Chick Crack: Nicki Minaj Impersonation

September 13, 2011 by  
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If you’re looking for a good icebreaker or something to entice a girl to start talking to you, you need some CHICK CRACK, and nothing gets chicks high faster than a stupid video.  Today, we’re bringing you the mad skillz of Youtube sensation CrunkCoCo and his hilarious Nicki Minaj impression.  If your intended target is a girl who enjoys hip-hop or going out to the clubs, chances are she knows who Nicki Minaj is and will appreciate this ridiculous video.


Chick Crack: Hamsters Body Rocking

September 8, 2011 by  
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Okay, this video has been making the rounds on the interwebs, and I gotta admit, it’s pretty freakin’ cool.  I mean, it starts off all sci-fi apocalypse, and then takes a surprising goofy turn into a happy-happy-joy-joy music video.  Every girl I’ve told about this video loves it, so if you’re looking for something to email a chick, or show her on your phone, or whatever, you can’t go wrong with this video.