How To Get Girls Who Are A “10″

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Here’s some advice from Dan & Jennifer about how to pick up super-attractive women.

From “Best Friend” To “Girlfriend.”

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Sleeker2610 over on the PUAForums writes an incredibly awkwardly phrased question, that actually addresses an issue lots of guys struggle with:  turning that girl “friend” into a “girlfriend.”

Sleeker2610 writes:

Hi I want to ask for help in my situation because I fall in love with my best girl friend. I know she likes me very much because even if I said her I fall in love with her she accepted a date with me but she still cannot switch me from position of her best male friend to boyfriend :/ . So here is the thing I just have to bring her to swap me from friend zone to eventual boyfriend and its done but I dont know how :/. She is okay even when we hang out alone together she allow me to sleep with her and hugging her during that time and she likes it . I don´t know what more to say if you need more informations just ask about them I will answer them ASAP.

Okay, so I guess now would be a good time to go over how exactly one manages to “escape the friend zone” and actually turn that female friend of yours into something more… Read more

Pornstar Advice: Three Positions To Make Her Orgasm…

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Pornstar Shawna Lenee offers some advice on how to get your lady off.  Check it out… Read more

How To Date Models…

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Here’s a nifty little ditty that gives you some advice on how to date girls who make a living off of being ridiculously hawt.

Of course, this advice is pretty basic and general and can relate to any woman, not just models.  But sometimes its good to hear it anyway.

Marni On How To Finger A Girl

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Marni from WingWomen has a video up on how to properly finger a girl.  Even if her techniques don’t work for all girls, at the very least, you’ll learn how to finger Marni.  lol.

How To Break Up With A Girl

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Is your woman driving you nuts?  Wanna dump that bitch and move on with your life?  Are you eager to break your shackles and sprint to freedom?  Well, Youtuber HeavenlyAngel985 has some tips on how to “Respectfully” break up with a woman.  And aside from a bit of rambling and a few bits of silly advice, she actually gives some decent tips on how to break up with a girl.  Check it out:

Just remember – when you break-up with someone, try and do so in a way that WOULDN’T preclude you from ever getting back together with them.  This is important, because you never want to limit your options.

The Art Of Screening: How To Avoid Meeting Lame Women Online

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Ellie210 posted an interesting question over on the mASF forums about how to avoid going out on dates with women you meet online who end up being lame (not ugly, mind you, just girls who aren’t fun to date).  His question goes something like this…

ellie210 writes:

How to avoid lame chicks online

I get quite a handful of dates from online dating, in fact it’s my main source of recruiting new women. But holy fuck, a huge majority of these women are fucking lame. I’m not even talking about looks or how hot a woman is (I’m pretty impartial to looks, as long as she’s not a warpig). I’m talking about lame chicks who you can’t even have a conversation with for more than 5 minutes.

I know some of you guys just pitch the date off the site. What I do is get the girl’s number and I give her a call to pitch a day and time. But I also call to screen out lame chicks, if I end up carrying most of the conversation.

Do you guys get dates with women who turn out to be lame? Or do you always get dates with cool, awesome women?

Speaking as a guy who does a lot of online dating (and I mean A LOT), I can safely say that the way to avoid most “lame chicks” is to properly screen them BEFORE you meet up.

What do I mean by this? Read more

Getting The Most Out Of Your Pick-Up Time

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Sinn, over at his blog Sinns Of Attraction, has a pretty good post up about how to maximize your time when you’re out picking up girls.  They’re pretty basic rules, but good to follow none the less.

Sinn writes:

The 5 rules for maximizing your pick up time are:

1. Set goals for your time. A lot of guys go out with the goal of “doing some approaches” or ” Working on their game” then they end up standing around by the bar “getting comfortable”. Instead you want to set a # of approaches you want to attempt in the set amount of time. Once you do that you know how much time you should have between approaches as well.

2. Approach Right away. I personally have to do a few warm up approaches in order to make the transition from anti-social to social. Most of you guys reading this are the same way. So you need to approach as soon as you get into the venue. It doesn’t have to be the girl of your dreams but you need to get used to immediately switching into “social mode.”

3. Don’t spend more than 25 minutes in a row with any one girl, unless you KNOW it’s on. This is my biggest personal sticking point as I like talking to girls and will enjoy chatting even if it’s not going anywhere. It’s a mistake. Instead you want to keep the interactions to 25 minutes or less until you have a really good sense it’s on.

4. Don’t be afraid to walk away. When it’s obviously not going anywhere, don’t be afraid to leave the interaction. Now if you’re a newer guy it may be worth it to “plow” for 10 minutes to get practice with that sort of thing but if you’re already fairly successful and it’s not working, just leave.

5. Re-approach girls you talked to briefly later on. Sometimes walking away is the only way to get the girls to change their minds about you. But at the same time it’s worth going back and talking to the girls you approached earlier later in the night as things change quickly. Same thing for short sets during the day. A lot of the time girls will like you better the second time around.

Knowing to approach quickly and when to eject from a set are two skills which will really help you to maximize your success when it comes to meeting women.  Waiting too long to approach a girl, and talking to a girl you don’t have a chance with for too long are probably the two biggest mistakes guys make when they’re first starting out.

Love Systems Tips: Meeting Women In Bars

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Love Systems just put up a new Youtube vid with Nick Savoy giving some advice on meeting girls in bars.  Check it out.

Airport Pick-Ups

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I just read David Wygant’s latest blog post about Air Port Pickups.  Unfortunately, its not about what I thought it might be about.  Check it…

David Wygant writes:

When I Say "Pick Up A Girl At The Airport," I Really Mean It!!!

So you’ve started dating somebody. Things are going really great. You haven’t slept with them yet, and they’re about to go away for a weekend trip. Do you or do you not let them take a taxicab? Do you drive them to the airport and, more importantly, do you pick them up when they get back from their trip? And what exactly does that signify in the relationship?

First off, I hate picking people up at the airport. I’ll tell you something, picking people up at LAX is a nightmare. They don’t allow you to park. Secondly, you don’t want to circle around waiting to pick someone up because LAX is a long track where traffic can get as bad as it is on the 405, and you can sit in your car at the airport for two hours, driving 1/8 of a mile.

But the fact of the matter is, when you pick somebody up at the airport, that’s relationship material. You do that when you’re in love. You don’t do that when you first start dating. That’s crazy.

“Yeah, I took her out on three dates, we haven’t slept together yet, but I’m picking her up at the airport.” Really? Why? I mean, you’re basically picking her up at the airport and driving her home, bringing her bags in and then she’s going, “Alright, thank you. We’re not sleeping together so you’re not staying here.”

So she’ll give you a glass of water and then find a way to get you to leave. The only way you ever pick somebody up at the airport is if you know you’re going to have massive crazy sex afterwards because you’ve missed each other. That makes it fun. That’s a blast.

I love pick-up sex. One of my favorite things in the entire world — airport pick-up sex after a trip out of town. It’s great. You pick her up, she’s all excited to see you after a few days, you play with her, fondle her a little bit on the way home, you get her all excited, you schlep her way-too-heavy bags (I mean, who needs that much stuff for a weekend trip?) into her place. Then you have amazing sex.

But if you pick her up from the airport and you’re not already sleeping together, you’re immediately in the friend zone. So unless you desire to be in that friend zone, I strongly suggest you wait to pick her up from the airport until you guys are intimate and committed.

So here I thought we’d get an interesting guide on how to actually Pick-Up Women at the airport, but this is actually a rant on dropping off and (literally) picking up women at the airport.  And I can’t say I agree with David on his points here.  I mean, I’ve picked up a lot of people from the airport that I wasn’t sleeping with, just because its a nice thing to do if you know the person and they need help (or are trying to save a few bucks).  Plus, if you’re alone in a car with a girl you like for however long it takes for you to drive them to and from the airport, that’s some nice quality time you can use to chat them up and stuff.  I mean, there is a fine line here between using it as a pick up opportunity and being used just for your transportation.  I guess it all comes down to whether or not you actually WANT to help someone out by picking them up at the airport.

But, let’s get away from that and talk about what I really thought David’s blog post should be about… picking up chicks at the airport while YOU’RE traveling. Read more

Girls In Your Facebook Profile Pic – Good Idea Or No?

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MakotoIto had a question over on the Attraction Forums concerning the type of picture he should put in his profile on Facebook…

MakotoIto writes:

Hey guys.

Do you think it’s better to have a profile picture of you having a hot girl with your arms on their waist both smiling?

Since this might hit off pre-selection or it is a bad idea since people might think your attached?

For Facebook I can honestly say that having a picture with you and a hot girl in your profile pic can’t really do you any harm.  It makes you look like a fun, attractive guy girls want to be around.  But it also depends on what you’re using your Facebook profile for.  If you’re trying to attract people to being your friend and getting them to meet you for events and things like that, then this is definitely something you can do.  After all, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with girls and at the same time project the kind of image you feel will be attractive to them.

However, I’ve found for actual dating sites, having pictures of you with other women can actually hurt your chances of meeting girls.  Why?  Well, when a girl looks at your dating profile page, she’ll judge herself against the girls in your pictures.  If she feels the girls in your pictures are hotter than her, she’ll feel like you won’t go for her.  If she’s hotter than the girls in your pics, she may deem you of “low value” and not bother with you.  So on dating sites, keep the profile pictures to you and just you.

But Facebook ISN’T A DATING SITE, so its okay to stick pictures of you and hot girls in your profile picture.  Just be sure the rest of your Facebook profile is congruent with that.  Project a fun, positive energy, put up interesting and enjoyable status updates, and be active inviting people to fun events.  If you can make your Facebook profile a central hub of activity, it won’t really matter what picture you put in your profile.

How To Bang A Girl In A Public Bathroom

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How Romantic!

Okay, before I get to Teevster’s excellent post from mASF about how to bang chicks in public restrooms, let me just say…


I personally am not a fan of the “Venue Close” (a fancy way of saying “bathroom banging”).  Me, personally, I like being able to take my time, have a nice comfy bed, and not having strangers take a dump right next to me while I’m trying to get my freak on.  But, there are some guys out there who enjoy the 5-seconds of heaven they can get by pulling some poor tramp into a bathroom stall in the club.  So for all you guys out there who like to quick close in the restroom, here’s a great little breakdown for you… Read more

Places You Don’t Feel Comfortable Picking Up Chicks At…

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Triple S over at the Attraction Forums asks the question:  Are there places you don’t feel comfortable picking up women at?

Triple S writes:

So I was wondering if there are places where you don’t feel comfortable sarging at? For me, it’s the subway. If you’ve never been to Montreal, our subway is old, noisy and underground. During rush hours, it’s jam-packed and everyone is squeezed in. I take it everyday to go to and come back from work. I know a bit about public transportation game from what I read here, but yet, I never feel like doing an approach. Is it because of AA? Maybe a little, but more than that, it’s just that I don’t feel the environement is adequate. I mean first of all, most of the people have headphones on. I’d guess about 95 % of people take the subway with music, in the other 5 %, 3 % are talking to someone, 1.5 % are reading a book or a paper and the other 0.5 % have nothing.

I tried an approach once and got shut down pretty quickly but that’s not what discouraged me. I sometimes wish I could, and it could definately be something that I could work on, but I just feel like it wouldn’t be a place where people like to be approached. I guess if you meet someone on the platform, that’s another story, but on the actual subway itself? I just don’t feel it, even though I wish I did because there are tons of pretty girls.

How about you? Any places like that where you just don’t feel right?

Well, to be fair, there are TONS of places you can try and pick up chicks at that will make you feel uncomfortable.  Heck, pretty much ANY place can make you feel uncomfortable if the circumstances for chatting up a girl are wrong.  But pick up is always about pushing yourself outside your “comfort zone” and going after what you want, even if you are uncomfortable doing it.

I can understand how trying to pick up a girl on a crowded subway would intimidate anyone.  But you need to tailor your pick-up to the situation.  A high-energy style pick-up on a crowded subway car probably isn’t the right method, especially considering girls on the subway are probably very wary of “wierdos.”

But whether its a subway car, a bus stop, a movie theater, a funeral, or any number of other strange venues, there is ALWAYS a way to pick up a girl.  You just have to know what is.  I happen to think that the more awkward or uncomfortable the venue, the better it is to try the indirect approach to meeting a girl rather than anything too direct.

Office Pick-Up Tips

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A poster by the name of Dastardly Fox posted a question on the mASF boards about how to pick up a girl at his office.

Dastardly Fox writes:
There is a super hot blonde (hands down 10 and never uses makeup) here at my firm, we’ve had several exchanges and she acts like a school girl and gets nervous when we talk (good nervous, clearly attracted to me) and I’m looking for good ways that would let me lead this outside the office for the next stage.  One catch it’s a law firm so I need to keep the office Convo light and fun (don’t Need harassment on my resume)

Oh and I’m not worried about a workplace romance going sour, she’s extremely shy (very smart book work lawyer) im discrete and the firm is huge, so we hardly run into each other and even work on the same floor.  My boy in the kitchen tells me that I’m hot shit because the women talk about me, and I’m attractive so no issues here, its all in the delivery and reason I think. the only catch is that I’m going to have to go out of my way to initiate this, or wait till the next hall encounter… Ideas? Email, phone call, wait for our next hall chat, or walk to her office and just ask? I don’t normally date at work so this is new, but she is by far the finest woman I’ve seen since the last fine woman I saw.

Okay, so when it comes to picking up women at the office/workplace, here are some of Thundercat’s tips…

First of all, try and not present yourself as a “co-worker.”  Being a “co-worker” can scare off women from dating you.  You need to come off as being an “outsider.”  Someone who just happens to work at the same place.  So talking about stuff that doesn’t involve work is a must!

Second, organize out-of-office events that get people to hang out with you in a non-work setting.  In Fox’s case, he could organize a meeting at a nearby bar or restaurant after work, and invite the girl he likes to join him there.  And since there is a group of co-workers meeting, it doesn’t feel like a high-intensity date-type-thingie.

Third, connect with her as much as possible.  Friend her on Facebook, text her if you have her number, email with her, IM, etc.  Do anything possible to chat her up when you’re not in direct contact with her.  This allows you to do all the attraction building stuff you need to.

Fourth, get her to meet you outside the office/workplace where it’s just the two of you.  Grabbing dinner, drinks, whatever.

Finally, be prepared for any objections she may have to dating a co-worker.  Try and anticipate what problems she might have and come up with responses to them BEFORE they arise.

Most people spend like 70% of their day at work, so its natural to want to date out of the workplace.  Just be prepared to handle the consequences if things don’t turn out well!  I personally think it’s worth the risk, but just realize that if a woman isn’t interested, it’s probably not a good idea to pursue it like you would with a woman you don’t work with.

Should You Meet A Girl At Her Place For A First Date?

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Ali123, over on the Attraction Forums, had an interesting question about the wisdom concerning meeting women at their places for a date.

Ali123 writes:
Ok I’ve been doing this online gaming for a year or two but only inthe last 2-3 months has my game really improved and in fact I seem to be on a bit of a roll.

Do you guys think its a bad idea if a girl invites you over to her place for the first time you meet. In the last month been to 5 girls places as a first date/meet, I’ve slept with 3 of them. The other two didnt work out and didnt want to do anything. Of those two one ignored me and the other said she didnt want to see me again as she didnt fancy me. In fairness 3/5 isnt too bad.

But do you think its a bad environment to meet a girl? Are you more likely to fuck her if you meet her in a bar close to her place and get her to go back to hers? When you meet at their place its tough because you have to make chit chat etc and then make a move and no alcohol to help you!

Finally I was chatting to an HB7/8 on POF chat messenger, and shes told me to come to her place when I finish work on Sunday at 3am!!! Shes said her flatmates away, and I joked she’d be asleep, she had work the next day, and only if she can make a good cup of tea. But she continued to insist. Shes a hot girl and I dunno if I should meet her when I wont be looking my best. Surely its better to go for a drink and get a little tipsy?

Thoughts guys?

Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT need to get a girl slightly drunk/tipsy before you make your move, my dear Ali123.  So I wouldn’t even worry about that.

Here’s the thing…

I think a girl who allows a guy she just met to come over to her place is a definite sign that she’s open to hooking up, as your 3 out of 5 ratio should tell you.  The way I like to work things, is I’ll invite a girl to my place when we have plans to go out, let her in, allow her a bit of time to become comfortable with my surroundings, then we go out to dinner or whatever.  So by the time the night is winding down, if I ask her to come back to my place, it won’t be that intimidating for her.

If a girl invites you to HER place, she already feels comfortable with the environment, so its much easier to hook up with her there.  At that point, the only thing you have to work on is comfort/rapport building and attraction, since the logistics are already in your favor.  And let’s face it, if a girl you’ve just met is allowing you into her place on a first date, she’s open to sleeping with you.  So no, I personally don’t think going to a girl’s place for a first date is a bad thing.

Now, if she doesn’t want to LEAVE her place and go out, that does seem a bit odd, since that isn’t really a “date” date.  When you go over to her place, you can ask her if she’d like to go grab a drink or a bite to eat somewhere close by, and then go back to her place afterward, but if she just wants to stay in, then maybe she is just looking for sex.  You have to treat each situation as it comes up, since some girls might just be boring sticks-in-the-mud and others might be looking for some hanky-panky.

But if given the opportunity, I will always accept an invitation to go to the girl’s place.  Yes, you can’t always control the environment – roommates, poor living conditions, etc. – but sometimes it can be better logistically.

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