Johnny Wolf Reveals The Secret-Happy-Fun-Button Spot…

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I’m not sure how accurate this is, but what the heck?  It can’t hurt to try…

Johnny Wolf writes:
A lot of guys have been asking me about the so called “Secret Kino Spot Technique” where you can massage it on a girl and get your instantly turned on because it is somehow connected to her clit.

First, I’ll explain what the Secret Kino Spot is, then I’ll tell you where the Real Secret Kino Spot is.

Imagine there is another green dot on the other side. The secret kino spot is not the back dimples as some people think, it’s on the sides of the hips. Supposedly you can rub them while dancing with a girl to turn her on. This is unproven however, it might work, you might as well try it for yourself. Massaging a girl always works to build sexual comfort and to turn her on.

The Real Secret Kino Spot according to Johnny Wolf

This one is proven, as I’ve done it with enough girls to know that it works. I’ve also asked them after we’ve had sex how it feels when I rub them there and they love the feeling and says it makes them horny.

It’s not quite her pussy, so you get as much LMR (Last Minute Resistance) from rubbing her Real Secret Kino Spot as you would if you tried rubbing her pussy or her clit, which works much better if you can get that far. So if you don’t want to take the big jump to get her pants off and rub her clit, you can instead, keep her clothes on and rub her Real Secret Kino Spot, the Wolf Spot as I like to call it or even just firms press down on the spot with your thumbs which I do while I’m kissing her.

The Wolf-Spot Kiss using the Secret Kino Spot:

While holding a girl by her hips and kissing her, I place my thumbs on her two wolf spots, and as the kiss gets more passionate I gently start adding pressure and pushing down on the two points while we kiss. This turns her on and sends shivers down to her pussy while you kiss her.

The Wolf-Spot Massage:

I actually learned this technique while getting massages in Thailand. Some of the girls there will try to test to see if you want a happy ending by pushing on your wolf-spots to see if you get a hard on. They do this so they don’t offend you by touching your dick if you’re not into it. It’s a sneaky tactic that you can use on girls. When I give girls massages, I will massage their back, their legs, and then have them flip over to massage their arms and their thighs. Then I will locate their wolf spot, lean down and start applying pressure slowly. The trick is, the slower you press down the better it feels and the deeper it can go. But you MUST release twice as slow as you originally pressed for it to work.

Self-Practice locating the Wolf Spot:

You can practice on yourself to find where the wolf-spot is. Take your thumbs and feel for the spot about one and a half inches down from where your stomach fold ends,near the “V” shaped mound of soft flesh above your penis. Slowly rub around until you think you found it, and then slowly push down on it. Make sure you push VERY slowly, and release TWICE as SLOW as you pressed down.

You should feel a tingly sensation where if you need to pee, will make you want to pee even more. The deeper you push down, the more the sensation will be, and you will continue to feel it down there for a few minutes after you release.

Good luck with this, it has gotten me laid more than a few times.

Warm Regards,

Johnny Wolf

One note:  I refuse to call this the “Wolf Spot.”  I think we should coin the term “Secret-Happy-Fun-Button” spot.  Or SHFB for short.  Any other ideas for names?

BootyCast Episode 4: Number 5

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Hey guys,

This week’s episode of the BootyCast has special guest Brad P. from

Issues covered in this week’s podcast…

  • My appearance on the Barry Kirky show (again)
  • Devil’s Threesomes & Johnny Wolf
  • New Sex Terms
  • The Looks Vs. Personality Debate
  • How Brad P Got Started Teaching Dating Advice
  • Thundercat’s Top Ten List
  • How Brad P Met Tyler Durden
  • Blog Reader’s Questions For Brad P
  • The Similarities Between Brad P’s Routines & Dean Koonts Novels
  • The Real Man Conference In Amsterdam
  • PUA Action Figures
  • Upcoming Free Teleconference Call

This week’s podcast runs 2:56:47 minutes.  You can download the Podcast by clicking here.

Or you can listen to it here:

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