How To Bang A Girl In A Public Bathroom

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How Romantic!

Okay, before I get to Teevster’s excellent post from mASF about how to bang chicks in public restrooms, let me just say…


I personally am not a fan of the “Venue Close” (a fancy way of saying “bathroom banging”).  Me, personally, I like being able to take my time, have a nice comfy bed, and not having strangers take a dump right next to me while I’m trying to get my freak on.  But, there are some guys out there who enjoy the 5-seconds of heaven they can get by pulling some poor tramp into a bathroom stall in the club.  So for all you guys out there who like to quick close in the restroom, here’s a great little breakdown for you…

Teevster writes:

If you wanna bathroompull, you need to escalate all the way to sex», before you reach the bathroom. At the minute you enter the bathroom, it should be clothes off.

The thing is, bathroom pulls need to happen quickly. Therefore you have no time to lose. You can not escalate all the way to sex» in a bathroom stall. This should have been done BEFORE extracting to the bathroom. If you get lmr or ASD kicks in the bathroom stall, there is no way you can handle it. There is no room for re-escalating, using lmr techniques etc. Also peristing the escalation» in a bathroom stall isn’t a good idea, as women are NOT comfortable with fucking in a bathroom stall, so do not add any extra pressure.

Make sure that you’ve done all the escalation» before extracting to the bathroom (dancefloor…). The level of horniness should be REALLY high before you start extracting to the bathroom and she should already be comfortable doing sexual acts with you. Fingering her pussy or make her jack you off makes her comfortable with that, while it spikes up her horniness at the same time (i recommend to make her touch your dick before you touch her pussy, experience has shown me that it’s much better).

You’ve touched her pussy and she has touched your body, especially your dick, grab her hand and just lead her to the bathroom. Lead… be dominant. Also you need to know where you are going and what you are doing. Any signs of insecurities will ruin everything. (screen for logistics)

However if she puts up some resistance, bring her back to the dancefloor or wherever your “escalation»” location was, and start everything from the beginning.

Then arriving the bathroom, you should already have sex».

You can also talk yourself into a bathroom pull, this however is really advanced and require good sex» talk skills and frame controle. Anyway i give you the recipie:
_ Show how nonjudgemental you are toward sex»
_ Sexual prizing (make her perceive you as a good lover)
_ Frame public sex» as exciting
_ set up the secret lover frame (you won’t tell anyone that…)
_ Frame controle + persistance

Extra tip:

When arriving the club, scout for: good escalation» spots (these should be intime, darck and isolated) and check out the bathroom, both womens and gents (see if it’s busy, dirty, if you can lock the door …)

The one time I actually tried to do the venue close, a huge black bouncer came into the bathroom and told me to take it somewhere else.  So, no bathroom closes for good old TC.  But don’t let that stop you if you wanna try your luck!

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