Confirmed: Women Prefer Hairy Men

August 18, 2010 by  
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It seems that there’s an ongoing trend in which women are liking more body hair on their men.

Modern ‘metrosexual’ man seems to have finally had his day as most British women admit to preferring their men hairy, research revealed today.

While recent years have seen the seemingly unstoppable rise of male grooming, 85 per cent of women said that the hirsute look suits men better.

Waxing and excessive shaving got the thumbs down, with girls opting for a ‘real man’ instead.

Shaved chests, plucked eyebrows and the ‘back, sack and crack’ wax were not, after all, the way to a woman’s heart, the survey found.

Only 8 per cent of women said they liked their men groomed to perfection, narrowly beating the 7 per cent who preferred to see a werewolf-like quantity of hair.

Women in the North East in particular were firm fans of ‘manly men’, with 97 per cent wanting their partners to leave their hair alone.

Welsh women were also fans of hairy men, with 91 per cent preferring a Seventies-style ‘rug’ and hairy legs over a smooth, hairless chest.

East Midlands women were the biggest fans of the metrosexual waxed look with 15 per cent preferring carefully groomed men.

The survey of 3,000 British women was commissioned by Sound Asleep and was carried out by

I know most of the girls I’ve dated in my life liked my chest hair and things along those lines – which is good because I am one hairy mofo.  Some guys do look better hairless and there are indeed some women who prefer the smooth, hairless style on guys.  But it just goes to show you – you can never tell what is really going to turn a woman on!