80% Off Love Systems Superconference

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Big discount for those looking to hang out with the Love Systems crew…

Huge news:

You can come to the Global Pick Up Artist (PUA) SuperConference for just $697!

Why shouldn’t you be the next great success story? Why shouldn’t you be the next guy to change his life after learning the secrets of guys like myself, Nick Savoy, Cajun, Braddock, Jeremy Soul, Future, Keychain, Mr M, etc.?

All those guys, and dozens more, will be teaching at the International PUA SuperConference in just 4 weeks (October 7-9 in Las Vegas). And since VIP tickets are pretty much sold out (just 4 left at time of writing), it’s now time to release the 3-Day Conference Pass slots.

That’s a big opportunity for you, since VIP tickets have been selling at $4,000, compared to 3-Day Conference Passes starting at just $697 – over 80% off.

OK, back up Savoy. What’s the difference between VIP and Conference Pass?

The only difference is that VIP includes two nights of infield training. Other than the infield training sessions, no one will know (or care) whether you are VIP or Conference Pass.

As you probably know, the Global PUA SuperConference is divided into four parts:

  • Main Stage Talks (12-7pm, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The best dating coaches and pickup artists in the world share their secrets with you.
  • Breakout Rooms Exercises (12-7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The same instructors work with you 1-1 to implement these new techniques, or any sticking points you have. Live individualized drills and exercises.
  • Informal Private Consultations (24/7). We’re all at the same hotel and the World PUA Conference is a very friendly environment. See me in the hall and want to ask me something? Go for it. Got a question for Cajun or an idea to test with Jeremy Soul? Go for it.
  • Infield Training (9pm to 2am Friday and Saturday). The instructors take you to top nightclubs to put into practice what you learned in the Main Stage and Breakout Rooms. Have the best PUAs in the world as your personal wingmen, showing you how it’s done and coaching you on your mistakes.

Out of those four, Conference Pass guys get the first three and the VIP guys get all four. It’s probably easier to understand if I just link to the agenda:


(The reason it works this way is because of ratios. For infield training, we try to keep a 2:1 student:instructor ratio or better. We have more instructors for the daytime, allowing for a few Conference Pass slots)

Set Your Alarms…

There are only a few Conference Pass seats, and even fewer at the intro $697 price (regular price is $1,297). To be fair to everyone, we will release all of the 3-day Conference Passes this Thursday, September 15. At 8am Pacific Time (11am EST, 4pm GMT).

When that time hits, go to this link:


Click that link now to get on the (free) priority list. It’s probably also a good idea to bookmark that link on your browser right now so you have it for Thursday.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. If you’ve got questions, check out the SuperConference FAQs and/or listen to the Q&A Conference Call I did a couple weeks ago. It’s a mix of “game” questions and SuperConference questions.

See you at the SuperConference…and don’t forget to grab your spot Thursday!

-Nick (Savoy)

P.S. If you’ve been making arrangements to grab one of the last VIP slots, don’t worry, whatever arrangements you’ve made will be honored and have been accounted for. If you haven’t reserved a VIP spot but you want one, call +1 (323) 836-0150 or email Jeremy@LoveSystems.com ASAP to see if there are any left.

Cajun and Keychain are two PUAs to look out for.  Last time I was at a Love Systems event, those guys really impressed me.  Be sure to check them out!

Cajun – Advanced Body Language

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Whenever students ask me how I learned to attract women with such ease I always say the same thing: Body language. I then recite a quote, something that was told to me a long time ago:

Everything you’ll ever need to learn about women, you can learn from Rock n roll.

A very wise man once told me this and I’m sure most of my students are just as confused as I was when I first heard it, but now several years (and many women) later I can whole-heartedly agree, it’s absolutely true.

One of the by-products of committing yourself to the study of attraction and how it works is that you start noticing things that you never noticed before. A lot of us instructors refer to this as ‘seeing the matrix’ and it basically amounts to identifying and understanding the cause and effect of the most subtle communications; body language . It becomes somewhat of a sixth sense and it’s exceptionally difficult to turn off, especially if you’re at all an analytical person (and let’s face it, you kind of have to be if you want to get good at this stuff) This is why us instructors are so proficient at breaking down what students did right or wrong in a set simply by casually observing them. We can see the matrix.

I realized a long time ago that the secret to attraction isn’t in what you say, it’s in how you carry yourself; your presence, something controlled almost entirely by your body language . I knew that if I was to master the art of attraction, I would need to master the art of body language . Remembering the words of wisdom I had been told all those years ago, I turned to rock n roll.

I began sifting through literally hundreds of videos documenting performances of the most prolific and sexually charged rock icons in music history. I used my ‘sixth sense’ to meticulously analyze every thing they did. I studied how they walked, how they danced, their facial expressions, even how they stood still! I started to notice a pattern, there were three qualities that nearly every sex symbol in the history of rock n roll all had in common, and it had nothing to do with their music or looks.

The first quality I recognized was immediate; sexual presence. Most of the musicians elicited this through their dancing, which wasn’t that useful since I obviously couldn’t be dancing all the time. The absolute best example of sexual presence I could find was Jim Morrison simply because he elicited tremendous sexual presence by doing very little. I hadn’t watched any videos of him performing since I was a teenager and seeing it again with my ‘sixth sense’ absolutely blew my mind. He moved slowly, purposefully, as if to poeticize his presence. Everything seemed so calculated. After referencing what he did with a number of other sexual icons, I quickly made a list:

Advanced body language – Sexual Presence

1. Less is more.

  • Move only when you need to, and react with delay.
  • Slow down your movements, as if moving underwater.
  • Movement should be bold, sporadic and purposeful.

2. Poeticize your presence.

  • Absolutely believe that you are a spectacle to be witnessed.
  • Draw attention to your every move with strong eye contact, and delayed responses.
  • Always appear physically more comfortable than anyone else in the group. Lean back when standing, angle back and drape your arms when sitting.
  • Your demeanor should be carefree, content; you do not want or need anything.

3. Emphasize your sexuality

  • Relax your eyes. Look at Jim Morrison, Phil Lynott or even Marilyn Monroe, their eyes all carry the same look, model it.
  • Slightly Purse your lips, as if you’re about to kiss them.
  • Slightly tilt your head up and look down when speaking.
  • Slowly study women’s faces during interaction, glance at lips periodically.
  • Keep an inquisitory look of mild arousal on your face.

I began modeling my body language based on this list and the results were epic. This is the reason I stopped using routines , I no longer needed them. Everything they communicated I could now communicate with my body. Even openers started to become unnecessary as women were now opening ME more than ever, based simply on the way I stood and the look on my face. Attraction went from slowly earned to instantaneous, but there were still some gaps…

The hottest women, although attracted, would still shit test me. Not only that, but AMOGs started to become more of a problem as I was now getting a tremendous amount of female attention. This is where the second quality I found amongst sexual rock icons came in handy, and allowed me to smoothly and effortlessly diffuse any shit test or amog attempt that was thrown at me.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the article where I go over the second quality: Restraint.

The Top 10 Pick Up Artists Of 2008

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Welcome one and all to the Top 10 list of best Pick Up Artists for the year 2008!

2008 was a strange year – for me personally, and for a lot of others, I think.  In many ways, I’m glad the year is over.  But regardless of how good of a year it was, there were many people in the seduction community who continued to rise above petty squabbles and drama and actually help other men improve their lives and their success with women, and this list is a CELEBRATION of those men, who have helped others throughout the past year.

For those of you new to the list, let me explain how the rankings work.  It becomes very easy to get “caught up” in the hype of certain personalities, so I try and rank the Top 10 based on a number of criteria, which I believe must be present to be considered a good “PUA.”  So all of this years winners were ranked based on:

1.  In-Field Performance.  This is basically the skills the PUA displays in the field with women.  Most Top 10s deal with this factor exclusively, but I’ve found that just looking at a guy’s in-field performance can be misleading, since people have off-nights or can get lucky.  That said, their ability to use the techniques in field repeatedly and consistently to get results is a big, big factor in the ranking process.

2.  Innovations.  This is what new outlook or techniques the PUA brings to the table.  It’s easy for any new guy to get good using Mystery Method or any other school of seduction, but then again, that stuff is designed to work!  So being innovative and bringing a new twist, spin, philosophy, technique, or whatever to the mix is also a big deal, because that means the PUA actually has something to contribute to his students and the community as a whole that no one else does.

3.  Teaching Ability.  This is how effectively the PUA can teach what he does to other people, and have them get similar results.  This is another important factor, because it weeds out the people who are just the lucky naturals, and finds the PUAs who have something to offer humanity as a whole.  After all, I don’t care if a guy gets laid a lot.  I care if that guy can get ME laid a lot – and I think the same is true for you.  That is why I factor in the PUA’s ability to teach others into the ranking.

4.  Contributions To The Community.  This is a measure of how much the PUA “gives back” to others in the seduction community.  This factor is all about the PUA’s willingness to help others, the knowledge and experience he’s willing to share, and the compassion he shows to those who need help.  Too many PUAs look down on people not as successful with women as they are, and that’s not what the seduction community is about, so giving back to it should play a factor, in my opinion.

5.  Philosophy.  This comes down to the PUA’s outlook on life, women, and other men in general.  It’s about how they live their lives, and whether they’re consistent with it.  Some PUAs spout great philosophy, but don’t really believe in it or practice it.  But it’s that core foundations which will influence their students, so I believe this is important in factoring the rankings.

6.  Likability.  One of the things I base my ranking on is whether I actually like the PUA or not.  This is a subjective thing, but I feel its important, because there’s usually a reason I don’t like someone, and that reason has to do with them being a fake, fraud, evil bastard, or what have you.  I like to think I have a fairly decent “B.S. Radar,” so when I meet a PUA in person, I can usually tell if they are legit or not after getting to know them, which is why I tend to rank PUAs I have actually met in real life.  If I haven’t met them, I need to get good feedback from at least 3 sources I trust to make the decision to rank them in this category.

Okay, so now that you know how I rank the list, let’s get to it! Read more