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Sir Italian has a pretty good Lay Report up on his blog…

Sir Italian writes:
Boys, those were two eventful weeks. Many stories about beautiful Latvian women, but I’ll start with latest LR, which has actually happened today, five hours ago, on my train back home.

I came into the train somewhere in Germany and went through the compartments, looking for worthy targets. I usually try to find a target who is not only good looking, but who is also alone in a compartment.

After a few minutes, I found a single lady, around 25. Facewise she was only a HB8 but she had a very nice, fit body; I immediately thought that she would be into fitness or dancing profesionally, and it turned out I was right: She’s HbDirtyDancer.

I took the seat right across her and said "Hi." She smiled a bit, but seemed distant (as I later found out, she was actually tired – I could have misinterpreted that). I started to read my newspaper, well knowing that I had the next five hours or so with her and didn’t have to rush anything. She fell asleep, and woke up only an hour later, when the ticket taker came by. She spoke German with a light accent, so once the guy was gone, I opened her with that:

SirItalian (in German): "So where are you really from? You spoke while sleeping, but I couldn’t quite understand it."
HbDirtyDancer (smiling): "Noooo I don’t speak while sleeping! I’m from Phoenix, Arizona, but I’ve been living in X for the past three years."
SirItalian (in English now and obviously teasing her): "Oh cute, your lovers haven’t told you that you speak while sleeping? And you snort!"
HbDirtyDancer: "Noooo that can’t be. Well maybe it is because I was going out last night and didn’t actually get any sleep at all until now!"
SirItalian: "Oh boy. You’re one of those wild American party girls. We can’t hang out, you’re way too wild. Touring Europe and seducing the poor European men!"

So much for special openers. :) I continued to run attraction game on her for a few minutes, but switched to rapport pretty soon. I found out that she was a dancing instructor and EV’ed her on it, establishing "passion" and "acting on intuition" as key drivers for our situation.

While talking about her dancing, she opened a package of lobster chips and commented on how fat they were. I busted on her a bit that she had to look better for her nutrition (being not slim myself) and told her to show me her tummy. I knew it was on when she did. Do you have those moments too? There’s always some point when I know that it will be a fclose, regardless of any LMR or ASD that might still come up…

I moved to sit besides her, explaining that I would have had to actually feel her tummy. The key piece, in my opinion, of the LR follows:
SirItalian (hand resting on her tummy and projecting sexual state): "You know, sometimes, and especially with dancers, you just feel so much passion in your body that you need to act on it."
HbDirtyDancer: (She gave some BS about dancing, which I don’t remember, and went DDB). :)
SirItalian: "And this is why dancing resembles love making so much… The lust and passion, which need to be expressed. You act on the moment…"
Lean in, kiss close.

We made out for ten minutes; I started to kiss her neck, my hands all over her breasts, inside her shirt, inside her pants… When I finally touched her pussy, it was dripping wet.
SirItalian: "I’ll go the toilet now. You should join me."
HbDirtyDancer: You’re crazy.!"
SirItalian: "Yes. You’re too, you’re a dancer, right?"
HbDirtyDancer: "I guess…"
And off we went.

Afterwards, we ate a quick lunch together; I got her email and web site address, and then I had to get off the train already. While this was actually the second time that I was able to fclose right on a train, normally I go for contact closes of course. Anyways, on a long train ride, sarging is way more fun than reading magazines. :)

More LRs to come!

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