Erika Awakening Doesn’t Know What It Means When A Girl Dresses Sexy…

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So I just got done reading the latest post on Erika Awakening’s blog.  A reader wrote in with a simple question – what does it mean when a woman dresses sexy?  Sounds like a simple enough question.  In fact, here’s the missive in it’s entirety:

Hi, Erika -

I would very much like to get your perspective on this, and I thank you in advance for your time and advice.

Anyway, here it is: what I would like to know is when a woman leaves her house to go out – whether it be on an evening or just thru the day – does the way she dress give any clues whether she is looking to hook-up or not? For example, if a girl goes out showing a little more cleavage than usual, or her skirt is an inch or two higher than normal, or if she is wearing a little more make-up, is that significant? Or does a girl dress sexily primarily to just feel good about herself, or even to impress her female friends?

In addition, is a woman always aware of herself, the way she is looking, and the way she is portraying herself? By which I mean, if a woman crosses her legs in a man’s company and ends up showing a little too much leg, or has an extra button undone on her blouse, would you consider that as significant in that she is looking to hook up, or is wanting the man to approach?

Thank you,

What follows it literally a BOOK length response that really does nothing to answer poor Frank’s question.

Next time Frank, just email papa Thundercat for a more sussinct answer:

YES.  The way a woman dresses gives you clues to whether she is looking to hook up or not.

(See Erika, it’s not that hard!)

If a woman gets done up, it’s because she’s looking to get attention from someone – usually men.  Girls going out with their hair and make-up done, wearing provocative clothing, etc., are pretty much guaranteed to be looking for some male attention.

Does that mean they’ll be receptive to all men who approach them?  No.  But if they didn’t want the attention, they wouldn’t have gotten dolled up in the first place.

But a BETTER indicator of whether a woman is looking to hook-up is actually body language, rather than what they are wearing.  Leaning how to spot Indicators Of Interest and other signals of attraction will give you a better idea of what the girl wants than if she happens to show a little too much leg while talking to you.

I will say from experience that if a woman gets “dolled up” before seeing you, it is usually an excellent sign that she likes you and is trying to attract you to her.  So her showing up looking like a million bucks should be taken as an IOI in and of itself.

There ya go.  A better answer with half the words.  lol.

And to complete my one-upsmanship of Erika’s post, here’s an even sexier picture…

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