How To Get Girls Who Are A “10″

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Here’s some advice from Dan & Jennifer about how to pick up super-attractive women.

Mystery Method After Sex?

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Erix5son has a question over on PUAForums concerning the Mystery Method and how to apply it after you’ve “done the deed.”

Erix5son wrote:

So according to Mystery’s method that consists of Attraction, Comfort and seduction how should I play the dating game after the sex already occured?

I am thinking about keeping the comfort with some Tension while on dates or in public and use seduction when having private time with her?

Can somebody comfirm if this is correct/best approach to dating a women after you already had sex with her or give some basic guidelines.

Okay, just to be clear here… if sex has occurred, then you have successfully completed the “seduction” phase of Mystery Method.

Simple, right?

Understand:  The Mystery Method is mostly geared towards the initial “getting women to sleep with you” phase of things.  So you don’t really NEED to use it on a girl you’ve already slept with – unless you failed to establish any rapport with her and just “got lucky” because she was drunk, she just wanted to get laid and didn’t care by whom, or any other factors which might have gotten you the sex but zero inter-personal connection.

So let’s say you did Mystery Method right, and built up the attraction and comfort before you got her into bed.  If that’s the case, then guess what?  Your job is EASY now. Read more

Women Are Dogs: What Chicks Look At When They Check Guys Out

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So guys get criticized all the time for checkout out girls.  But what about when the tables are turned and girls check US out?  Well, some enterprising YouTubers decided to get some scientific proof on what girls look at when they’re checking out a guy… by placing tiny video cameras on his naughty bits to capture their leering glances.

It’s actually pretty interesting.  Check it out…

Losing Attraction After Day 2

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Taffer over on mASF wrote the following detailing his problems with Day 2s.

Taffer wrote:

Can't Close The Deal?

I ought to cut back on drinking, or texting, or the combination of both.

Last three girls I came close to bedding have courteously responded in a similar manner after my reinitiation attempts, questioning my game efficiency.

All three girls have this in common.

- initially very high attraction to me (kino, make outs, day2s)
- okay Day2s with one leading to Day3 and crappy sex performance on my side
- Immeditaley unavailable following Day2/3 180 change in ther attraction and commitment to seeing me

I could attribute this to, persistent periodic texting.
If I have a good Day2 I obviously wanna see this girl again in a week or two. Maybe I tried to set up the next date too soon because I waited as little as 4 days to 10 days after day2 to schedule next encounter.

Maybe it’s my personality, I’m very open-book type of guy which may put some people off.

There’s a chance I came across too relationshippy and didn’t continue to keep the attraction up.

Last girl responded with a version of this,

“Taffer, you’re a deeply loving individual deserving best treatment. I had a lovely time, but I’m seeing somebody else these days”

I’m aghast to have yet another girl responding with this “heartfelt” crap.

So I’m a great, awesome, caring guy, for SOMEONE ELSE! Tired of this crap.

How do I even react to something like this?
Lacking major calibration somewhere.

I’m at my wits end here folks. I’d appreciate any input you guys can offer.

There is definitely an issue going on here.  Typically, you have to have some measure of attraction to get a Day 2 (meeting after the initial encounter), so Taffer is definitely doing something right there.  But his game falls apart shortly thereafter with his Day 2 strategy.  Here’s why… Read more

Science Reveals Ultimate Dance Floor Game

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Live Science magazine reveals an interesting study that reveals how you can move on the dance floor to capture women’s hearts…

Using computer-generated avatars, psychologists say they have unlocked the dance moves that will capture a woman’s heart. Apparently the speed of a man’s right knee and the size and variety of movements of the neck and torso are key, they suggest.

Throughout the animal kingdom examples abound of males performing courtship dances, attracting females with displays of health and skill. Dances are sexy among humans as well, and scientists wanted to codify what moves ladies like to see in men.

Psychologists at Northumbria University in England filmed 19 male volunteers, ages 18 to 35, with a 12-camera system as the men danced to a German dance track, the kind of drum rhythm one might hear clubbing. None of them were professional dancers.

The men also wore 38 small reflectors all over their body, which the systems monitored to capture the motions of the dancers in three dimensions — the same technique filmmakers used to help create the character of Gollum in the “Lord of the Rings” movies. These movements were mapped onto featureless, white, gender-neutral humanoid characters, or avatars.

This way, the 35 heterosexual women the scientists also recruited could rate 15-second clips of each dancer without being prejudiced by each guy’s individual level of physical attractiveness. Each dancer was judged on a scale of one to seven, from extremely bad to extremely good.

Guys whose swagger included larger and more variable movements of the neck and torso were considered attractive by the ladies.

“This is the first study to show objectively what differentiates a good dancer from a bad one,” said researcher Nick Neave, a psychologist at Northumbria University. “Men all over the world will be interested to know what moves they can throw to attract women.”

Curiously, faster bending and twisting movements of the right knee also seemed to catch the eyes of women. As a potential explanation, the researchers noted that 80 percent of all people are right-footed, so most people “are putting their weight on their left leg and using that leg as an anchor while the right can do more fancy things,” Neave suggested. “It is a bit of an odd finding, so we need more studies to see if this feature is replicated.”

He added: “We now know which area of the body females are looking at when they are making a judgment about male dance attractiveness. If a man knows what the key moves are, he can get some training and improve his chances of attracting a female through his dance style.”

In the online version of the journal Biology Letters Sept. 8, the researchers suggest these dance movements could be signs of male health, vigor or strength that men would find hard to fake. Neave said they have preliminary data to show that better dancers are also healthier and are more attractive, and they are exploring these ideas in current research studies.

“The hardest thing is to recruit males to take part,” Neave told LiveScience. “They seem rather reluctant to sign up for studies that involve dancing.”

I’ve long believed that a man’s prowess on the dancefloor is an indicator to women at how good he is in bed, since it communicates movement of the body.   Also, if a woman is willing to dance with you, she’s usually willing to get physical with you in other ways.  So knowing the moves that attract women can definitely be advantageous.

Be sure to check out the videos they include to see examples of the good and bad dance moves.

Girl Game

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Sinn had (kinda) an interesting post up on his blog about “Girl Game,” or the kind of game women run on men.

Sinn writes:
I’ve been having some crazy success lately which has led me to having to wash my sheets every day and the following little nugget of information I want to share with you today.

Girls have lines and “routines” they run too.

I started to notice this before I left AZ, but since I’ve moved it’s become even more noticeable. In fact I can now tell I’m going to end up hooking up with a girl as soon as they start some of they’re “girl game” as I like to call it.

I met a Yoga teacher in Barnes and Noble Sunday who while we were walking around told me she had to be in love to have sex with someone(Something I’d heard before) 6 hours later she was filming herself masturbating and various other things unfit for print.

My favorite example of this is when girls try to push the whole ” I date like a guy” thing. Recently this very cute little cocktail waitress named Sam tried to tell me she doesn’t date and plays guys. Literally a week later she was calling me every day trying to hangout and getting super clingy. Since I’ve moved I’ve heard variations of this from an Abercrombie and Fitch manager and a makeup artist. If a girl tells you she dates like a guy or is a player, run because she’s clingy.

I’ve done the research for you.

The point is, much as we are trying to control our image in the girl’s mind to make ourselves seem fun, confident, masculine and interesting. She is trying to do the same thing, and chances are both of us are misrepresenting ourselves.

Because as Chris Rock once said when you meet somebody of the opposite sex for the first time, you’re not actually meeting them, you’re meeting their representative.

How do you deal with this?

With the best advice I ever received about women (from my sister ironically enough, love you Gemma!) Never take anything a woman is saying seriously. Especially if you just met her.

Um, I’m not sure about that.  I mean, if a girl says “Get away from me you creepy Edie Munster-looking troll,” I’m pretty sure you could take that seriously.  lol.

But, that doesn’t bely Sinn’s main point here, which is lots of women do have a “system” by which they like to try and attract men.  It’s probably not as well thought out and theorized about as what we do in our little community here, but it does exist, and lots of women know how to use their sexuality to string men along as much as they want. Read more

Study Finds Ben More Attracted To Waists Than Boobs

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Yet more horny scientists with too much time on their hands…

Researchers found a woman having an “hourglass” shaped figure was more important for a man than her breast size or facial features.

They also discovered that men take a split second to decide if a member of the opposite sex is attractive.

They calculated that a “waist-to-hip ratio” of 0.7, or a waist measuring 70 per cent of the hip circumference, was the “perfect” size.

Women with “hourglass” figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Alba, the Hollywood actress and Alessandra Ambrosio, the Victoria’s Secret model, were found to posses the “perfect” body.

Scientists concluded that such a small ratio was considered good for a woman’s health and resulted in high fertility.

Dr Barnaby Dixson, a New Zealand anthropologist, studied what different sexes found attractive throughout history.

In his study, a group of volunteers were shown various pictures of a woman, where her hips, bust, and waist were digitally altered.

He then asked them to rate the image for attractiveness and while they studied the photos used infra-red cameras to track their eyes.

Despite most men being drawn initially to the woman’s cleavage, it was her hips and waist that were in fact what they found most attractive.

“Men rated images with an hourglass shape and a slim waist … as most attractive, irrespective of breast size,” said Dr Dixson, from Victoria University of Wellington.

You can read the whole article here.  But it is interesting how most guys will go for a woman with a “nice body” but a sub-par face over a woman with a pretty f ace and a horrible body.  In the article, they make it a point to say “humans simply do not mate randomly.”  And that’s true.  We all have certain things we prefer in a mate.  Guess it just comes down to personal taste in the end.

How Women Trick Men Into Thinking They’re Good Looking

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This video has been making the rounds on the internet, and though it’s a bit tongue-and-cheek funny, she actually pretty much nails the whole “stripper/slut” method of how women doll themselves up into making guys think they’re hotter than they really are.

Confirmed: Women Prefer Hairy Men

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It seems that there’s an ongoing trend in which women are liking more body hair on their men.

Modern ‘metrosexual’ man seems to have finally had his day as most British women admit to preferring their men hairy, research revealed today.

While recent years have seen the seemingly unstoppable rise of male grooming, 85 per cent of women said that the hirsute look suits men better.

Waxing and excessive shaving got the thumbs down, with girls opting for a ‘real man’ instead.

Shaved chests, plucked eyebrows and the ‘back, sack and crack’ wax were not, after all, the way to a woman’s heart, the survey found.

Only 8 per cent of women said they liked their men groomed to perfection, narrowly beating the 7 per cent who preferred to see a werewolf-like quantity of hair.

Women in the North East in particular were firm fans of ‘manly men’, with 97 per cent wanting their partners to leave their hair alone.

Welsh women were also fans of hairy men, with 91 per cent preferring a Seventies-style ‘rug’ and hairy legs over a smooth, hairless chest.

East Midlands women were the biggest fans of the metrosexual waxed look with 15 per cent preferring carefully groomed men.

The survey of 3,000 British women was commissioned by Sound Asleep and was carried out by

I know most of the girls I’ve dated in my life liked my chest hair and things along those lines – which is good because I am one hairy mofo.  Some guys do look better hairless and there are indeed some women who prefer the smooth, hairless style on guys.  But it just goes to show you – you can never tell what is really going to turn a woman on!

Erika Awakening Doesn’t Know What It Means When A Girl Dresses Sexy…

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So I just got done reading the latest post on Erika Awakening’s blog.  A reader wrote in with a simple question – what does it mean when a woman dresses sexy?  Sounds like a simple enough question.  In fact, here’s the missive in it’s entirety:

Hi, Erika -

I would very much like to get your perspective on this, and I thank you in advance for your time and advice.

Anyway, here it is: what I would like to know is when a woman leaves her house to go out – whether it be on an evening or just thru the day – does the way she dress give any clues whether she is looking to hook-up or not? For example, if a girl goes out showing a little more cleavage than usual, or her skirt is an inch or two higher than normal, or if she is wearing a little more make-up, is that significant? Or does a girl dress sexily primarily to just feel good about herself, or even to impress her female friends?

In addition, is a woman always aware of herself, the way she is looking, and the way she is portraying herself? By which I mean, if a woman crosses her legs in a man’s company and ends up showing a little too much leg, or has an extra button undone on her blouse, would you consider that as significant in that she is looking to hook up, or is wanting the man to approach?

Thank you,

What follows it literally a BOOK length response that really does nothing to answer poor Frank’s question.

Next time Frank, just email papa Thundercat for a more sussinct answer: Read more

Study Shows Women Attracted to Men in Red

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A new study reveals men dressed in red are more attractive to women…

What could be as alluring as a lady in red? A gentleman in red, finds a multicultural study published Aug. 2 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

Simply wearing the color red or being bordered by the rosy hue makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women, according to a series of studies by researchers at the University of Rochester and other institutions. And women are unaware of this arousing effect.

The cherry color’s charm ultimately lies in its ability to make men appear more powerful, says lead author Andrew Elliot, professor of psychology at the University of Rochester. “We found that women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money and more likely to climb the social ladder. And it’s this high-status judgment that leads to the attraction,” Elliot says.

Why does red signal rank? The authors see both culture and biology at work. In human societies across the globe, red traditionally has been part of the regalia of the rich and powerful. Ancient China, Japan and sub-Saharan Africa all used the vibrant tint to convey prosperity and elevated status, and Ancient Rome’s most powerful citizens were literally called “the ones who wear red.” Even today, the authors note, businessmen wear a red tie to indicate confidence, and celebrities and dignitaries are feted by “rolling out the red carpet.”

Along with this learned association between red and status, the authors point to the biological roots of human behavior. In non-human primates, like mandrills and gelada baboons, red is an indicator of male dominance and is expressed most intensely in alpha males. Females of these species mate more often with alpha males, who in turn provide protection and resources.

“When women see red it triggers something deep and probably biologically engrained,” explains Elliot. “We say in our culture that men act like animals in the sexual realm. It looks like women may be acting like animals as well in the same sort of way.”

To quantify the red effect, the paper analyzed responses from 288 female and 25 male undergraduates to photographs of men in seven different experiments. Participants were all self-identified as heterosexual or bisexual. In one color presentation, participants looked at a man’s photo framed by a border of either red or white and answered a series of questions, such as: “How attractive do you think this person is?”

Other experiments contrasted red with gray, green, or blue. Colors were precisely equated in lightness and intensity so that test results could not be attributed to differences other than hue.

In several experiments, the shirt of the man in the photographs was digitally colored either red or another color. Participants rated the pictured man’s status and attractiveness, and reported on their willingness to date, kiss, and engage in other sexual activity with the person. They also rated the man’s general likability, kindness, and extraversion.

The researchers found that the red effect was limited to status and romance: red made the man seem more powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable, but did not make the man seem more likable, kind, or sociable. The effect was consistent across cultures: undergraduates in the United States, England, Germany, and China all found men more attractive when wearing or bordered by red.

And the effect was limited to women. When males were asked to rate the attractiveness of a pictured male, color made no difference in their responses.

Across all the studies, the influence of color was totally under the radar. “We typically think of color in terms of beauty and aesthetics,” say Elliot. “But color carries meaning as well and affects our perception and behavior in important ways without our awareness.”

In earlier work, Elliot documented that men are more attracted to women in red. But the red effect depends on the context. Elliot and others have also shown that seeing red in competitive situations, such as IQ tests or sporting events, leads to worse performance.

So for those of you heading out to the clubs, time to invest in some red shirts.  :-)

Vin DiCarlo: How To Read Any Woman’s Mind

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Do you like chocolate ice cream, or vanilla? Maybe you like a different flavor… Maybe strawberry or butterscotch… What does this have to do with meeting women? EVERYTHING!

You see, all women are different, because no two people are the same. Yes, we have the same instincts and the same sexual desires but our personal preferences are as different as grains of sand in the desert. (That’s why the saying goes that people are as unique as snowflakes)

All women don’t like the same food, they don’t like the same clothes… They don’t even like the same COLOR. So how can all women be interested in the same thing from a man? Think about it – Some women like funny men. Some women like cocky men. Other women like gothic men, jocky men or men of a certain race, age or financial status.

So approaching women with the same techniques for starting conversation, or even the same techniques when it comes to the bedroom is a losing bet… But it’s been our best guess to date! It’s like playing the roulette wheel at the casino, and only placing your chips on either red or black.

Yeah, you’ll win 50% of the time, and maybe you’ll get her a little attracted to you… But it’s better than playing the numbers in the middle where your chances of success are slim and you’re likely to lose your shirt. It’s not the best way to play the game, however, it’s the SAFEST way. With the skills you have know, it’s the EASIEST way to win.

What if there was a BETTER way?

What if you could confidently bet all of your chips on a number in the middle? You’d win every time and you’d make a KILLING in profits. It’s the same way with women: When you know exactly what she likes; the deepest, darkest thoughts she thinks; and when you know what she secretly CRAVES from men, you can match her dating and sexual needs – perfectly.

You’ll be the guy she’s been looking for. You’ll appear like a mind reader. You’ll seem like you know her better than she knows herself. Even if you just met her a few minutes ago.

Until now, you couldn’t get this information about her unless you stole her diary and read it. But recent insights into Female Psychology have cracked her mind right open, and you can peek into her secret thoughts and read the contents. For example:

Did you know that there are two ways women like to be approached? 50% of women respond well to a compliment while the other 50% of women wouldn’t DREAM of “falling for a line like that.” If the beautiful woman you just met likes the compliment you gave her, she’ll start to connect with you and find her attractive.

If she doesn’t vibe with your line – You’re dead where you stand. You won’t get another chance to win her heart, and she’ll go back to whatever she was doing.

You can have THAT GIRL! You can save that conversation! With the new techniques I’ve discovered, you’ll know whether she’s a compliment girl – or not – before you ever approach her. (They’re called Testers and Investors… And the strategies to meet each type are potent and powerful)

I’m giving away a whole chunk of this system for free, and you can check it out at this link:

Check Out My System Here!

Don’t miss out, though… Because she’s eventually going to meet a guy who knows this system and wins her over.

Make sure YOU’RE that man who sweeps her off her feet.

Vin DiCarlo

AFC Adam’s Negative Attraction Video

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Hey Guys,

PUATraining just posted a really long video of 2009′s #1 Pick Up Artist AFC Adam goving over some advanced tactics.  A big concept he talks about in the video is “Negative Attraction.”  It’s a long vid, but Adam drops some great gems in it!

Check out the video here.

Oh yeah, Adam is also offering his new Instant Attraction Training course now, so if you haven’t checked that out yet, you really neet to.

Pure Personality Is Released TOMORROW!

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Hey guys,

Just a quick note to you – for the last two months I’ve been releasing lots of audio and video stuff about my Pure Personality course.

If you have missed ANY of them, now is the time to check them out, because I’ll be taking them down tomorrow when the course is released at 9:00 am Pacific, 12:00 pm Eastern time.

Just go to:

You can find them all there.

I’d really encourage you guys to check out the course.  It has helped my game tremendously, and I know it will probably seriously help anyone else’s game as well.

We have a lot of heavy hitters involved in the course, including – AFC Adam, Brad P, and Barry Kirkey.

We also have a lot of NON-community people involved as well.

In fact, let me give you a run down of what is in the course…

The Videos

This is the first course I’ve ever made that actually utilizes a lot of video, so I wanted to be sure that the videos KICKED ASS.

The videos should be very easy for you guys to follow, and have a LOT of information in each one.

Video 1:  The Addiction Method Part 1

The addiction method is the foundation for the Pure Personality course, and in this video, I explain the first part of the method on how to get people addicted to your Personality.

In this video, I go into great detail on how to “create your character” and cultivate a “social mask.”

The cool thing about this method is that you aren’t “acting” or trying to be someone you’re not.

This is all about taking the best qualities of you who are NATURALLY and bringing them to the forefront in a way where as many people get exposed to it as possible.

Video 2:  The Addiction Method Part 2

The second part of the Addiction Method is all about teaching you how to tell STORIES.

See, storytelling is the method by which people learn about your character!  And the better stories you tell, the more addicted people will become to who you are.

In fact – they will actively seek to have you around as much as possible!

And better than that, they’ll start telling their FRIENDS about you and repeating your stories to others, effectively growing you reputation.

Can you see how powerful this can be when it comes to attracting women?

Video 3:  How To Be The Life Of The Party

This technique goes hand-in-hand with the addiction method.

I have developed a system where you can enter into any social situation – a bar, club, party, business meeting, whatever – and instantly be the center of attention.

Here, we’ll use the Butterfly Effect to meet lots and lots of people, but we’ll also use some covert tactics to build our reputation and help us deliver the Addiction Method techniques.

Video 4:  Conversational Ninjitsu

A HUGE part of personality is being able to hold fascinating conversations with anyone you want.

Too often, guys stumble in conversation with women.  Things might go good for a while, but then the dreaded “awkward silence” sets in and you run out of things to say.

Conversational Ninjitsu is a covert method of keeping the conversation going, effectively eliminating awkward silences and making all conversation seem natural and effortless.

Video 5:  How To Be Funny

A big part of having a great personality is about how to make people laugh.  In this in-depth video, I go into a number of proven techniques to help make even the dullest guy FUNNY.

This isn’t just some collection of lame jokes.  I actually break down many different TYPES of humor and show you how to use them to get laughs from pretty much anyone.

More importantly, though, I’ll show you what to do when a joke goes BAD, and how to quickly recover from anything that “falls flat.”

Video 6:  How To Tease

Teasing women can be a powerful tool in your attraction arsenal.  Unfortunately, lots of guys tease women the WRONG WAY, and can come off as “jerks” or offensive.

In this video, I lay out a number of different proven and effective teasing techniques you can
use to get powerful reactions from women every single time.

Anyone who’s ever tried to use “Cocky and Funny” methods to pick up women before MUST see this video!

Video 7:  An Interview With Brad P.

Brad P is one of the most interesting guys I’ve ever met, and in this 60 minute video, I sit down with Brad and pick his brain about all his best personality techniques.

Brand and I are good friends, so we talk about some really killer information in this video, and you get to see a different perspective on the whole “Personality Game.”

Bonus Videos:  Non-Verbal Personality

Personality isn’t just based around what you say, it’s also based around what you do and how you act.

In a special bonus video section, I go into detail on how you can use your body language to communicate personality.

This is really powerful stuff that can show anyone what a cool, funny, fun guy you are without ever having to open your mouth!

The Audios

In addition to the video material, I tracked down and interviewed a number of Personality Experts who reveal their best tips and techniques for how to be funny, interesting, and cool around girls.

Audio #1:  Interview With Adam Lyons

Adam is one of the most naturally gifted new pick-up instructors in the scene.  His skills are almost completely based on his personality, and in this interview, I peg him down and get him to reveal all his secrets on how a scrawny geek like him uses his personality to hook up with super-model quality women night after night.

Audio #2:  Interview With Barry Kirkey

Some of you might know Barry as “Extramask” from Neil Strauss’s book The Game.  Barry is a talented comedian living in Canada, and he’s also quite knowledgeable about the dating scene, having been an instructor in the men’s dating advice field for some time.

In this candid interview, I get Barry to open up about his off-the-wall humor methods, and how you can use them to get women attracted to you in no time flat.

Audio #3:  Interview With Joe Falzerano

Joe Falzerano is a professional comedian who teaches other comedians how to perform stand-up comedy.  Joe’s workshop is based out of Los Angeles, and he’s taught some very recognizable names in the entertainment field how to be funny.  And in this interview, Joe goes over his teaching methods that can take any man, and make him a funny guy.

Audio #4:  Interview With Mike Piantedosi

This was a bit of a strage interview, because Mike is one of my Best Friends from High School, and he is one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

Like me, Mike is a self-admitted “Fat, Bald, And Ugly” dude.  But his personality is so strong, that he is able to attract insanely hot girls whenever he wants.

Mike’s story is truly inspiring, and his methods are incredibly effective.

Audio #5:  Interview With Richard Miller

Richard is one of David DeAngelo’s top students, and the “king” of cocky comedy methods.  Richard is another “fat guy” who uses his humor and personality to attract women, and he’s EXTREMELY good at it!

In this interview, I sit down and get Richard to share all his personality techniques with me, including a few unknown tricks taught to him by David DeAngelo himself!

Audio #6:  Interview With Steve Roye

Steve is a professional stand-up comedian, and a teacher in the field of comedy.  In this interview, I get Steve to open up and share how he creates his material from scratch, and how anyone can create incredible jokes and stories that will captivate any audience.

Audio #7:  Interview With Tony Piccasso

Also known as the “Cardfather,” Tony is a Las Vegas Magician who enraptures any audience he has.  I ran into Tony at the Magic Castle here in Hollywood and was so impressed, I had to BEG him to let me interview him!

In this interview, Tony reveals how he cultivates his persona, creates an unforgettable character, and entertains his audience.

This is one of the most unique interviews you’ll ever hear, as Tony reveals an amazing step-by-step system he uses to create “instant fame” no matter where he goes.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to create a rockstar like persona, this is the interview that reveals how!

The Text

In addition to all the multimedia, we also have some good, old fashioned text to go along with it!

Included in the course is a full Charm School manual that will teach you how to charm any woman you meet.

In addition to that, I’ve also created a number of assignments to help you learn how to use the techniques described in the course.

This method is specifically DESIGNED to help you start naturally attracting women based on your personality.

I also have some great bonuses lined up for the first 100 people who get the course, not the least of which is my “Live Training Sessions” where we get you on the phone with a girl to practice your personality skills and get feedback.

Trust me when I say – NO OTHER course out there goes as in-depth into the subject of “natural attraction” as Pure Personality does.

So don’t miss out, and be sure to reserve your copy of the course when it’s released on Saturday, August 30th, at 9:00 am Pacific time and 12:00 pm Eastern time.

Remember – you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the whole course right after you sign up!  No waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  You can start learning the techniques immediately.

But you’ll also get a PHYSICAL copy of the course if you stay past the 56 day refund period.

The link to sign up for your course will be:

So don’t forget it!

Now let the anti-capitalism comments begin…

Deconstructing Swinggcat, Vol. 1

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**Reposted from the first Lair, original date: 12/20/03

Okay, its no big secret me and Swinggcat know each other. In fact, we’re pretty good friends. So good, that he has granted me permission to repost his newsletter on my blog. Of course, I never thought I’d see the day when he got off his lazy ass to actually WRITE the newsletter, but just as another sign of the coming apocalypse, it has finally arrived.

From time to time, I’ll post some of his newsletters on here that I think are worthy of further discussion and pick them apart for you with my experiences and ideas interspersed for your reading pleasure. I think Swingg is one of the best in the game and there is a lot to learn from him, and if he’s going to be doing newsletters regularly, they are worth signing up for — so be sure to log in on his webpage to subscribe! Also, if you buy his book because of me for some reason, let him know so he can pay me a commission. It’s not free to run a site like this, you know.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the first Swinggcat newsletter ever — “Building Attraction Through Tension Loops.”

Building Attraction Through Tension Loops
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One of my maxims for ATRACTING women is to make them
ABC…to make them ALWAYS BE CHASING me.

In my book I call this PRIZING.

PRIZING women is important because when you do
things to make women chase you they will begin to
see you as a PRIZE they want to win over.

Prizing is a very important concept to understand in PU. I like to refer to it as “taking the power position” because you are putting yourself above others. One good way I like to do this is to ABJ — Always Be Judging — others. I got this nifty little trick from RoadKing, who uses it to great effect on strippers. Though Swinggcat has more systems for prizing laid out in his book.

One technique for PRIZING I talk about in my book
is Open Loop.

An Open Loop is an unfinished thought or story. So,
within the context of ATTRACTING women, some
examples of open loops are:

When a man tells a woman a really juicy story and
just at the point that she really starts to get into
the story, he intentionally withholds the conclusion
from her.


When a man acts as if he knows something about a
woman but when she asks him what it is he refuses to
tell her.

Are you guys starting to get why open loops are so

Open loops are the shit. Lots of guys HATE open loops because they tend to frustrate them. But what they don’t realize is that open loops are MEANT to frustrate. That’s why they are effective. Though Swingg likes to describe open loops in terms of what the guy can do to the girl, I like to describe them in terms of what the girl can do to the guy, because girls do this shit better than any guy ever could. For instance, when a girl tells you “Maybe we can get together sometime,” that’s an example of an open loop. You’re gonna be calling her to get together, but she could do any number of things to keep you dangling, and in the meantime, you just try harder and harder to get together with her, until you’ve fully committed yourself to getting this chick, to the point where you think you’ve fallen for her.

Though what Swingg is describing here gets even more evil than that, as you’ll see below…

They are powerful because they leave women wanting and
reaching for more.

And when women are wanting and reaching for more, they
are CHASING us.

Its true. It works both ways.

I have noticed a few of the guys who have recently
purchased my book have spawned quite a few online
discussions on open loops.

Yes, that would be the SS list. I think its funny how some guys on that list bought Swingg’s book, and started posting field reports using his material and terminology like they just discovered it miracuously on their own in their vain attempts to reach guru-hood. Lame. I will say, however, that some of the best threads on the SS list in the past 4 YEARS sprung from discussingf Swinggcat material, so I can’t be too angry about it, I suppose.

This is great because it tells me that guys are really
getting out there and using the ideas in my book.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the
psychological mechanism behind open loops: What is it
about ‘open loops’ that cause women to want and reach
for more?

This is where the evil part comes in. Are you ready for it?

And about a month ago it dawned on me while watching
TV. I was watching a television show that I did not
find terribly interesting, and out of nowhere the power
went out. The weird thing was that inside I felt this
emotional “want” to find out the conclusion to a TV show
I did not even find interesting. However, the more I thought
about this the more I realized that I did not really want
to find out what happened, but wanted closure and

Even though the show was not very good, it had created
some unresolved emotional tension in me. The power going
out made me aware of my need to release, resolve, and
bring closure to this tension.

So, what I have discovered is that the psychological
mechanism behind open loops is in creating unresolved
emotional tension.


What I have realized is that besides using open loops,
there are literally hundreds of ways of creating, and
increasing unresolved emotional tension.

Doing this is what I call a “Tension Loop”. The structure
of a Tension Loop is to first do something that creates
unresolved emotional tension.

For example, you could do this by using an open loop: an
unfinished story or thought.

Or you could do this by creating a barrier between you and
a woman. If you have chemistry with a woman you might want
to hint that there is already a woman in your life,
planting the seed in her mind that even though you and her
like each other, it probably will not work out between the
both of you because you are already taken.

Or you could feign being really offended by something a
woman does or says. If she asks you, “What do you do for a
living?” you could hasten back with, “I am not the guy who
used to work with you at Mc. Donald’s, and if we ever hang
out, there is to be no talk about your career path at
McDonalds…I wouldn’t want you to embarrass me in front of
my friends.”

I’ve seen Swinggcat do this. Its fucking hilarious. The poor girl looks like a deer in headlights.

Or you could do something to invalidate a woman, such as,
acting unimpressed with her or even hinting at not liking her.

Now once you have created this tension loop inside a woman,
you can keep going with it: you can build it larger and more

This is where it gets REALLY evil. We’re talking Darth Vader evil here.

For example, if you create a tension loop by acting offended
by something a woman says or does, you can make that tension
loop larger and more intense by continuing to act offended.

But at a certain point, you need to close the tension
loop–bring some resolution, release, or closure to it.

I have found that people who are effective at using tension
loops–for example, auspicious writers and marketers–all
follow a similar structure:

1) They do or say something to create the tension loop

2) They keep going with what they said or did, making
the “tension loop” larger

3) They do something to close the tension loop; bring
some release or resolution to it

4) They open it back up, but just a little bit.

Also, have you ever noticed that this is the structure of many
great movies? Think about it: many great movies start off with
a tension loop by introducing some kind of conflict or drama.
Then, the tension loop increases up until the point of the
climax. Then the tension loop is closed by bringing some
resolution to the conflict or drama. And, finally, the movie
ends by either the tension loop being opened back up or a new
tension loop opening up.This makes the movie watcher want to
see the sequel.

Lets now look at an example of sparking a tension loop,
building it, closing it, and then opening up a new tension
loop–but just a little bit.

A few days ago, after exchanging some light banter with a
woman, I said to her, “You know…I don’t like you…”

She gave me a flabbergasted look and panted, “what!” (Being
the attractive woman that she is, she had probably never
had anyone say this to her before).

I had sparked a tension loop in her.

Next I made the tension loop bigger by saying, ” I’m sorry,
that probably came off wrong. Let me be more specific: I
really don’t like you.”

Here I was making the tension loop larger: intensifying all of
that unresolved emotional tension inside her. Now although
this is very powerful, you do not want to create so much
tension that she snaps–you do not want to PUSH her away
completely. So the idea is to take her to the edge–or close to
it. It is similar to kids blowing bubbles. They want to blow
as much air into the bubble to ensure that it is as big as
possible, but if they blow too much air into the bubble it
will pop. This takes practice, and you really have to learn to
observe how much emotional tension she is experiencing at any
given moment.

Then I said to her, “And the reason I don’t like you is that
you remind me of this girl Miranda whom I hated in the
second grade. I hated her because she used to always beat me
at hot hands (BTW, “hot hands” is a game that children play).

Then I challenged her to a game of hot hands, defeated her
quickly, and gloated, “Yes…I am the winner, and, actually, I
like you now…since you really stink at hot hands”.

So here I closed the tension loop by bringing resolution and
release to her emotional tension. And then I opened a new
loop–just a little bit–by telling her that she stinks at hot

lol. I remember when Swingg did this. He called me and woke me up to tell me what had happened when he was first testing this shit out. He was so jazzed at the responses he was getting. I gotta tell you, there’s nothing better than hearing a master seducer at the top of his game getting excited about testing new theories and tactics in the field. This is one of the reasons I think Swinggcat is so much better than a lot of the other guys out there. He’s actually improving, creating, and testing shit EXTENSIVELY before sharing it. I know for a fact that at the rate he’s going, Swinggcat method will not be the same thing in 6 months that it is right now.

There is a lot of psychology going on here. And in this
newsletter I am only scratching the surface of what I am doing.
I am going to do another newsletter soon, where I will go a lot
deeper into the psychological mechanisms of tension loops.

He’s run a few of his newsletters by me already, and I gotta tell you, they are NUCLEAR in the truest sense of the word. I’m almost finding them more helpful than his book, but I don’t think I’d be able to understand them without having read that first. But I know that everytime Swinggcat comes up with a new newsletter, he’s probably losing money on another book he could be writing.

But if you are really interested in mastering the techniques
for triggering these underlying psychological mechanisms in
women check out my eBook.

I am a guy who has been doing this stuff since I was a teenager.
And in the last four years I have gotten really serious about
mastering the psychological mechanisms that trigger attraction
in women. I am not some guy who used to be good with
women who now only talks and writes about how to attract women
from behind a computer screen. Instead, I am regularly out
interacting with women, which allows me to experiment, hone, and
further develop my attracting women skills. What I teach is not
just bunch of feel-good theory, but applicable stuff that can be
used in the real world. My material really is the Mu-Tai
kickboxing of dating guides. I really believe that this is the
most cutting edge stuff out there.

I have been getting tons of emails from guys telling me things
like, “Before getting your book I tried everything out there,
but had no success. But your stuff helped me finally get it. In
your easy-to-understand way of explaining things you have given
me a set of powerful tools along with a simple structure for
using them”.

There have even been a number of women, one of whom is a Los
Angeles stripper, who have been telling me things like, “Most
male dating experts are dead wrong when it comes to
understanding women. But, wow, even though I hate to admit
this, you have really hit the nail on the head when it comes
to knowing what works with women.”

This is a stripper RoadKing introduced me to that I’ve been gaming. I brought her along with me to Las Vegas and that’s where Swinggcat met her. Its funny, because he told her what he did and about his book, and since then she’s been calling him up and lurking on his website. This girl is funny, because she wants to write a book about how women can pick-up guys. Little does she know how fucking stupid that is. She was telling me how important it is for the girl to hang up the phone first because that gives them a psychological edge. I couldn’t help but laugh at her. Everything she’s “discovered” is shit that was discussed on ASF years ago and has moved on, which is probably why she’s so fascinated with Swinggcat’s book. I hope she doesn’t buy it, she might be able to deflect the game I’m running on her if she knows what I’m doing.

So, if you are ready to start the new year with a new take on
attracting women, come check out my EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND eBook
which is chock full of powerful insights, ideas, and tools,



P.S., Here is one last little secret of mine for the New Year:
If you feel like you are in a rut with women go out and get
some new threads. Better yet, try a whole new look: Go out and
get some clothes you normally would never wear. This is what I
do when I am in a rut and it works wonders. In fact, if you
have put on a few extra pounds this holiday season and are not
in the mood to cut down on your caloric intake, but still want
to look great, you are in luck. I have a friend, Joseph, who
just released a book called “Fashion For Fat Guys”. Not only is
Joseph an expert when it comes to fashion, but he also knows a
thing or two about attracting women. You can visit him here:

In case you didn’t notice, Fashion For Fat Guys is linked on this page as well. I think its a great resource for overweight men to dress better. I know I use the tactics outlined in that book when I go out, and it helps up my confidence levels so I’m more effective than I would be otherwise. Some might say its common sense stuff, but I think for a lot of guys it will help point out shit that they should be doing or don’t know they should do. I’ll probably discuss this more when I write my next article for Cliff’s List. I’m also thinking about talking about inner game soon, and I know that something like FFFG has a role to play in that as well.

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Okay, well there you have it. Hopefully you read this newsletter 50 times, bought both ebooks reccommended in it, and learn this shit backwards and forwards. I’ll probably be experimenting with tension loops soon (I did a bit of that in my airport pick-up) so I’ll report here on how it goes.