and now they get a chance to take out their frustrations on each other!  Will RJ stop at nothing to defeat David DeAngelo?  Will David D.’s meticulous nature wear down the dastardly hypnotist?

Who will win?  Who will survive?  Watch and see in this TSL exclusive:  PUA DEATHMATCH, ROSS JEFFRIES VS. DAVID DEANGELO!!!!!

And if you have any suggestions for future Deathmatches, leave them in the comments below!

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27 Responses to “PUA Deathmatch: Ross Jeffries vs. David DeAngelo”
  1. Thundy…you and Adam have done it. This is fan-freaking-tastic. I’m going to make you show me how the hell you did that. Incredible.

  2. Thundercat says:

    Ha ha. Thanks Brad. The negotiations between getting David D and RJ to meet in the squared circle took months. Their lawyers were all very demanding. And constructing a brand new arena took a lot of time and money as well. But it was all worth it! lol.

    The only question now is… who will be the next PUAs to step into the Seduction Arena and meet in mortal combat?

  3. AFC Adam says:

    Yeah it was an intense match but Ross really had the upper hand most of the match, I’m excited for the next one!

  4. Funny, but the GL ring is on the wrong hand and the wrong finger. It goes on the third finger of the RIGHT hand, said finger extended your way.

  5. Carlos Xuma says:

    Oh, you boys so funny! Make me pee long time!

    Ross, you gotta take those tights in a little. The girls in the front row didn’t like the angle of your dangle.

  6. Thundercat says:

    Does it bother anyone else that Ross seems to be modeling DWIGHT SHRUTE nowadays? rofl.

    So much for self improvement. :-/

  7. F_I_X_E_R says:

    Great video!

    I have a request.

    Andy Yosha vs Alex Coulson !!!

    Any chance you might take that idea into consideration? If those two daygame master clash, it would be awesome!

  8. Bart says:

    Matador Vs. Hypnotica
    Mehow Vs. Mystery

  9. Nicholas says:

    It would be awesome if you could actually get them both together to play this game to see who the real winner would be lol!

  10. Thundercat says:

    Hmmmm. I’ve never heard of Andy Yosha or Alex Coulson before. :-/

    Here are some idea we have lined up for future deathmatches…

    1. Mystery vs. Nick Savoy
    2. Matador vs. Sinn
    3. Mehow vs. DJ Fuji
    4. Steve Piccus vs. Stephane
    5. Swinggcat vs. Jlaix
    6. Tyler Durden & Papa vs. AJ & Jordan Harbinger
    7. Gunwitch vs. Bary Kirkey
    8. Mystery vs. Brad P.
    9. Neil Strauss vs. Tyler Durden
    10. Richard La Runia vs. Ross Jeffries

    And of course, the inevitable rematch between David D and RJ. :-)

  11. F_I_X_E_R says:

    Great ideas!!!

    Hm, I thought you knew those two guys. Andy Yosha has been coached by AFC Adam, and he’s a pro at direct day game. Alex Coulson is an australian dude, who’s famous for his live pick up vids during the daytime.

    Anyway, is there any chance you might involve Chuck Norris in your deatmatches? LOL

    P.S – How long does it take you guys to make a deatmatch vid? Hope not too long!

  12. Charisma says:

    My 2 Favourite things! Wrestling, PU and Video Games… wait that’s 3!

    Awesome Video!

  13. Thundercat says:

    Having Chuck Norris wouldn’t be fair because he would beat everyone AND walk away with their women. lol.

  14. F_I_X_E_R says:

    You need to fix your inner game Thundercat !!!

    You guys are supposed to be my heroes I look up to!

    I thought mPUAs can do anything!

    Promise me that you will all unite and kick Chuck Norris’ ass and take his women!

    Use your secret weapon – divide by zero…

  15. Thundercat says:

    Nothing can defeat Chuck Norris. Even forces of nature don’t want to mess with the guy! Ha ha.

  16. Daniel says:

    Papa VS Fader, PUA Brag-match!

  17. Daniel says:

    Gunwitch VS Hypnotica – Battle of the titans

    Sin (the real) VS Sinn (the impostor) – Battle of the sinners

  18. Daniel says:

    ExtraMask/26 VS David X

  19. Daniel says:

    Juggler VS AFC Adam

  20. Daniel says:

    Cameron Teone VS Dreamweaver !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. daniel says:

    Kezia Noble VS the wing-girls

  22. Vann says:

    Kezia vs. Amanda… there is only room for one ultimate Female PUA Coach!!

    Mehow vs DJ Fuji: former subordinate now wants to outdo the master…

    Sinn vs David Wygant: it all ends here!

    Speer vs Matador: After living together in project Miami and Speer abandoning “The Clan” it’s only overdue for those two to throw down

    TD vs Mystery: Let’s face it, these guys really have it coming for them!

    That’s all I got for now :)

  23. Mr.Right says:

    Barry Kirkey and Gunwitch are allies i would put them in a tag match not against each other.

  24. Thundercat says:

    Good point. Though just because two people are allies doesn’t mean they can’t fight each other! lol.

  25. Mr.Right says:

    Thats true. Hypnotica is built like a wrestler. You should have a championship The PUA Heavyweight Championship. Plus you can create Storylines.

  26. IfuckU says:

    I would like to see Cory Skyy go against Mystery.

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