What Causes Homosexuality?

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I just got done reading a facinating article in the latest edition of Psychology Today, all about scientists who are studying the origin of homosexuality and what they believe causes people to be gay.  One interesting thing is that more is known about homosexuality in males than females because women’s sexuality is apparently more “fluid.”

You guys are really going to want to check out this article.  Here’s a snippit…

If there is one thing that has always seemed obvious about homosexuality, it’s that it just doesn’t make sense. Evolution favors traits that aid reproduction, and being gay clearly doesn’t do that. The existence of homosexuality amounts to a profound evolutionary mystery, since failing to pass on your genes means that your genetic fitness is a resounding zero. “Homosexuality is effectively like sterilization,” says psychobiologist Qazi Rahman of Queen Mary College in London. “You’d think evolution would get rid of it.” Yet as far as historians can tell, homosexuality has always been with us. So the question remains: If it’s such a disadvantage in the evolutionary rat race, why was it not selected into oblivion millennia ago?

Twentieth-century psychiatry had an answer for this Darwinian paradox: Homosexuality was not a biological trait at all but a psychological defect. It was a mistake, one that was always being created anew, in each generation, by bad parenting. Freud considered homosexuality a form of arrested development stamped on a child by a distant father or an overprotective mother. Homosexuality was even listed by the American Psychiatric Association as a mental disorder, and the idea that gays could and should be “cured” was widely accepted. But modern scientific research has not been kind to that idea. It turns out that parents of gay men are no better or worse than those of heterosexuals. And homosexual behavior is common in the animal kingdom, as well—among sheep, for instance. It arises naturally and does not seem to be a matter of aloof rams or overbearing ewes.

More is known about homosexuality in men than in women, whose sexuality appears more fluid. The consensus now is that people are “born gay,” as the title of a recent book by Rahman and British psychologist Glenn Wilson puts it. But for decades, researchers have sought to identify the mechanism that makes a person gay.

Its a long article, about six pages, but a really facinating read.  You can check it out by clicking here.

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11 Responses to “What Causes Homosexuality?”
  1. Dr. Pepsi says:

    Tyler Durden kissed Barry Kirkey on the lips, but he’s apparently not a faggot.

  2. sham says:

    Here’s a link to the “printer-friendly” version.

    I like these because they are usually free of formatting so they look clearer. Also, for articles that make you click on multiple pages for the same article, they typically put the whole article on one page.


    I just began to read it and it’s an interesting read.

    In the past, I’ve noticed a few different articles that one could use to learn more about human mating/social/behaviours (and thusly, seduction).

  3. Voltaire says:

    I accept that I am gay. There is no treatment.

    I can still get more phone numbers and venue bounces than all of you guys.

  4. Liberace says:

    I heard Thundercat drank a cupful of Barry Kirkey’s semen, but that doesn’t make him gay.

  5. Me says:

    Uncle Hank: “Ass to Ass…”
    Uncle Hank: “ASS TO ASS!! ASS TO ASS!! ASS TO ASS!!”
    (crowd roars)

  6. Godspeed says:

    What has this to do with pick up ?

  7. Me says:

    “What has this to do with pick up ?” (Godspeed)

    Probably the single sentence fragment in the article that said:
    “(women’s) sexuality appears more fluid”

    Many PUA’s claim that women are all bisexual deep down. This line seems to add scientific credibility to that notion, making it more believable and thereby helping to dispel limiting beliefs about female sexuality in the process.

  8. The Investigator says:

    “What has this to do with pick up ?”

    kadish is homophobic and I think is trying to promote some right wing religious agenda:
    ban homosexuals and find “true love”

    “Many PUA’s claim that women are all bisexual deep down. This line seems to add scientific credibility to that notion, making it more believable and thereby helping to dispel limiting beliefs about female sexuality in the process.’

    Actually, one of Rj’s former students Rick H was quoted as saying : “All women are bi or stuck” I am guessing he said this like almost 10 years ago, well ahead of the mainstream egghead scientists and psychologists.. But don’t expect it to ever go mainstream, most chodes/afcs are too intimidated for a women to release her raw sexuality

  9. The gay gene theory makes zero sense. Sure homosexuality is unchosen, but it cannot be genetic. Nothing with such a deleterious fitness cost could endure even a couple of generations.

    Gregory Cochran has a more interesting “pathogen theory” of homosexuality – that it might be caused be caused by a bug, some sort of virus taking over the organism for its own ends.

    Here is a chart and discussion of the differences between Lesbians and Gays. Or ‘Why Lesbians Aren’t Gay.”

  10. Goose38 says:

    maybe cause they like smoking pole

  11. Andy says:

    Homosexuality is more of a cultural (maladaptation?) than anything psychological or physiological.

    It’s currently being rammed down our throats by the (yes I realize this is controversial) New World order. Why should every tv show now have at least one homosexual on it? Are they truly that prevalent in society? Of course not. By the deliberate and willfull overexposure of a microscopic minority they’re given presence.

    I for one wish they’d disappear. If that isn’t possible I wish that It weren’t necessary to pretend that they’re normal people. They aren’t.

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