Men’s Cologne Guide

August 25, 2010 by  
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Dravius over on mASF put together a pretty good guide on how to find a cologne that’s right for you.

Dravius writes:
[1] Dress well. Wear clothes that you believe shape you well.

[2] Go to the mall alone. Find a store that allows you to sample cologne, go through sampling cologne and make notes (write / put in your cell) of YOUR favorites. DO NOT BUY & DO NOT ask employees for recommendations! Spray it on the card (not yourself), wait at least 15 seconds, then smell, and before sampling the next, smell the coffee beans supplied at most places.

[3] Choose 3 favorites from your list. Spray one on your left wrist, another on your right, and the last on your neck.

[4] Approach women that clearly take care of their appearance, tell them you are cologne shopping and need a quick opinion. Have them smell your left wrist, listen to their feedback, and watch their reaction (body language»). Wait a few seconds then have them smell your other wrist (watch reaction). Lastly have them smell your neck.

Sure you could use this as a “routine”(it works), but the main point is to get multiple opinions and find the best cologne that works for you.

I’ve been using Calvin Klien’s Obsession for years and it’s never failed me.  The Original Poster in the thread above recommends Stetson Black, which is good too.  But you really gotta find the cologne that’s right for you.