80% Off Love Systems Superconference

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Big discount for those looking to hang out with the Love Systems crew…

Huge news:

You can come to the Global Pick Up Artist (PUA) SuperConference for just $697!

Why shouldn’t you be the next great success story? Why shouldn’t you be the next guy to change his life after learning the secrets of guys like myself, Nick Savoy, Cajun, Braddock, Jeremy Soul, Future, Keychain, Mr M, etc.?

All those guys, and dozens more, will be teaching at the International PUA SuperConference in just 4 weeks (October 7-9 in Las Vegas). And since VIP tickets are pretty much sold out (just 4 left at time of writing), it’s now time to release the 3-Day Conference Pass slots.

That’s a big opportunity for you, since VIP tickets have been selling at $4,000, compared to 3-Day Conference Passes starting at just $697 – over 80% off.

OK, back up Savoy. What’s the difference between VIP and Conference Pass?

The only difference is that VIP includes two nights of infield training. Other than the infield training sessions, no one will know (or care) whether you are VIP or Conference Pass.

As you probably know, the Global PUA SuperConference is divided into four parts:

  • Main Stage Talks (12-7pm, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The best dating coaches and pickup artists in the world share their secrets with you.
  • Breakout Rooms Exercises (12-7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The same instructors work with you 1-1 to implement these new techniques, or any sticking points you have. Live individualized drills and exercises.
  • Informal Private Consultations (24/7). We’re all at the same hotel and the World PUA Conference is a very friendly environment. See me in the hall and want to ask me something? Go for it. Got a question for Cajun or an idea to test with Jeremy Soul? Go for it.
  • Infield Training (9pm to 2am Friday and Saturday). The instructors take you to top nightclubs to put into practice what you learned in the Main Stage and Breakout Rooms. Have the best PUAs in the world as your personal wingmen, showing you how it’s done and coaching you on your mistakes.

Out of those four, Conference Pass guys get the first three and the VIP guys get all four. It’s probably easier to understand if I just link to the agenda:


(The reason it works this way is because of ratios. For infield training, we try to keep a 2:1 student:instructor ratio or better. We have more instructors for the daytime, allowing for a few Conference Pass slots)

Set Your Alarms…

There are only a few Conference Pass seats, and even fewer at the intro $697 price (regular price is $1,297). To be fair to everyone, we will release all of the 3-day Conference Passes this Thursday, September 15. At 8am Pacific Time (11am EST, 4pm GMT).

When that time hits, go to this link:


Click that link now to get on the (free) priority list. It’s probably also a good idea to bookmark that link on your browser right now so you have it for Thursday.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it. If you’ve got questions, check out the SuperConference FAQs and/or listen to the Q&A Conference Call I did a couple weeks ago. It’s a mix of “game” questions and SuperConference questions.

See you at the SuperConference…and don’t forget to grab your spot Thursday!

-Nick (Savoy)

P.S. If you’ve been making arrangements to grab one of the last VIP slots, don’t worry, whatever arrangements you’ve made will be honored and have been accounted for. If you haven’t reserved a VIP spot but you want one, call +1 (323) 836-0150 or email Jeremy@LoveSystems.com ASAP to see if there are any left.

Cajun and Keychain are two PUAs to look out for.  Last time I was at a Love Systems event, those guys really impressed me.  Be sure to check them out!