List Of “Boyfriend Destroyer” Comebacks

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i6power over on mASF has a pretty good list of how to deal with the “I have a boyfriend” objection.

========= Yugo Mercedes ====
“I have a boyfriend.”
“I understand: You have to test drive the Yugo before you buy the Mercedes.”

====== Direct Bounce ======
“omg I’m sure thats a big achievement for a girl like you”
” I’m not interested in him I’m interested in you”
“I thought you looked like the type of girl who would have at least two BF’s” (Dr Owl)

If time permits, ask her about her bf, and become genuinly interested:
1. you: show active interest in what bf does for a a bait hook reel release on BF….i’ll show you in a minute, how!
now guys the way you look for a simple genuine thing in a girl and complement her, do the exact opposite for bf..look for the flaw. you’ll start programming her!

2. Exadurate how good her bf is, like wow you guys should get married, he is so perfect for you.

=================== is he the one?

HB: I have a boyfriend.

Me: Is he “The One”?

HB: Uhhhhh….. I don’t know….maybe….etc etc
(this is usual. If a woman gives an emphatic YES, I say “Good. I’m glad for both of you.” and disqualify her. One reason is shes going to be hard as hell to game anyway, and the second reason is fucking up good relationships is not why I want to be a PUA)

Me: How do you know I’m not? (Very direct, frank stare. Like the way James Bond might deliver such a line.)


Me:…uh-huh…..(With a “You are so full of shit look” and then a slight turn away)


================== super cocky approach === works only with girl who is infereior to you

(look at her like she’s a retard)

“okaaay… good for you”
( while patting her behind the back or shoulder or head)

“… anyway…” (continue fluff / story telling / whatever…)

==== by RJ =============

Girl: “I have a boyfriend.”
Me: “Damn. At least let me introduce myself before telling me all about your problems! My name is Mr. Right aka the man of your dreams.”
Girl: (LOL) “You are so funny!”
Me: “I’m glad you laughed, it shows that you’ve got something else going for you, besides your beauty.”

Admittedly, the one by RJ is an oldie but a goodie, even if it is cheesy as hell.  But whatever.

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