LOGISTICS – Planning The Lay

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In the past few months I’ve been so busy writing articles for other companies and people that I rarely get the time to write about any of my own thoughts and ideas. I’ve always been a massive fan of the game, as I’m sure many of you out there are. The thing I’ve personally always enjoyed the most about it however, is Innovating.

When I was first discovered by the community as a whole it was based on the fact that a lot of my concepts were actually different from a lot of the current stuff out there, and they where also backed up by as many psychological studies as I could possibly find to support my arguments. Since then a lot of my ideas have been built upon and developed by the community. Over the years I’m glad to see they’re actively being used by people all across the world. Something I would never have dared dream was actually possible.

Despite all the work I’ve been doing I still haven’t stopped developing new ideas and  theories and researching into the practical explanations and studies to support these ideas.

I’ve never been one to keep my work to myself and then sell them in some high priced product, I much prefer to get them down on paper and share them with the people who will actually use them, namely those reading this very article. I’m now actively taking the time to jot down some of my new theories and revisiting the old ones in a bunch of articles I plan on releasing on this site, after Thundercat kindly gave me permission to do so.

I’m hoping these will be topics little covered in the community to date. They will all be designed to be as explanatory as possible and to be practical things you can use straight away to get results asap. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy researching and writing them. So without further fluff here’s the first one and it’s all about logistics…


In my opinion this is one topic that is rarely given much importance within the community and yet it is probably the number 1 factor concerning whether you achieve an F-close or not. What do we mean by Logistics? According to the Dictionary the word logistics is defined as “the planning and implementation of a complex task”. By definition alone you can observe just how fundamental this is to helping us achieve out goal after all what could be more complicated than trying to get laid with a hot chick? Damn even rocket science doesn’t compare.

In the game there are countless problems and issues that govern our ability to F-close and while we’re looking at our body language, ability to convey our personality and a bunch of other micro-calibrated features we are often guilty of overlooking the necessary details to seal the deal. Before I go on I’d like to share with you an FuR or Fuck up Report from a past student of mine who has now gone on to be an instructor. First I’d like to preface this by saying that not only does this guy have a hell of a lot of game but he is also one hell of a good looking guy, well built, highly educated and financially secure. However… forgetting logistics will you fuck you up every time.

Two wings and myself including the instructor are out at a night club, the instructor in question was gaming a pair of remarkably good looking girls. The escalation is going well so I decide to help him out a little bit by giving him some room to complete his first threesome. I grab the other wing and we head off for a bite to eat and then head back to his place to crash.

For the past few weeks all 3 of us had been sleeping in the same room in a small hotel type complex in central London. We enjoy our meal, I had duck if I remember rightly (not that it matters but I really love Duck and have missed it while being in the states) and soon after we head back to our shared room and fall asleep.

It must have been about 3am when our friend the instructor arrives with two giggling girls in tow. He hits his bed with the two girls and naturally we wake up. We all say hello before myself and the other wing proceed to try and go back to sleep. This is where the Logistics begin to come into play.

The instructor has the two girls on the bed, but it’s apparent that they aren’t comfortable with the rest of us in the room. He’s escalating and running some pretty tight game however, he isn’t getting anywhere. As he continues to push things a remarkable thing happens. The girls begin to go cold on him. Nothing too terrible you understand but their body language definitely begins to close off to him. He senses this and eventually relents from the situation allowing them to leave in the early hours of the morning.

I wait until the morning before giving him his feedback.

He wakes up wondering what went wrong. He tells me he was escalating in the same way as he normally does which always works. He decides that either his game was “off” or that he just didn’t know how to escalate a two set at once even though he’s already shared a three way kiss.

I tell him.

“logistics, they’ll fuck you up every time. You gotta take care of them logistics or else you got nothing.”

You see he was so busy escalating and concentrating on his own game that he completely failed to recognize the fact that the girls where uncomfortable having TWO OTHER BOYS IN THE ROOM!

This would have been their first threesome and understandably they didn’t want to have it with two other boys watching them. Now this isn’t too say that it isn’t possible or that some girls wouldn’t be open to it, rather that these two definitely didn’t want it.

So what could he have done to fix the situation? Well he had a number of options.

First he could have taken the initiative. He could have thought ahead using his brain a little bit and preempted the situation. Knowing full well that we where all living in the same room he could have used  a little of that financial stability he’s so proud of to actually rent a hotel room. A cheap room in the centre of town would not only have made the whole thing a lot easier to organize but may have even added to the experience. The girls would have been saved along journey home late at night, and he could have mentioned something about people crashing at his. With a simple justification it becomes easy to set up the situation that would have been perfect to complete the close.

Secondly he could have reacted to the situation. Upon realizing that there was no chance that he would be able to close the girls in front of us he could have suggested that he was keeping the rest of us awake and either moved them to an after party to re warm them up or attempted to dive into a hotel at this point, (which may have been a little trickier as the buying temperature had already begun to drop).

Either way by handling the logistics better he would not have lost the situation, and as you can see the sooner he prepares for them the better.

A side affect of what happened is that by him trying to sexually escalate in a situation where it was almost impossible for him to close he actually came across as needy and was lowering his value, hence the loss of attraction.

This is just one example of how sometimes we forget the logistics in favor of concentrating on our game, where if we handled the logistics first we would probably find our game improves.

Lets take for example same night lays. Imagine entering a club and seeing a stunning hot girl. You approach and everything goes amazingly well. Her friends like you and before you know it you’re making out all over the place. Things are going well the Lay is in sight!

However, just as you’re leaving the club she asks for your number. You make a move to isolate her when she drops the bomb. She’s the designated driver amongst her group of friends and is the only one who didn’t drink alcohol. What do you do? Follow her in your car? Hardly attractive, what if she lives with her parents? get her to ditch her friends and send them home in a cab?

The point is that if you plan on the lay that night you are going to have to think of some pretty good logistics, something which you could have begun to organize earlier if you had taken the time to find out whether she was or was not the designated driver in advance.

Logistics in game pretty much comes down to planning. Lets look at that definition again; “the planning and implementation of a complex task” You can’t implement the close unless you’ve taken the time to examine all of the logistical components and planned exactly how you’re going to achieve the close. This is an integral part of the game and something all of the top players keep in mind. Remember that in order for you to actually implement something successfully you need to plan it and to plan it you need as much information regarding the situation as possible.

In summary it’s all good learning the game and putting it into practice but you have to begin planning the lay if you really want to get the best results you can possibly achieve.

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