From “Best Friend” To “Girlfriend.”

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Sleeker2610 over on the PUAForums writes an incredibly awkwardly phrased question, that actually addresses an issue lots of guys struggle with:  turning that girl “friend” into a “girlfriend.”

Sleeker2610 writes:

Hi I want to ask for help in my situation because I fall in love with my best girl friend. I know she likes me very much because even if I said her I fall in love with her she accepted a date with me but she still cannot switch me from position of her best male friend to boyfriend :/ . So here is the thing I just have to bring her to swap me from friend zone to eventual boyfriend and its done but I dont know how :/. She is okay even when we hang out alone together she allow me to sleep with her and hugging her during that time and she likes it . I don´t know what more to say if you need more informations just ask about them I will answer them ASAP.

Okay, so I guess now would be a good time to go over how exactly one manages to “escape the friend zone” and actually turn that female friend of yours into something more… Read more

AFC Adam Bootcamp Review – Austin, August 2010

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FunTimes over at posted a brief review of the bootcamp he took with AFC Adam this month:

FunTimes writes:

I attended this bootcamp in Austin and am writing a series of posts to review it and to go over some field reports from during it on my blog.  I don’t want to spam so I won’t repost the full text here, but I thought I would point them out in case anyone is curious what Adam’s bootcamp is like.

Attending the bootcamp was a very difficult decision for me to make to attend the bootcamp because my finances are extremely tight right now; doing so basically forced me to enter credit card debt for the first time in my life.

However I have absolutely no regrets now. It was a life changing experience for me; I underwent some kind of transformation in those three days that has taken me from having no game at all to being confident, smooth, and capable of pick up. I am still a newbie, but I feel like I know the rules of the game now. All that is left is practice, practice practice.

To give you an idea of my progress I started the boot camp with extreme social anxiety (I could push myself to approach, but only perhaps 2-3 times per night) and no conversation skills whatsoever. I would generally open with jealous-ex and then peter out into awkward land. Post-bootcamp I have dates lined up with a girl I met during the in-field, the cute intern at work I have been secretly drooling over for the last month, and have started to successfully break down the ‘LJBF’ zone of one of my previous failures.

I tried to find the more detailed write-up of FunTime’s review because it sounds like he really got a lot out of it, but the moderator on the forum took down the link.  If anyone knows where to find this, email me.

Regardless, there is a REASON why AFC Adam is the #1 PUA in the world, and his bootcamps are just flat-out awesome. They remind me of the glory days of the Mystery Method bootcamps, only with less eyeliner and more guys getting laid.  But yeah, Adam’s students have an insane success rate.  Anyone who’s thinking about taking a bootcamp should definitely consider taking Adam’s first.