Study Finds Ben More Attracted To Waists Than Boobs

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Yet more horny scientists with too much time on their hands…

Researchers found a woman having an “hourglass” shaped figure was more important for a man than her breast size or facial features.

They also discovered that men take a split second to decide if a member of the opposite sex is attractive.

They calculated that a “waist-to-hip ratio” of 0.7, or a waist measuring 70 per cent of the hip circumference, was the “perfect” size.

Women with “hourglass” figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Alba, the Hollywood actress and Alessandra Ambrosio, the Victoria’s Secret model, were found to posses the “perfect” body.

Scientists concluded that such a small ratio was considered good for a woman’s health and resulted in high fertility.

Dr Barnaby Dixson, a New Zealand anthropologist, studied what different sexes found attractive throughout history.

In his study, a group of volunteers were shown various pictures of a woman, where her hips, bust, and waist were digitally altered.

He then asked them to rate the image for attractiveness and while they studied the photos used infra-red cameras to track their eyes.

Despite most men being drawn initially to the woman’s cleavage, it was her hips and waist that were in fact what they found most attractive.

“Men rated images with an hourglass shape and a slim waist … as most attractive, irrespective of breast size,” said Dr Dixson, from Victoria University of Wellington.

You can read the whole article here.  But it is interesting how most guys will go for a woman with a “nice body” but a sub-par face over a woman with a pretty f ace and a horrible body.  In the article, they make it a point to say “humans simply do not mate randomly.”  And that’s true.  We all have certain things we prefer in a mate.  Guess it just comes down to personal taste in the end.

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