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I just read David Wygant’s latest blog post about Air Port Pickups.  Unfortunately, its not about what I thought it might be about.  Check it…

David Wygant writes:

When I Say "Pick Up A Girl At The Airport," I Really Mean It!!!

So you’ve started dating somebody. Things are going really great. You haven’t slept with them yet, and they’re about to go away for a weekend trip. Do you or do you not let them take a taxicab? Do you drive them to the airport and, more importantly, do you pick them up when they get back from their trip? And what exactly does that signify in the relationship?

First off, I hate picking people up at the airport. I’ll tell you something, picking people up at LAX is a nightmare. They don’t allow you to park. Secondly, you don’t want to circle around waiting to pick someone up because LAX is a long track where traffic can get as bad as it is on the 405, and you can sit in your car at the airport for two hours, driving 1/8 of a mile.

But the fact of the matter is, when you pick somebody up at the airport, that’s relationship material. You do that when you’re in love. You don’t do that when you first start dating. That’s crazy.

“Yeah, I took her out on three dates, we haven’t slept together yet, but I’m picking her up at the airport.” Really? Why? I mean, you’re basically picking her up at the airport and driving her home, bringing her bags in and then she’s going, “Alright, thank you. We’re not sleeping together so you’re not staying here.”

So she’ll give you a glass of water and then find a way to get you to leave. The only way you ever pick somebody up at the airport is if you know you’re going to have massive crazy sex afterwards because you’ve missed each other. That makes it fun. That’s a blast.

I love pick-up sex. One of my favorite things in the entire world — airport pick-up sex after a trip out of town. It’s great. You pick her up, she’s all excited to see you after a few days, you play with her, fondle her a little bit on the way home, you get her all excited, you schlep her way-too-heavy bags (I mean, who needs that much stuff for a weekend trip?) into her place. Then you have amazing sex.

But if you pick her up from the airport and you’re not already sleeping together, you’re immediately in the friend zone. So unless you desire to be in that friend zone, I strongly suggest you wait to pick her up from the airport until you guys are intimate and committed.

So here I thought we’d get an interesting guide on how to actually Pick-Up Women at the airport, but this is actually a rant on dropping off and (literally) picking up women at the airport.  And I can’t say I agree with David on his points here.  I mean, I’ve picked up a lot of people from the airport that I wasn’t sleeping with, just because its a nice thing to do if you know the person and they need help (or are trying to save a few bucks).  Plus, if you’re alone in a car with a girl you like for however long it takes for you to drive them to and from the airport, that’s some nice quality time you can use to chat them up and stuff.  I mean, there is a fine line here between using it as a pick up opportunity and being used just for your transportation.  I guess it all comes down to whether or not you actually WANT to help someone out by picking them up at the airport.

But, let’s get away from that and talk about what I really thought David’s blog post should be about… picking up chicks at the airport while YOU’RE traveling.

Now, I know most of you think that picking up a girl while you’re traveling is a bad idea.  But I’ve done it more than once and it CAN indeed work.  I mean, think about it for a minute… what’s the one thing people do more than ANYTHING else while flying somewhere?

Answer:  NOTHING.

There’s a lot of sitting around and waiting.  And when there’s waiting, there’s opportunity to meet girls!

Here’s what I’ve found to be the best situations to chat up girls at the airport:

1.  Security line (if its a long one).  Those lines to get into the airport past security can be long and slow.  If you’re near a pretty girl, why not start up a conversation with her?  It will help pass the time.

2.  The Terminal For Your Flight.  Most people just sit around, reading, playing games, doing whatever until the flight boards.  Try to sit next to a girl and chat her up.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll even sit next to her on the flight.

3.  Airport restaurants/bars.  There are lots of places to eat and drink in the airport, and I’ve had more than one great interaction with women at these places.  Be it a lowly Burger King or a nice restaurant.  Not only that, but you can meet some really cool people at these places!

4.  Your Flight.  Now, this one is kind of hit or miss because it depends if you’re sitting next to a girl you find attractive on your flight.  But this has happened to me at least 3 times where I was sitting next to a cute girl on an airplane for 5+ hours, and each time I walked away with her phone number.  So it can be done.  And who knows?  Since you’re both flying to the same place, you might be able to get together while you’re at your destination!

5.  Baggage Claim.  Honestly, there’s nothing I hate more than waiting for my bags to come out after a flight.  But the good news is that pretty much every girl from your flight (and other flights) will just be standing around waiting as well.  (and remember, waiting = opportunity!)  So you can use this opportunity to talk to any of them.  You can also do some advanced stuff like find out where they’re headed, offer to share a cab, get their phone number, etc. right here as well.  And you know what?  Lots of people just mill around the baggage claim area so you’re not limited to just the girls on your flight.  And if you need even more proof of this, just check out Barney Stinson’s method for picking up at the baggage claim…

Anyway, the point is there are lots of ways to “pick up girls” at the Airport, and none of them involve you driving your car there to physically pick them up.  Try and use every opportunity you can to meet the women you want.

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