Hey, welcome to Thundercat’s Seduction Lair!  I started this blog back in 2004 to talk about my experiences, thoughts, and ideas about my love life.  Over time, this site has grown into a “hub” of the seduction community, made famous by the book “The Game” by Neil Strauss (in which this site is prominently featured).

This site contains lots of news, tips, techniques, gossip, and insights about meeting women, seducing women, talking to women, being more confident, and all that jazz.  But first and foremost, this is a site about ME – Thundercat.  I write about things that interest me and that I think are important.

This is by no means an “official” men’s portal.  I’m not running “AskMen.com” here.  This is just a site where guys can get together and talk about picking up girls (among other things).

There are no real “rules” on this site.  I don’t edit peoples comments (though sometimes I’m tempted to).  The only goal is to have an honest and open discussion about male self improvement.  Sure, we get into flame wars from time to time, but that’s part of the fun!  The way I see it, as long as there is no “hate speech” being posted on the site, everything is fair game.

If you want to get in contact with me, feel free to email me through the “contact” page, or email me at thundercat@thundercatseductionlair.com.