How To Bang A Girl In A Public Bathroom

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How Romantic!

Okay, before I get to Teevster’s excellent post from mASF about how to bang chicks in public restrooms, let me just say…


I personally am not a fan of the “Venue Close” (a fancy way of saying “bathroom banging”).  Me, personally, I like being able to take my time, have a nice comfy bed, and not having strangers take a dump right next to me while I’m trying to get my freak on.  But, there are some guys out there who enjoy the 5-seconds of heaven they can get by pulling some poor tramp into a bathroom stall in the club.  So for all you guys out there who like to quick close in the restroom, here’s a great little breakdown for you… Read more

Great Anti-Slut-Defense Reframe

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TVA Oslo over on the mASF forums has a great tip for getting past a girl’s last-minute Anti-Slut Defense (ASD).  Check it out:

TVA Oslo writes:

Most ASD is due to her being affraid of what her friend thinks of her when she does a sexual act. A girl can avoid having sex with you because she is very affraid of what her entourage will think of it. Most men love bragging (I do too, but I never tell who I fucked, so it doesn’t count, I just say I fucked a girl). Men brags, girlfriends find out about it, especially in social cirles. But this one will also work in non-social circle settings.

Fact is. If none of her friends knows about anything you’ve done with a girl, they won’t judge your sweatheart.

This technique is a way to show her that you will not tell her friends. It’s very simple. Everyone can do it right now. No risks!

Here is what you do.
When you know it’s on, almost close to getting a lay (around final escalations, or at a point were things are turning VERY sexual) and you feel you don’t have controle of the ASD (like she does have ASD symptoms or actually get an ASD kick), try this:

TVA: What ever happen tonight between us… please do me a favor.
HB: Which
TVA: Don’t tell ANYONE about it okey
HB: (100% guarrantee she will complie on this one) No I won’t
TVA: I don’t want anyone to know anything about my private life. There is nothing wrong with you, but I like to keep things for myself… can you promise me that?
HB: Yeah
TVA: really! I beg you to do it
HB: I will
TVA: thanks you are lovely (go kino… reward good behaviour with horniness remember… no more ASD… gogogo)

Girls are affraid of what her friend will think of her. By proving you will not tell anyone, is a good way to get rid of the ASD. By begging her to not tell anyone, you are the one who cares about it. You reframed it. You are the one who don’t want anyone to know about what you do in private. This projects that you will not tell anyone since you are the one begging her to keep quiet about it. Pretty easy concept right?

Tell me if you don’t understand. I think you will, but you never know.

A pitfall is (even if they are rare):

TVA: What ever happen tonight between us… please do me a favor…
HB: It won’t happen anything tonight (clear sign of no sexual attraction, but if you want to keep trying, keep reading)
TVA: I am not saying it will, but people have that magical process, when they lose controle of their horniness, nothing wrong with that, it’s awesome, it just happens you know.Completly okey I just want to make sure that if that happen, it happens in good conditions and we keep it secret. (and on and one to sexual reframing, DAFS in advanced in the archive on this technique)

Gogo escalation… no more ASD.

Have fun!

One important thing to note about this post is the re-frame here.  For those of you new to the game, think of it like this… the girl has a “frame of mind” that there are negative connotations to sleeping with you.  Hense the “anti-slut defense” popping up.  This post gave a great example of how to “re-frame” that objection to you sleeping with her.  In essence, you frame the situation in a different way that makes it okay for her to do what you want her to.

Re-framing is a great way to get around ANY objection a girl has.  Good salesmen re-frame all the time.  Whenever a customer objects to something, they re-frame it so it becomes a benefit as opposed to an objection.

What TVA Oslo does here is he reframes the situation so that the girl knows whatever happens between them will remain intimate and private.  So she doesn’t have to worry about word getting out that she may have partaken in “slutty” behavior amongst her friends.  But he frames it in such a way where privacy and intimacy is IMPORTANT to him!  He’s basically taking what the girl feels she needs and adopting it for himself.  Very slick here.

Can you guys think of any other good reframes for common objections?