Hump Day: Drunk Girls Kissing

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Hit’s Wednesday, so it’s time for some humpin’!  This week, I bring you – drunk chicks making out with each other!  Enjoy…

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Sex With Drunk Girls May Legally Be Rape

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After reading this article, I feel sorry for every single man living in the UK.

Men who have sex with drunken women risk being convicted of rape – even if they appear to have given consent.

Ministers will unveil the controversial proposals this week in a bid to boost conviction rates for sex offences and bring more ‘date rapists’ to justice.

A new white paper is expected to propose that judges should give firmer guidance to juries in cases where the woman has been drinking.

If a woman is deemed to have consumed so much alcohol that she is incapable of agreeing to make love, the man would be far more likely to be convicted of rape.

The new law would potentially open the way for the prosecution of thousands of men for having sex with drunk women – regardless of whether agreement had been given at the time.

Successful prosecutions for rape often founder before they get to court because of the difficulty in proving to juries that a victim had not given consent.

At the moment, a drunken woman is deemed to be capable of giving consent so long as she is not unconscious.

The law change is expected to lead to a huge rise in the current conviction rate of five per cent.

Proof of whether a woman was drunk would come from medical tests – as well as evidence from witnesses and victims.

The new law places a heavy responsibility on men to be certain that a woman is sober enough to know what she is doing.

Wow.  This is like, the worst idea ever.  If this were to ever happen in America, I’m thinking every man would leave the nation.  Hell, some guys can’t get laid UNLESS the girl is drunk, lol.  Can you imagine the hit to the economy with a bill like this?  Bars would close down because no men would go there.  I would think it would be easier to make it illegal for women to drink alcohol rather than to say that it’s a man’s responsibility to determine her "free will" at the time of the hook up.

I mean, honestly… isn’t there a measure of responsibility for the woman here?  Shouldn’t she be aware of how much she can drink before getting too drunk to consent to sex?  It’s a little thing called personal responsibility.  Is a girl who got sloppy drunk then cries rape the legal equivalent of a drunk person who gets behind the wheel of a car and kills people?  If alcohol is not an excuse for accidents while driving, can it really be an excuse for hooking up?  Not in my book.

At least there are some sane people in the UK who seem to want to fight this absurd law…

Opponents of the proposals fear they may encourage some women to allege rape when they regret having had sex while drunk.

George McAuley, chairman of the UK Men’s Movement, said men may have to resort to obtaining written ‘contracts’ or using mobile phones to film their partners consenting to sex.

He said: "It means men will have to get a consent form signed, dated and countersigned in triplicate before they make love. This legislation is deliberately designed to put more men behind bars."

That’s exactly what it is.  I mean, can you imagine having to get "proof of sobriety" before hooking up with a girl?  Its crazy, and its anti-man.  I’m surprised California didn’t try to pass something like this first.

For all of our UK brothers across the pond who want to protect their rights to bang drunk girls, I’d highly recommend you check out the UK Men’s Movement site and support their efforts to keep guys from getting shit on by the government.