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A poster by the name of Dastardly Fox posted a question on the mASF boards about how to pick up a girl at his office.

Dastardly Fox writes:
There is a super hot blonde (hands down 10 and never uses makeup) here at my firm, we’ve had several exchanges and she acts like a school girl and gets nervous when we talk (good nervous, clearly attracted to me) and I’m looking for good ways that would let me lead this outside the office for the next stage.  One catch it’s a law firm so I need to keep the office Convo light and fun (don’t Need harassment on my resume)

Oh and I’m not worried about a workplace romance going sour, she’s extremely shy (very smart book work lawyer) im discrete and the firm is huge, so we hardly run into each other and even work on the same floor.  My boy in the kitchen tells me that I’m hot shit because the women talk about me, and I’m attractive so no issues here, its all in the delivery and reason I think. the only catch is that I’m going to have to go out of my way to initiate this, or wait till the next hall encounter… Ideas? Email, phone call, wait for our next hall chat, or walk to her office and just ask? I don’t normally date at work so this is new, but she is by far the finest woman I’ve seen since the last fine woman I saw.

Okay, so when it comes to picking up women at the office/workplace, here are some of Thundercat’s tips…

First of all, try and not present yourself as a “co-worker.”  Being a “co-worker” can scare off women from dating you.  You need to come off as being an “outsider.”  Someone who just happens to work at the same place.  So talking about stuff that doesn’t involve work is a must!

Second, organize out-of-office events that get people to hang out with you in a non-work setting.  In Fox’s case, he could organize a meeting at a nearby bar or restaurant after work, and invite the girl he likes to join him there.  And since there is a group of co-workers meeting, it doesn’t feel like a high-intensity date-type-thingie.

Third, connect with her as much as possible.  Friend her on Facebook, text her if you have her number, email with her, IM, etc.  Do anything possible to chat her up when you’re not in direct contact with her.  This allows you to do all the attraction building stuff you need to.

Fourth, get her to meet you outside the office/workplace where it’s just the two of you.  Grabbing dinner, drinks, whatever.

Finally, be prepared for any objections she may have to dating a co-worker.  Try and anticipate what problems she might have and come up with responses to them BEFORE they arise.

Most people spend like 70% of their day at work, so its natural to want to date out of the workplace.  Just be prepared to handle the consequences if things don’t turn out well!  I personally think it’s worth the risk, but just realize that if a woman isn’t interested, it’s probably not a good idea to pursue it like you would with a woman you don’t work with.

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