How To Pick Up Drunk Sorority Girls

August 24, 2010 by  
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Jukebox535 over on the attraction forums had a question about how to properly sleaze on college girls as they stumble by in a drunken stupor…

Jukebox535 writes:
I was at this house on greek row and there were literally packs of hot girls going by I tried the 2-kiss opinion opener like 10 times got shot down every time. It held their attention for like 30 seconds and thats it. Whats a better way to hold their attention then try and get them in the house.

Here’s what I know about picking up sorority girls in college…

First of all, using opinion openers on girls as they are walking by your place usually isn’t the best tactic.  Secondly, if you’re AT a frat house, why in the world are YOU doing any work to pull girls to the house?  Shouldn’t the frat be luring women in with the promise of free beer to begin with?  But I digress…

First of all, if you’re out trying to pick up girls at college, and it’s a weeknight, packs of them are roaming around going to the bars, clubs, parties, etc. – realize that you need to engage the GROUP as a whole, not just one or two of the girls.  They are in “pack” mode and walking together to a pre-determined destination.  One of them will not stop to talk to you because they entire group is moving.

So when engaging the group, don’t expect to get them to stop and chat with you.  Instead, you want to find out where the group is going.  Once you have their destination, that is where you should go if you want to try and pick them up.

A tricky thing here is that college girls won’t usually volunteer the information of where they are going.  This is a safety thing.  Sure, some might, but if you ask “Hey, where are you all going?” before you’ve properly established any kind of rapport, chances are good they won’t tell you – especially if it’s a small group of women, like two or three.  The reason?  They don’t want some guy they don’t know following them!  Duh.

It’s actually more appropriate to ask where they came from.  Something like “Hey, what party did you guys just come from?” can do the trick.  If they say “we didn’t come from a party,” then you can say something like “Well, you’re obviously going to one.  Let me guess – you’re headed to (local bar/club/frathouse/etc)?  I hear that’s where it’s at tonight.”  From there the girls will usually tell you where they are going.  Once you find this out, you can do something like “You guys should really have an escort to keep away all the annoying drunk guys from hitting on you.”  Then volunteer your services.

Also, if you’re looking to pick up sorority girls SPECIFICALLY, it helps to know what frats are affiliate with what sororities.  So try and familiarize yourself with the greek system at your school if you can, so you know where the girls like to go for parties and functions.