Girls In Your Facebook Profile Pic – Good Idea Or No?

September 13, 2011 by  
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MakotoIto had a question over on the Attraction Forums concerning the type of picture he should put in his profile on Facebook…

MakotoIto writes:

Hey guys.

Do you think it’s better to have a profile picture of you having a hot girl with your arms on their waist both smiling?

Since this might hit off pre-selection or it is a bad idea since people might think your attached?

For Facebook I can honestly say that having a picture with you and a hot girl in your profile pic can’t really do you any harm.  It makes you look like a fun, attractive guy girls want to be around.  But it also depends on what you’re using your Facebook profile for.  If you’re trying to attract people to being your friend and getting them to meet you for events and things like that, then this is definitely something you can do.  After all, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with girls and at the same time project the kind of image you feel will be attractive to them.

However, I’ve found for actual dating sites, having pictures of you with other women can actually hurt your chances of meeting girls.  Why?  Well, when a girl looks at your dating profile page, she’ll judge herself against the girls in your pictures.  If she feels the girls in your pictures are hotter than her, she’ll feel like you won’t go for her.  If she’s hotter than the girls in your pics, she may deem you of “low value” and not bother with you.  So on dating sites, keep the profile pictures to you and just you.

But Facebook ISN’T A DATING SITE, so its okay to stick pictures of you and hot girls in your profile picture.  Just be sure the rest of your Facebook profile is congruent with that.  Project a fun, positive energy, put up interesting and enjoyable status updates, and be active inviting people to fun events.  If you can make your Facebook profile a central hub of activity, it won’t really matter what picture you put in your profile.