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Sinn had (kinda) an interesting post up on his blog about “Girl Game,” or the kind of game women run on men.

Sinn writes:
I’ve been having some crazy success lately which has led me to having to wash my sheets every day and the following little nugget of information I want to share with you today.

Girls have lines and “routines” they run too.

I started to notice this before I left AZ, but since I’ve moved it’s become even more noticeable. In fact I can now tell I’m going to end up hooking up with a girl as soon as they start some of they’re “girl game” as I like to call it.

I met a Yoga teacher in Barnes and Noble Sunday who while we were walking around told me she had to be in love to have sex with someone(Something I’d heard before) 6 hours later she was filming herself masturbating and various other things unfit for print.

My favorite example of this is when girls try to push the whole ” I date like a guy” thing. Recently this very cute little cocktail waitress named Sam tried to tell me she doesn’t date and plays guys. Literally a week later she was calling me every day trying to hangout and getting super clingy. Since I’ve moved I’ve heard variations of this from an Abercrombie and Fitch manager and a makeup artist. If a girl tells you she dates like a guy or is a player, run because she’s clingy.

I’ve done the research for you.

The point is, much as we are trying to control our image in the girl’s mind to make ourselves seem fun, confident, masculine and interesting. She is trying to do the same thing, and chances are both of us are misrepresenting ourselves.

Because as Chris Rock once said when you meet somebody of the opposite sex for the first time, you’re not actually meeting them, you’re meeting their representative.

How do you deal with this?

With the best advice I ever received about women (from my sister ironically enough, love you Gemma!) Never take anything a woman is saying seriously. Especially if you just met her.

Um, I’m not sure about that.  I mean, if a girl says “Get away from me you creepy Edie Munster-looking troll,” I’m pretty sure you could take that seriously.  lol.

But, that doesn’t bely Sinn’s main point here, which is lots of women do have a “system” by which they like to try and attract men.  It’s probably not as well thought out and theorized about as what we do in our little community here, but it does exist, and lots of women know how to use their sexuality to string men along as much as they want. Read more

Vin DiCarlo: How To Get Your Girl To Try New Things In Bed…

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Sex is a private, personal thing. Every man and woman has their own styles… their own preferences… acts, positions and things they like – and don’t like.

Now, if you’re with a partner who has the same tastes as you – you’re in for a great time together! You can feel free to express yourself sexually, without her feeling offended, or judging you in any way. However, most people don’t see eye to eye on sex. Even if you see eye to eye on everything else.

The good news is: Almost every woman in the world is open to trying new things, in bed. It just takes one word: TRUST!

(And a little finesse when you bring it up ;-)

In this article, I’m going to try to show you exactly how you can earn a woman’s TRUST with her sexuality. Plus, we’ll talk about how to bring up new, more interesting and even “kinkier” sex acts – if that’s your thing.

You’ll discover:

  • WHAT TO SAY so your sex life gets hotter and hotter… Instead of you getting slapped in the face! Try this “trick”… (Works like a charm, every time!)
  • HOW TO TELL if she’s “down” for new or more exciting sex acts! This is the single, easiest way to get her to “open up” – sexually! (Try this, tonight!)
  • TRY THIS, IN YOUR LIFE – Here’s a couple of “tried and true” favorite sex acts women love… That get you serious “bargaining power” in the bedroom! (You’ll love these…)

… Plus, we’ll try to go a bit deeper into how to build trust with your partner, so sex is fun instead of “work.” In fact, let’s talk about that, right now:

TRUST is the main thing a woman needs to feel in order to try something new, with you. Think about it, she’s smaller, she’s weaker physically and if you really wanted to – you could do anything with her you wanted.

So she needs to feel safe. That you’ll know when “enough is enough.” And that you’re not just in this for your own pleasure. That you really care about her having a great time.

Sexual trust is even more important than general trust to your relationship because it effects all areas of your life, on a very deep level. What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom – sure. But if you both are frustrated with your sex life, it won’t be long until you’re frustrated with each other outside the bedroom, as well.

What’s more – If she can’t trust you in the bedroom, and she meets a guy who she can trust, you’ll be gone in a quick second.

How do you build sexual trust? It’s actually EXTREMELY easy: Care about her pleasure, in bed. This doesn’t mean go down on her, every 5 seconds. It just means care for her. Make sure you check in and see if she likes what’s going on. Watch her face and her body. Watch her reactions. And don’t push her limits TOO much.

Do this with “lighter” things like spanking and dirty talk, and she’ll trust you once your sex gets a little kinkier. In fact, women have a kinky side, as well. And some of their favorite sex acts have to do with being extremely feminine – helpless, submissive and giving you all the power.

This is where trust is EXTREMELY important! So make sure you talk things over with your partner, before crazy stuff starts to happen. You don’t have to have a huge, hour long conversation before sex… but… A quick “hey, wanna try this?” before you actually lock her up in hand-cuffs will go a LONG way.

Some of a woman’s favorite sex “acts” that go above and beyond “normal” sex are being tied up, lots and lots of dirty talk, and any “rough” sex that puts her in the submissive position. (NOTE: Be careful, and pay completely attention to your partner. In fact, don’t try ANY kind of “rough” sex without first  talking to your partner… and… learning some “do”s and “don’t”s about rough sex from someone much more qualified to teach it, than me…)

And here’s a secret you may not know – If it’s one of your “favorite” things to do in bed, she’s going to like it. Guaranteed. For two reasons:

The first reason is, women are just as naughty and dirty as men. She loves the feelings in sex just as much as you do. And anything that gets you off because you’re either in control or not in control gets her off for the exact opposite reason.

Sex is a give and take. And as long as you’re one, she’ll be more than happy to play the other.

The second reason is your woman will want to make you happy. And sex is part of that desire. So let her fulfill your sexual fantasies, and then take some time to fulfill hers.

Like I said before. Give and take. This works between sessions, as well.

If you approach sex as a big “recess” – all fun and games – then your woman will ALWAYS want to try something new with you. If you like it, you can add it to your regular sex. And if not, oh well, you both found a “game” you don’t like to play much.

5 Ways To Get Your Wife To Have More Sex With You

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Just found an article on from some woman who has no clue about getting women to have sex with you advising men on how to get women to have sex with them.  (Does that make sense?)

Anyway, check out the inane advice:

Logan Levkoff writes:
OK guys, stop all your whining and complaining for a second and listen up: If you want more sex from your wives, you have to grow up and recognize that people change, relationships change, and your sex life doesn’t stay the same.

As a sexologist, relationship expert, and contributor to Good in Bed, the one question I’m constantly asked is: “How can I get my wife to have more sex with me?” Well, I also happen to be a wife and mother of two little ones, so I’m going to give it to you straight. Here’s my advice for not screwing it up and actually getting some tonight:

1. Snuggle, Don’t Grope. You’re in the mood, so you reach out and grab us—our breasts, butt, or genitals, that is. Guys, believe me when I tell you that this is the biggest sin you can commit when trying to seduce a woman. It will not send us into an orgasmic swoon. (And, hey, if it does, you don’t need my advice, right?). Neither will groping us in the kitchen while we’re unloading the dishwasher.

These inept moves don’t get us all hot and bothered — they just upset us. Try hugging or kissing. Hold and squeeze our hand. Unload the dishwasher yourself. Women want to feel connected to our partners—in ways that don’t always involve sex.

As guys, you see something sexy and suddenly you’re in the mood for sex, ready to go. You pick up the mail, there’s a Victoria Secret catalog in the box, and next thing we know you’re sniffing in our direction like a dog expecting a treat. But women don’t work like that. We may see something that’s sexy, and that something may even be you, but we don’t suddenly want to have sex. That’s where men and women differ: You have to actually put us in the mood. You have to make us feel sexy and make us want to be sexual.

Here’s a tip: Did you know that studies show that if you hug for partner for 30 seconds it raises her oxytocin levels? Oxytocin is a hormone that makes us feel loving and connected and helps put us in the mood. So start with a hug.

2. Don’t Treat Us Like Porn Stars. Just because you can pay to watch a chick with fake boobs and a fake tan fawn all over some hairy, grunting guy doesn’t mean you can treat us like some 30-second money shot. Women crave seduction. We crave pleasure. We want sex to be, well, sexy, not like some third-rate porn production. I’m not saying you won’t get those little surprise treats now and then—but you’ve got to work for them. Luckily, the brain is our biggest sex organ, and most women have fantasy lives that leave your porn sites in the dust. You know one of the reasons why women aren’t more into porn? Because almost all of it is created by men and for men, who don’t have a clue about what really turns a woman on. Wanna know what does turn us on? Ask us, engage us. Which brings me to…
Column Archive

3. Do Unto Others. Want hot sex? You have to provide us with the kind of sex we want to have. Simply put, you’ve got to give as good as you get. Do I need to spell it out for you? If you want us to use our mouths, you have to use yours, too! And if you do it first? All the better. Most women orgasm best from clitoral stimulation.

4. Give Us Space. It seems counterintuitive, but letting your partner have some time to herself can help her recharge. Offer to watch the kids for a few hours so she can meet a friend for coffee, take a book to the beach, or relax in a bubble bath. This “time off” lets her wind down so that later she’ll be ready to heat up. And by the way, watching your kids isn’t “babysitting”. They’re your children—play with them like you mean it. Be a dad, not a bachelor. Remember, a lot of us find nothing sexier than a dad who’s into his kids.

5. Talk—and Listen. I know, I know: Many of you would probably rather clean that toilet than be forced to “communicate.” But I’m not asking for an hours-long heart-to-heart here. Spending 20 minutes connecting with your partner and listening to her talk can help her feel appreciated. Avoid stressful topics like your kids, work, and home and stick to larger issues like current events and the world around you. Respond with full sentences, not grunts. If you can remember and repeat something she said 12 hours later, she’ll be impressed—and you’ll be one step closer to sex.

Okay, where to start with this… Read more

Getting Same Night Lays & One Night Stands…

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IAmMaximus, over at the mASF boards, has a really good post up about how he goes about getting women to have sex with him the same night he meets them.

IAmMaximus writes:
After having tons of problems scoring club pulls over the first several years I was at this, I’ve actually managed to hook up with 5 over about the past 7 weeks (including 2 in one night). While I’m certainly no expert on them, here’s what I’ve learned that helps me score them:

1. Go out looking as good as you possibly can.

2. Be sociable/talk and flirt with everyone/play the numbers.

3. Be persistent, even if you’re blown out once or twice.

4. Have fun yourself and show her a good time

5. Flirt and then escalate nonverbally (EC, get close, caress hands–credit: 60)

6. Keep pulling her to go home with you. Don’t necessarily verbalize that you want to take her home for sex. Just focus on taking her home and tie it into whatever her state is. She wants to get something to eat? You’ll take her! She just wants to get out of there… no problem! Then, once you’ve got her away, the sex will “just happen.” Don’t be afraid to persist and keep asking.

7. When you’re taking her home, keep up the kino the whole way. Keep caressing hands. Put your hand on her thigh and finger her if she’s in your car or sitting next to you on the subway, etc.

8. Get her home and just keep kissing and making out (pay attention to kissing her neck!) while working on getting a finger into her pussy. If she’ll let you put a finger there, more will follow.

That’s it. Nothing complex about it. I don’t worry about DHV, negging, canned material, special openers, etc. I just open, have fun with her, escalate, and pull and pull until I take her home.

Now, I’m NOT a particularly attractive man, so don’t go bullshitting that this only works for me because I must be good looking. Truth be told, I’m fat, sort of hairy, and I have impressive manboobs. No girl with working eyes would ever drool over seeing me shirtless, yet several have been gladly fucking me in recent weeks. Physically, I’m maybe a 6. Dressed in my “field clothes,” I might become a 7.5 or an 8. I’ve been fucking girls who are 7s-8.5s by my scale. If I can do it, you can do it!

Oh… and one more thing… the most crucial…


I wish I’d known this years ago. I used to spend so much time trying to show a girl what a great, awesome, high value, caring guy I was. All that does is get her screening you as a potential boyfriend. THIS DRAMATICALLY COMPLICATES THE HOOKUP PROCESS AND WILL PROBABLY KEEP YOU FROM GETTING LAID!

Girls are the same as men in that they enjoy sex for sex’s sake. Maybe she just broke up with a longtime bf and wants to make sure she’s still attractive to other guys. Maybe she’s just horny and wants a quick fuck to soothe her aching vagina. Whatever.

I’ve noticed that the women I’ve been pulling for SNLs could give a fuck about me, my life, or my dreams for the future. They… just… don’t… care. If she’s going to fuck a guy within a couple hours of meeting him, she doesn’t want to worry about possible emotional entanglements.

Bringing those things into the situation just suggests that you’re going to be hounding her for a commitment. That’s going to cause her to view you in a completely different light. Does she like your personality enough to date you? Do you have enough common interests to make it work? What about your career, or your family, or your philosophies on life, etc.? What if she just plain does not want a boyfriend and is going through a whorish phase?

For a quick SNL, this is much simpler: Is she horny? Are you presenting yourself as a walking sex toy for the evening? OK, then! That’s all she needs to know.

If she does start asking the questions about your life, just answer truthfully and move on. Instead of dwelling on those mundane things, focus on having fun in the moment and on setting up opportunities to kino and either get rejected (and save yourself time) or hook up and get laid.

I want to make it clear that I’m not saying to be rude or run some cutesy pattern to disqualify yourself as bf material if she starts asking these things–IME, that’s suicide.

I’m just saying to be pleasant, be sincere, enjoy yourself, express your interest in her sexually, and create nonverbal opportunities to escalate that don’t feel forced. Hold the seductive EC. Get close and give yourself opportunities for kino. Caress her hand (60 is a GENIUS for pointing these simple tactics out).

There’s a time and place for relationships and boyfriend screening, of course. Personally, I value a good relationship far above any quick bar fling. But sometimes you just wanna get laid with some hot little girl at the club. This has been working for me to achieve that. I think it can help other guys, too.

Another thing to remember: you’re much, much, much more likely to be able to turn a SNL into a relationship after you’ve fucked a girl than to pass the annoying boyfriend screening process and get a lay of any kind, even after 2-3 days. The criteria for a no-strings fuck are just that much lower.

Bravo to fat-hairy-manboob PUAs who are taggin-n-baggin dem ladies!  A lot of IAmMaximus’s stuff isn’t complicated, its mostly an attitude based natural game style with a healthy dose of logistical mastery and physical escalation.  At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if you’re getting what you want, right?  Well, it seems like IAmMaximus is getting plenty, so why can’t you?  :-)

Booty Calls Are Actually GOOD For Society? (And Horny Men???)

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Man, you gotta love science!

Science has officially recognized the booty call.

In a study from the University of West Florida, researchers surveyed 300 college students who had engaged in sexual relationships of varying intensity over the past year. They then divided these arrangements into three distinct categories: committed relationships, one-night stands and, now with lab-coat approval, the booty call.

“Booty call was a hybrid,” said Peter Jonason, the psychologist who conducted the study. “We positioned it in the middle (of sexual and romantic relationships), but we positioned it mostly on the side of sex.”

According to the study, the booty call involves less emotional attachment than committed relationships and more sexual variety and experimentation than a one-night stand. Booty calls are also defined by their ad hoc nature; while they happen between two people over an extended period of time, they are usually arranged last minute by late-night phone call or text.

“Booty calls” have probably been around since at least the advent of the go-between or carrier pigeon, but they have clearly become more popular over the last decade or so.

Is their increased frequency a good thing for society? We debate the pros and cons of the booty call after the jump.

Go Forth With the Calling of Booty
The University of West Florida study really drives home the point that sex in the context of a booty-call relationship is crazy and experimental. And that’s probably what’s needed to compete with all the wild stuff the kids are going to see on the Internet.

Let’s be frank: If you do the booty-call thing right, you are drinking beer and playing video games with your friends until around midnight; and then a chick comes over and has sex with you. If that doesn’t have any appeal, somebody needs to take away your guy card — and then smack you with it.

At least American college kids are figuring out new ways to have sex with each other. Over in Japan, the young folks are having sex with body pillows.

Separating the Booty From the Emotion Is a Dangerous Game
The longer you engage in a booty-call relationship, the better the chance your partner in this no-strings-attached crime is also doing the booty-call thing with one of the 16 percent of Americans who has genital herpes.

Because of the booty call, now college students and young adults are able to get all sorts of wild sex without any emotional attachment. In other words, it’s the exact opposite of what is going to happen when they get married. The booty call may well leave a generation of people woefully unprepared for the sacred institution.

The word “booty”: It just sort of makes us uncomfortable.

In short:  Booty calls lead to healthier marriages because the wild, crazy sex has been ravaged out of their system by the time they are ready to settle down.


Do Women Want More Sex Than You Think?

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A new poll out there shows that women might want more sex than previously believed.  The results of the poll were:

32% every day
29% three times a week
18% three times a day
9% every time you sleep with your significant other
7% twice a week
3% once a week
1% once a month
1% twice a month


27% three times a week
25% every day
13% every time you sleep with your significant other
10% twice a week
9% three times a day
8% once a week
5% once a month
3% twice a month

Frankly, I think women who want more sex are a-okay in my book.  But the real question is – where do the 27% of women who want sex 3 times a week hang out??? lol.

Great Anti-Slut-Defense Reframe

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TVA Oslo over on the mASF forums has a great tip for getting past a girl’s last-minute Anti-Slut Defense (ASD).  Check it out:

TVA Oslo writes:

Most ASD is due to her being affraid of what her friend thinks of her when she does a sexual act. A girl can avoid having sex with you because she is very affraid of what her entourage will think of it. Most men love bragging (I do too, but I never tell who I fucked, so it doesn’t count, I just say I fucked a girl). Men brags, girlfriends find out about it, especially in social cirles. But this one will also work in non-social circle settings.

Fact is. If none of her friends knows about anything you’ve done with a girl, they won’t judge your sweatheart.

This technique is a way to show her that you will not tell her friends. It’s very simple. Everyone can do it right now. No risks!

Here is what you do.
When you know it’s on, almost close to getting a lay (around final escalations, or at a point were things are turning VERY sexual) and you feel you don’t have controle of the ASD (like she does have ASD symptoms or actually get an ASD kick), try this:

TVA: What ever happen tonight between us… please do me a favor.
HB: Which
TVA: Don’t tell ANYONE about it okey
HB: (100% guarrantee she will complie on this one) No I won’t
TVA: I don’t want anyone to know anything about my private life. There is nothing wrong with you, but I like to keep things for myself… can you promise me that?
HB: Yeah
TVA: really! I beg you to do it
HB: I will
TVA: thanks you are lovely (go kino… reward good behaviour with horniness remember… no more ASD… gogogo)

Girls are affraid of what her friend will think of her. By proving you will not tell anyone, is a good way to get rid of the ASD. By begging her to not tell anyone, you are the one who cares about it. You reframed it. You are the one who don’t want anyone to know about what you do in private. This projects that you will not tell anyone since you are the one begging her to keep quiet about it. Pretty easy concept right?

Tell me if you don’t understand. I think you will, but you never know.

A pitfall is (even if they are rare):

TVA: What ever happen tonight between us… please do me a favor…
HB: It won’t happen anything tonight (clear sign of no sexual attraction, but if you want to keep trying, keep reading)
TVA: I am not saying it will, but people have that magical process, when they lose controle of their horniness, nothing wrong with that, it’s awesome, it just happens you know.Completly okey I just want to make sure that if that happen, it happens in good conditions and we keep it secret. (and on and one to sexual reframing, DAFS in advanced in the archive on this technique)

Gogo escalation… no more ASD.

Have fun!

One important thing to note about this post is the re-frame here.  For those of you new to the game, think of it like this… the girl has a “frame of mind” that there are negative connotations to sleeping with you.  Hense the “anti-slut defense” popping up.  This post gave a great example of how to “re-frame” that objection to you sleeping with her.  In essence, you frame the situation in a different way that makes it okay for her to do what you want her to.

Re-framing is a great way to get around ANY objection a girl has.  Good salesmen re-frame all the time.  Whenever a customer objects to something, they re-frame it so it becomes a benefit as opposed to an objection.

What TVA Oslo does here is he reframes the situation so that the girl knows whatever happens between them will remain intimate and private.  So she doesn’t have to worry about word getting out that she may have partaken in “slutty” behavior amongst her friends.  But he frames it in such a way where privacy and intimacy is IMPORTANT to him!  He’s basically taking what the girl feels she needs and adopting it for himself.  Very slick here.

Can you guys think of any other good reframes for common objections?

LOGISTICS – Planning The Lay

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(Get more from AFCAdam at

In the past few months I’ve been so busy writing articles for other companies and people that I rarely get the time to write about any of my own thoughts and ideas. I’ve always been a massive fan of the game, as I’m sure many of you out there are. The thing I’ve personally always enjoyed the most about it however, is Innovating.

When I was first discovered by the community as a whole it was based on the fact that a lot of my concepts were actually different from a lot of the current stuff out there, and they where also backed up by as many psychological studies as I could possibly find to support my arguments. Since then a lot of my ideas have been built upon and developed by the community. Over the years I’m glad to see they’re actively being used by people all across the world. Something I would never have dared dream was actually possible.

Despite all the work I’ve been doing I still haven’t stopped developing new ideas and  theories and researching into the practical explanations and studies to support these ideas.

I’ve never been one to keep my work to myself and then sell them in some high priced product, I much prefer to get them down on paper and share them with the people who will actually use them, namely those reading this very article. I’m now actively taking the time to jot down some of my new theories and revisiting the old ones in a bunch of articles I plan on releasing on this site, after Thundercat kindly gave me permission to do so.

I’m hoping these will be topics little covered in the community to date. They will all be designed to be as explanatory as possible and to be practical things you can use straight away to get results asap. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy researching and writing them. So without further fluff here’s the first one and it’s all about logistics… Read more

What Causes Homosexuality?

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I just got done reading a facinating article in the latest edition of Psychology Today, all about scientists who are studying the origin of homosexuality and what they believe causes people to be gay.  One interesting thing is that more is known about homosexuality in males than females because women’s sexuality is apparently more “fluid.”

You guys are really going to want to check out this article.  Here’s a snippit…

If there is one thing that has always seemed obvious about homosexuality, it’s that it just doesn’t make sense. Evolution favors traits that aid reproduction, and being gay clearly doesn’t do that. The existence of homosexuality amounts to a profound evolutionary mystery, since failing to pass on your genes means that your genetic fitness is a resounding zero. “Homosexuality is effectively like sterilization,” says psychobiologist Qazi Rahman of Queen Mary College in London. “You’d think evolution would get rid of it.” Yet as far as historians can tell, homosexuality has always been with us. So the question remains: If it’s such a disadvantage in the evolutionary rat race, why was it not selected into oblivion millennia ago?

Twentieth-century psychiatry had an answer for this Darwinian paradox: Homosexuality was not a biological trait at all but a psychological defect. It was a mistake, one that was always being created anew, in each generation, by bad parenting. Freud considered homosexuality a form of arrested development stamped on a child by a distant father or an overprotective mother. Homosexuality was even listed by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder, and the idea that gays could and should be “cured” was widely accepted. But modern scientific research has not been kind to that idea. It turns out that parents of gay men are no better or worse than those of heterosexuals. And homosexual behavior is common in the animal kingdom, as well—among sheep, for instance. It arises naturally and does not seem to be a matter of aloof rams or overbearing ewes.

More is known about homosexuality in men than in women, whose sexuality appears more fluid. The consensus now is that people are “born gay,” as the title of a recent book by Rahman and British psychologist Glenn Wilson puts it. But for decades, researchers have sought to identify the mechanism that makes a person gay.

Its a long article, about six pages, but a really facinating read.  You can check it out by clicking here.

The Porn Myth – Naomi Wolf Is An Idiot…

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I recently came upon an article on the New York Magazine’s website written by a woman named Naomi Wolf that examines the effect that widespread internet porn is having on the men and women of this generation.

For all it’s faults, it’s actually a pretty interesting article.  However, I strongly disagree with a lot of Naomi’s conclusions about the effects of pornography on male/female relationships.

First of all, the "Porn Myth" is an idea created by feminist Andrea Dworkin, who was (and I guess still is) an anti-porn crusader from the 80s who claimed that…

Naomi Wolf writes:
If we did not limit pornography, she argued—before Internet technology
made that prospect a technical impossibility—most men would come to
objectify women as they objectified porn stars, and treat them
accordingly. In a kind of domino theory, she predicted, rape and other
kinds of sexual mayhem would surely follow.

Well, according to Naomi, this is the great "Porn Myth," because even though pornography is now so pervasive and readily available, men haven’t turned into sex-craved beasts who run around raping every woman they see.

But Naomi’s article suggests that even though this isn’t the case, the level of psychological and emotional harm porn is doing to the new generation of men and women coming up through the ranks is wreaking havoc on the health of relationships and sexuality in general.

Read on…

Read more

Sex With Drunk Girls May Legally Be Rape

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After reading this article, I feel sorry for every single man living in the UK.

Men who have sex with drunken women risk being convicted of rape – even if they appear to have given consent.

Ministers will unveil the controversial proposals this week in a bid to boost conviction rates for sex offences and bring more ‘date rapists’ to justice.

A new white paper is expected to propose that judges should give firmer guidance to juries in cases where the woman has been drinking.

If a woman is deemed to have consumed so much alcohol that she is incapable of agreeing to make love, the man would be far more likely to be convicted of rape.

The new law would potentially open the way for the prosecution of thousands of men for having sex with drunk women – regardless of whether agreement had been given at the time.

Successful prosecutions for rape often founder before they get to court because of the difficulty in proving to juries that a victim had not given consent.

At the moment, a drunken woman is deemed to be capable of giving consent so long as she is not unconscious.

The law change is expected to lead to a huge rise in the current conviction rate of five per cent.

Proof of whether a woman was drunk would come from medical tests – as well as evidence from witnesses and victims.

The new law places a heavy responsibility on men to be certain that a woman is sober enough to know what she is doing.

Wow.  This is like, the worst idea ever.  If this were to ever happen in America, I’m thinking every man would leave the nation.  Hell, some guys can’t get laid UNLESS the girl is drunk, lol.  Can you imagine the hit to the economy with a bill like this?  Bars would close down because no men would go there.  I would think it would be easier to make it illegal for women to drink alcohol rather than to say that it’s a man’s responsibility to determine her "free will" at the time of the hook up.

I mean, honestly… isn’t there a measure of responsibility for the woman here?  Shouldn’t she be aware of how much she can drink before getting too drunk to consent to sex?  It’s a little thing called personal responsibility.  Is a girl who got sloppy drunk then cries rape the legal equivalent of a drunk person who gets behind the wheel of a car and kills people?  If alcohol is not an excuse for accidents while driving, can it really be an excuse for hooking up?  Not in my book.

At least there are some sane people in the UK who seem to want to fight this absurd law…

Opponents of the proposals fear they may encourage some women to allege rape when they regret having had sex while drunk.

George McAuley, chairman of the UK Men’s Movement, said men may have to resort to obtaining written ‘contracts’ or using mobile phones to film their partners consenting to sex.

He said: "It means men will have to get a consent form signed, dated and countersigned in triplicate before they make love. This legislation is deliberately designed to put more men behind bars."

That’s exactly what it is.  I mean, can you imagine having to get "proof of sobriety" before hooking up with a girl?  Its crazy, and its anti-man.  I’m surprised California didn’t try to pass something like this first.

For all of our UK brothers across the pond who want to protect their rights to bang drunk girls, I’d highly recommend you check out the UK Men’s Movement site and support their efforts to keep guys from getting shit on by the government.

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