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So I somehow stumbled upon an article from Mehow about AMOGing and my brain almost exploded while reading it.  I don’t have any real beef with Mehow other than to say I don’t personally like the guy, but after reading this article, I’m honestly wondering how anyone else could like him either.

Mehow’s whole article is basically a long-winded explanation of how to make offensive “yo momma” jokes to your buddies and pass it off as AMOGing.  What most seduction coaches could have explained in a paragraph, Mehow goes on to convolute and over-rationalize for a good 3 pages (at least!).

Anyway, I thought the article was bad enough that it deserved some commentary.  So if you’re at all interesting in AMOGing, you may be interested in reading a bit further…

Mehow writes:

AMOGing is the technical PUA term for shutting out a competing man in a set.

Many of you are probably surprised that I’m writing an article on AMOGing.


If you read the Get the Girl! Manual you know that in 99.95% of infield situations all you need to do to AMOG is to ignore the other guy.

Starting with this opening, I already know this article has almost zero credibility.  If there’s a “competing man in a set” as per Mehow’s definition of an AMOG, then ignoring him is pretty much letting him win.  Sure, there may be other guys around you while you game, and its fine to ignore them.  But if there’s an Alpha Male who’s moving in on your target, ignoring him 99.95% of the time only gives you a 0.05% chance to walk away with the girl.

Am I the only one this makes sense to?  After all, if the guy isn’t a threat, he’s not really an Alpha Male is he?  (FYI, AMOG stands for “Alpha Male Other Guy.”)

So if that’s the case, why am I writing this surprise article?

It turns out that, for reasons I’m not ready to reveal quite yet, the implications and use of AMOGing extend far beyond its currently conventional uses. Faced with this new reality, I realized that I had to actually learn how to AMOG.

Yeah, when you’re entire game comes down to acting gay around women, I imagine you run into a lot of other guys trying to pick up on your target.

But I digress…

Live, in the moment AMOGing is something I have a hard time with because:

a) I’m usually surprised that its happening and sort of get a bit started emotionally
b) When emotionally startled, I have a hard time coming back with the perfect comeback in seconds flat.

Translation:  “As soon as my scripted material isn’t applicable, I’m helpless.”

In AMOGing coming back with a perfectly timed and unique cut down in seconds is key. If you stall your response more than a second you are done.

So what is required to execute the perfect AMOG tactic is a simple mental model that allows for quick and easy improvisation. Now, that I’m actually doing AMOGing I had to arrive at that model.

I like how he says all you need is a “simple” model, and then proceeds to make it the most complicated and confusing thing I’ve ever read.

I’ve been carefully studying how the masters of AMOGing do what they do and I have arrived at a very easy to use mental model. Guys I consider really good at this are Kamouflage from our own organization and Matador from Venusians Arts. Matador AMOGs everything for fun:  you, the cat, the dog, your cereal bowl and anything he can get his hands on. Living with him is like having all the benefits of a backwoods Texas high school education without actually having to live in a trailer (if you are paying attention, I just used the technique I’m about to explain to you). All the good AMOGers fuck with each other for fun… its good improv practice and its fun.

You know what I call a guy who AMOGs everything for fun?  An ass hole.

Seriously, who wants to be around someone who is so insecure, he feels the need to constantly put down everything and everybody around him?  THIS is who you want to model?

To me, AMOGing isn’t about being an ass hole.  AMOGing is about DEALING with ass holes!  It’s about putting them in their place and getting rid of them!  A good AMOGer doesn’t fuck with people unless he has to.  Its true friends enjoy busting each other’s balls sometimes, but guys who are constantly doing it are just jerks in my opinion.

(By the way, I’ve met Metador, and I never noticed him constantly AMOGing people.  But then again, I didn’t live with the guy.  But if I lived with Mehow, I might have acted like an ass hole around him too.)

When Kamo and Matador are at their best they always use on particular technique that appears to be an unconscious talent they posses. They use what I’m calling, “hidden AMOG frames.” And based on those frames they freestyle.

I like how Mehow has just renamed “Acting like a jerk” to “hidden AMOG frames.”

WTF is a “hidden” frame?  If someone’s acting like a douche around me, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna notice that, not be like “Gee, this guy who’s tooling me sure is acting all mysterious.  I wish I knew what he was up to!”

Anyway, onto Mehow’s breakdown of what freesylin’ AMOGs like to talk about…

A classic that I heard all the time from Matador at Project Miami is something like:

“Your wife and kids called… they want to know when the heat is going to be back on.”

In field, the above statement implies two things:

1. the person you are talking too is married with wife and kids but out macking on other girls
2. the person you are taking to is broke

Other ways to imply the same two facts above are:

“Brooo, You hustling this girl tooooo HARD for five dolla… the welfare check should take care of your wife and kids.” (do this with a fake southern accent)

“Man… how you gonna pay for the fifth baby.” (more fake southern accent).

A lame way to do it is:

“Why are you, a married guy, out here talking to these girls when you should be working to turn the heat on for your wife and kids?”

The last example isn’t half bad but it doesn’t give emotional value. The 3 examples above it do.

Okay, where to begin…

Apparently, all you have to do to make shit funny in Mehow’s world is say it with a hick southern accent.  Why?  I have no idea.  I guess stuff sounds funnier when you do it like Jeff Foxworthy (even though anyone will tell you that guy has NEVER been funny.)

But I do like how he breaks down the “zinger” potential of these lines.  So if I were to say something like “Yo Mehow, your boyfriend called.  He wanted to warn you the results were positive but the good news is you should stop shitting blood in about a week.” (said, of course, in a Southern Accent… damn, that DOES make it funnier!)

Thus implying:

1. Mehow is a homosexual

2.  Mehow has some type of sexually transmitted disease.

3.  Mehow’s anus has been ravaged by hard core man-on-man lovemaking.

Or, you could make this “hidden frame” simpler just by saying something like:

“It works because you’re making fun of him for acting gay.”

But I guess that’s too obvious to be a “hidden frame.”

The secret to great AMOGing is to give massive emotional value while at the same time cutting down your opponent with “hidden frames.” When AMOGing your opponent should be laughing so hard they have no ability to come back at you with anything.

I’m pretty sure when you joke that a guy’s mother/sister is a cheap whore, they most likely aren’t going to be laughing.  The purpose of AMOGing isn’t to get the AMOG to laugh with you.  It’s to GET RID OF HIM.  Its to make him feel like a tool so badly he retreats.  You don’t want that guys staying around.  If you’re making fun of the guy and he’s laughing, you’re the one being an AMOG.  Not him.

When AMOGing it doesn’t matter what the person just said (although it helps to loosely free associate the cut down to what was just said in some situations) anywhere near as much as you saying something mean and insanely funny. With relevance being a non-requirement all we have to do is improvise from a hidden frame.

What troubles me here is the “mean” part of this sentence.  I don’t know how other guys AMOG, but I never want to come off as “mean.”  In fact, the purpose of AMOGing is to raise your value and highlight the bad behavior of the AMOG to your set!  If you come off as mean, you just lower your value.  Maybe I’m old school, but AMOGing a guy by saying “Dude, you’re cool, I like you.  If you want to sleep with these girls, just let me know and I’ll totally try and help you out.”  You tool him by relegating him to being your buddy who needs your help rather than the “alpha male.”

It sounds to me like Mehow has mistaken people ragging on him for AMOG tactics, because saying soemthing mean in a club is a sure way to start a fight.  And few guys I know learning PUA are insanely funny, so what we have here is an instance of a “guru” teaching guys how to set themselves up for an ass kicking.

I can almost see Mehow getting the shit kicked out of him by a group of frat guys, screaming “But I said it with a Southern Accent!!! Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!”

What are “hidden AMOG frames?”

I’ve been asking myself the same question since I started reading this freakin’ article.

Hidden AMOG Frames are the statements you are obliquely making about someone. For example, one hidden frame is that his girl is sleeping with you. But just saying “I’m fucking your girlfriend” isn’t a good AMOG because it is too direct and hence sounds lame and doesn’t give value. The correct way to do this is to improvise a statement of fact that indirectly but strongly implies the hidden frame. Here are some examples of quality AMOG phrases that imply that you are sleeping with his girl:

“Look man… I’d have the time to consider what your saying… if only your girlfriend would stop calling me.”

Or a classic from Lovedrop… whenever he mentions any girl of his you just say, “Did she ask about me?”

Okay, so by “hidden frames” you mean “innuindo?”  As in, you “imply” something in an “indirect way” so that it’s subtly picked up on by those who hear it?  But if people get it, the frame isn’t “hidden” is it?

Let me ask you this – why would you want to imply you’re sleeping with another guy’s girl… IN FRONT OF GIRLS YOU’RE TRYING TO SLEEP WITH????

Because if you’re doing this shit to tool a guy when no other girls are around for him to steal, you’re just being an ass hole!  Or you’re joking around with friends, in which case, WHY DO YOU NEED TO BREAK THIS DOWN LIKE A THESIS PAPER???

Seriously, folks.  Seriously.

Here are some examples of hidden frames and improvised AMOG phrases that imply the frames:

1. He lives in a trailer: “The trailer park called, they are wondering when you are going to pay the rent.” (southern accent)
2. He’s married: “Brooo, you can’t just take your ring off and expect to have game.” (honest advice delivery)
3. He’s addicted: “Hey man, how has the press been treating you since you got out of rehab?” (dominant delivery)
4. Your sleeping with his mom: “Your mom called… she’s wondering if she can spend Christmas with me.” (dominant delivery)

There are many more frames and infinite implementations of those frames.

Okay, let me see if I can improvise my own AMOG phrases…

“Mehow, the IRS called.  They said a failing business is no excuse to not pay taxes.” (southern accent)

“Broooo, you can’t just act gay around women and call it game.” (honest advice delivery)

“Mystery called… he wants you to stop repackaging his stuff and selling it as your own with different names.” (dominant delivery)

Hmmmmm.  You know, maybe I’m getting the hang of this whole “hidden frame” thing?  Or maybe I’ve just perfected being an ass hole.  *shrug*

AMOGing gets funnier and meaner the more frames get implied all at once such as: “Bro .. I would totally sleep with your sister but I don’t have five dollars.” “Your mom… she has low self esteem, she should at least charge a twenty.” Those imply that both a) I’m sleeping with your mom/sister and b) your mom/sister is a cheap hooker.

To AMOG all you need to do is pick a few frames and improvise off that. If you aren’t good at on the spot improvisation then you can use this system to invent your own unique AMOG lines and then use them like sound bites.

Or… OR… if you’re not good at improvisation and some Alpha Male comes up to your target, you can just take the girl by the hand, say “Excuse me,” to the dude, and then lead your woman away from him.

My biggest peeve with this article is that Mehow is making AMOGing seem like it’s a valid choice for interacting with other men, when in fat, its a tool to use to safeguard the work and effort you’ve put into trying to pick up a girl.

Frankly, if you find yourself needing to AMOG a guy more than once every 10 times you go out, you’re probably doing something wrong.  I haven’t had to AMOG anyone in years.

The reason I think Mehow thinks this form of AMOGing is acceptable is probably because he gets picked on constantly by guys in clubs who think he’s gay.  Now, we all know Mehow (probably) isn’t really gay, but when you walk into a club talking with a lisp and a few octaves short of a pair of descended testicles while dressing like a 1990′s metrosexual with badly dyed blond hair, you’re going to run into ridicule from men.

That does NOT mean it’s okay to be mean and run the risk of starting a fight by insulting a guy’s mom or sister.

I will reveal the multiple greater uses of AMOGing pretty soon. For now, those methods are experimental and we’re only teaching them in boot camps.

Um… WHY are you teaching non-field tested EXPERIMENTAL tactics with the potential to get people’s ass kicked at BOOTCAMPS???  What other experimental, non filed-tested shit are you making people pay you to learn???  Why not focus on improving guy’s confidence and teaching them to do well with women BEFORE you go through the trouble of teaching them how to be complete ass holes to other people?

Honestly, teaching this type of crap to poor, unsuspecting students is DANGEROUS and you should be ashamed of yourself, Mehow, for doing so.

Okay, enough ranting.  I’ve already spent way too much time on this.  I’ll just close things off by saying anyone who honestly feels Mehow is someone worth learning from after reading an article like this needs an intervention.  Badly.

Follow this AMOG advice at your own risk.  Just be sure to do it with a southern accent!

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