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IAmMaximus, over at the mASF boards, has a really good post up about how he goes about getting women to have sex with him the same night he meets them.

IAmMaximus writes:
After having tons of problems scoring club pulls over the first several years I was at this, I’ve actually managed to hook up with 5 over about the past 7 weeks (including 2 in one night). While I’m certainly no expert on them, here’s what I’ve learned that helps me score them:

1. Go out looking as good as you possibly can.

2. Be sociable/talk and flirt with everyone/play the numbers.

3. Be persistent, even if you’re blown out once or twice.

4. Have fun yourself and show her a good time

5. Flirt and then escalate nonverbally (EC, get close, caress hands–credit: 60)

6. Keep pulling her to go home with you. Don’t necessarily verbalize that you want to take her home for sex. Just focus on taking her home and tie it into whatever her state is. She wants to get something to eat? You’ll take her! She just wants to get out of there… no problem! Then, once you’ve got her away, the sex will “just happen.” Don’t be afraid to persist and keep asking.

7. When you’re taking her home, keep up the kino the whole way. Keep caressing hands. Put your hand on her thigh and finger her if she’s in your car or sitting next to you on the subway, etc.

8. Get her home and just keep kissing and making out (pay attention to kissing her neck!) while working on getting a finger into her pussy. If she’ll let you put a finger there, more will follow.

That’s it. Nothing complex about it. I don’t worry about DHV, negging, canned material, special openers, etc. I just open, have fun with her, escalate, and pull and pull until I take her home.

Now, I’m NOT a particularly attractive man, so don’t go bullshitting that this only works for me because I must be good looking. Truth be told, I’m fat, sort of hairy, and I have impressive manboobs. No girl with working eyes would ever drool over seeing me shirtless, yet several have been gladly fucking me in recent weeks. Physically, I’m maybe a 6. Dressed in my “field clothes,” I might become a 7.5 or an 8. I’ve been fucking girls who are 7s-8.5s by my scale. If I can do it, you can do it!

Oh… and one more thing… the most crucial…


I wish I’d known this years ago. I used to spend so much time trying to show a girl what a great, awesome, high value, caring guy I was. All that does is get her screening you as a potential boyfriend. THIS DRAMATICALLY COMPLICATES THE HOOKUP PROCESS AND WILL PROBABLY KEEP YOU FROM GETTING LAID!

Girls are the same as men in that they enjoy sex for sex’s sake. Maybe she just broke up with a longtime bf and wants to make sure she’s still attractive to other guys. Maybe she’s just horny and wants a quick fuck to soothe her aching vagina. Whatever.

I’ve noticed that the women I’ve been pulling for SNLs could give a fuck about me, my life, or my dreams for the future. They… just… don’t… care. If she’s going to fuck a guy within a couple hours of meeting him, she doesn’t want to worry about possible emotional entanglements.

Bringing those things into the situation just suggests that you’re going to be hounding her for a commitment. That’s going to cause her to view you in a completely different light. Does she like your personality enough to date you? Do you have enough common interests to make it work? What about your career, or your family, or your philosophies on life, etc.? What if she just plain does not want a boyfriend and is going through a whorish phase?

For a quick SNL, this is much simpler: Is she horny? Are you presenting yourself as a walking sex toy for the evening? OK, then! That’s all she needs to know.

If she does start asking the questions about your life, just answer truthfully and move on. Instead of dwelling on those mundane things, focus on having fun in the moment and on setting up opportunities to kino and either get rejected (and save yourself time) or hook up and get laid.

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying to be rude or run some cutesy pattern to disqualify yourself as bf material if she starts asking these things–IME, that’s suicide.

I’m just saying to be pleasant, be sincere, enjoy yourself, express your interest in her sexually, and create nonverbal opportunities to escalate that don’t feel forced. Hold the seductive EC. Get close and give yourself opportunities for kino. Caress her hand (60 is a GENIUS for pointing these simple tactics out).

There’s a time and place for relationships and boyfriend screening, of course. Personally, I value a good relationship far above any quick bar fling. But sometimes you just wanna get laid with some hot little girl at the club. This has been working for me to achieve that. I think it can help other guys, too.

Another thing to remember: you’re much, much, much more likely to be able to turn a SNL into a relationship after you’ve fucked a girl than to pass the annoying boyfriend screening process and get a lay of any kind, even after 2-3 days. The criteria for a no-strings fuck are just that much lower.

Bravo to fat-hairy-manboob PUAs who are taggin-n-baggin dem ladies!  A lot of IAmMaximus’s stuff isn’t complicated, its mostly an attitude based natural game style with a healthy dose of logistical mastery and physical escalation.  At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if you’re getting what you want, right?  Well, it seems like IAmMaximus is getting plenty, so why can’t you?  :-)

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2 Responses to “Getting Same Night Lays & One Night Stands…”
  1. Mike says:

    He had the same no strings attached attitude from the beginnig and there was a mission involved, much 2 serious 2 risk 4 a fuck…aside there was a guy, he has 2 sort out …who probly fucked her…and robbed him…and he lost respect 4 distrust…and it seemed she was with them in ganging up…and he felt she was just an abuser 4 greed and dishonesty…and she hacked in an aggressive abusive way, and he lumped her with that guy…they protected her as sex material.,and mission contaminated by greed turned 2 raw hate…. It was a nightmare 2 come 2 terms with trusting a woman Ever.,u will never ever understand…our unique circumstances…and she was like a traitor 4 greed, yet she would never ever understand…all they wanted was 2 fuck her and keep it that way and were fersely jeolous…whilst she had a superior attitude..2 this day.,.they alphas 2 fuck her…and she others from that 1 mile radius of former oppressors…were hq…and others had 2 fit in…or die 2 fuck her…and her sexy pussy was 4 money like a shop…if they could hop.,off course llb crop…2 shop.,and she loves 2 shop 4 hq…conditionedt2 hq bs! …and obvious her spoiled upbringing…fucking turned as a religion…hq, and she sax life thru rose tinted hq glass 4 hq fun 2 run 2 gun.,whilst he had a mission of life time 2 handle…she was 2see and could not give a fuck…4 fucks 2 mock from her 2 fuck the fuckers that fucked her race…they hq obviously…rich powerful and they licked her pussy soul 2 subservient her own race…4 hq fuck 2hq fuckkers 2 fuck her 4 hq race…was she hq abused, just like her own people…she will never see…4hq fuck…infected 2 hq fucking addiction she called motion addict…a rose sold 2 sell her puss…and her work was a fraud…she mislead him …a legal fraud…hq…she be the judge…if ever a hq 2 restore.,in this blunt statement a fact or hq fictiön…2 Rosy so sweet an innocent soul…tribal maid…u could have been a hq bride4pride…but sold 4 hq pussy pride 4 rides 2 ur own tribe that lvdu hq.,and this is not meant 2 insult or disrespect a tribal maid,..that people que2fk2, said 2uhqcare2u2, believe it or not…hq2…sex4fun2u2…no strings attached 4bs 2ur door policy 2 trap…openlyhq2?

  2. hiswife says:

    this site helpled my HUSBAND CHEAT ON ME

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