DYD/RSD Team-up?

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I talked to Papa the other day, who told me some very exciting news. According to him, Real Social Dynamics, the company Tyler Durden and Papa teach their popular in-field workshops through, is officially teaming up with David DeAngelo and Double Your Dating. It seems that they’ve been given permission by David D to teach officially sanctioned in-field workshops after Double Your Dating seminars, which David will help to promote to his students.

The first of this is coming up soon with the Australian DYD seminar. It seems TD and Papa will be there Mardi Gras weekend March 6th-7th and will be holding workshops the following week. You can sign up for the workshops through their website, but chances are you will also be able to do so if you’re going to be in Australia for the seminar as well.

More details on this coming soon.

Persistence is King

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I found a good repost from Gunwitch via an ijjjjji post in the Advanced forum of mASF. I found it interesting because I’m not really a fan of Gunwitch, but I can’t deny the validity of what he says here.

Gunwitch writes:
Can’t read peoples minds, supposing someone thought something because of something you said or did is irrational and goes on far too much.

Women want to have sex with men, women are not from Venus, we are not from mars, there is no need to see this as a battle, it is mutually shared sexual gratification. Women love sex, one must realize this.

Field work generates effective techniques and tactics, not vice versa.

Ejecting from a pick up unless it’s a DONE deal is illogical. Better to stand there with nothing particular to say and let her talk or walk, than to leave and never know.

If I relax they will relax, if I am sexual they will be sexual. First basis of getting anyone to do anything is the walks like a duck acts like a duck must be a duck principle. If you pigeonhole yourself as entertaining guy, or funny guy, or witty guy in her mind you are shorting yourself from pigeonholing yourself as “lover man”. Feel it, show it, but don’t say it, and she will place you in the category of a lover.

I like this because it’s very much about having such a dominant frame, that the social awkwardness of a situation where you continue to stand around a girl who might not want anything to do with you simply doesn’t register in your mind. It’s a very powerful frame to come from,

The James Method

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Oy vey, yet annother wannabe guru coming up with his own method! It seems some guy named James came up with a system that seems to work for him, so he has dubbed it, appropriately, The James Method and has started posting his advice to mASF. So far I haven’t been too impressed with what I’ve seen of his, but then again, I’ve never read any posts of his before, so I guess time will tell if he’s full of shit or not.

Anyway, he has a website detailing his method. I haven’t read through it yet, but I’ll post about it when I do. You can check it out here.

AMOG busting Audio

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SteviePUA chimes in with another Live Audio Sarge!

SteviePUA writes
Here is a MP3 from last night. I was sarging a girl who was part of a 4 set. It was three guys and one girl together. The three men didn’t cockblock so I went into full sarge mode, I’d befriended the guys earlier anyway.

I’d already displayed personality and she was enjoying herself. I moved into rapport building by talking about dreams and their meaning.

The vague pattern language is getting underway when an AMOG appears on the scene and begins to engage my target, Danielle.

He introduces himself as Julio Caesar – Julius Caesar. I call him Julio Iglesius. He offers his hand to me and instead of shaking his right hand I offer my left hand because I have a wet right hand from biting my fingers (so I tell him).

Then I take over the interaction again and blow him out. I run with the Roman theme and “What did the Romans ever do for us” (Monty Python line).

He then tries to engage me about the football on TV but I tell him I can’t see it clearly. I have him explain to me who is playing and I condescendingly say “Thanks for telling me, I would never have figured that out.”

He sees he is going nowhere and can’t muscle in on me. He makes his excuses to leave. Listen to him say “Well it was nice to meet the both of you”.

I then bust on the Danielle and say she’s crazy, that we go way back, and he needs to be careful with her. I tell him Danielle lives with me and is related to me. Her buying temperature jumps so much she tries to PUNCH MY BALLS!

“Don’t punch my fucking nuts, that was close, that was a close call.”

Exit AMOG stage left : – )

You can download the audio here.

Being the Cheesy Guy

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Tyler Durden has posted a pretty good post in the General forum of mASF about a pitfall a lot of guys can fall into during a sarge, and that is the dreaded “becoming a Cheesy Guy.”

Tyler Durden writes:
Like something that I think a lot of guys don’t get is that girls are chatting you, and yes its important to get them into you – but its also equally important not to do anything stupid to disqualify yourself.

It’s like when you’re talking to a girl, and she’ll be totally into you, but the second you talk about your house or car she instantly loses interest. Or you’ll tell her about how you beat somebody up, and she loses interest. Anything like that is visibly showing that you are trying to change her opinion of you in an artificial way. The same goes for unwitty innuendo or anything that cleverly gets her to do things she’s not choosing to do on her own.

There’s a bit of a data fallacy though with pickup, because guys may do something and think it helped them, but really it only worked because of other reasons.

For example, guys will beat eachother up in front of girls, and their girls will become more attracted. They’ll think “Aha! She likes me because I’m so tough for kicking that guys’ ass!” Really though, they’re not realizing that it was actually that their girlfriend likes insecure guys, and that’s what turned her on. Like for the same reasons you can get blown out of sets with 7s or with any girl who isn’t self confident, by using too much C&F or overgaming, you can attract her by acting insecure. Like these guys don’t even realize that the girls they got by fighting were attracted them because they *lowered* their own value, and it made the girl feel qualified.

This is a very interesting concept. I like the idea that some guys may get lucky by inadvertantly qualifying a girl by lowering their massive value. It’s really never a concept I’ve considered before. Props to Tyler on calling this one.

You can read the whole thread here.

The DJ Bible

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You know, I like to think I knew of every Seduction Related website out there, but I guess I need to learn to be humbled. I just found the “Don Juan Bible” page, wich is a collection of posts from the Don Juan Forum. I haven’t gone through and read many of the posts on there, but it seems to be a pretty comprehensive collection of PU knowledge.

You can check it out here.


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So in my daily surfing, I came upon this article about how some Japanese boys are improving their grades… by doing their mothers.

Every evening at 8:00, Haruki would vanish into his room, ostensibly to study. Meiko was pleased — until one night she caught a glimpse of him through the slightly open door and realized he was not studying but masturbating. Intrigued, she peeked into his room the following night, and the night after that. The conclusion was inescapable. At the rate he was going, he would not be ready for his tests.

"I’d better have a talk with him," she thought — and did.

"Mom," he said, shyly but firmly, "I wanna do it with you."

"With me!" What to do? Be shocked and angry, or calm and understanding? "Let’s see what your father says."

Father was surprised but kept his head. "No genital sex," he stipulated. "However, if it’s just a question of making the boy feel good, I won’t say no."

And so every evening Haruki’s studying was prefaced by a 15-minute maternal blow job. His concentration improved; his marks soared. Everyone was happy — except dad, whose doubts grew as time passed.

Jeeze.  Can’t they just be normal and do their friend’s mom?

Anyway, I think this is a pretty good example of just how important sex is to boys, especially while they’re developing.  Just how these boys are going to develop is anyones guess.  *cringe*

Get and Keep a Man!

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Sexkitten chimes in with a post where she claims she discovered the magic bullet.

Sexkitten writes:
…It’s very simple and I’ve just now figured it out. The only time I’ve ever been without a man is when I didn’t want one. I thought it was the hardcore sexual acts that I like so much. And that I take great care of myself inner and outer self. That’s part of it, but not all. The secret: I ACT LIKE A MAN.

They do not understand me, never has and never will. I like to have a lot of dirty sex. And I take it and leave. I could care less if they call me, and I sure as hell don’t call them. You’ll never find me sitting waiting by the phone. If he messes up, I’ll simply replace him. Sexkitten has never met a man whom she cannot walk away from no matter how deeply I feel or how badly it hurts.

I never say the love word first. Show no interest in wanting to marry or have their children first. Don’t expect or need them to pay my bills. I am a different gosh darn person every other day–mysterious and elusive. I don’t have a charming bone in my body except when I want to–don’t fight, or nag, or whine. I would rather have sex. I look at other men and shows no jealousy when he looks at other women. (It’s normal) I don’t want to spend all of my time with him.

Men simply like us better if they can’t contain us, use, misuse, or abuse us. Treat your man like a prince. Love him, treasure him, kiss him, have sex with him. DON’T EVER try to OWN HIM. Or let him believe that he owns you.

I think it’s funny how her solution to get a man is to “Act Like A Man.” I know a lot of our tactics in the Pick-Up community come from stuff women do to us. Guess it’s kind-of a wierd circle of life type thing. Oh, the irony…

Anyway, I love the last part of her post: Don’t ever try to own him. Or let him believe that he owns you. That’s great stuff, and the best way to keep a relationship healthy and alive IMO.

You can read and comment on the post on her blog here.

Becoming Dominant

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So I was reading the Orgy blog and found a pretty interesting post by Kaii that recalls a story about how a boy toy of hers became the one in control of their relationship.

Kaii writes:
I love younger guys. I mean really love them. As a matter of fact I almost exclusively seek them out for my sexual trysts.

They’re so open to suggestion and eager to please. You can lead them around by the cock. I think most of them can’t believe that they’re actually fucking a tasty pussy, so they’ll do what ever you want just so they can keep fucking you.

My favorite younger guy was one that I had a year long “affair du coeur” with.

“J” was magnificent. Absolutely gorgeous. He was probably the hottest guy that I ever fucked. He had the most perfect eyes, smile, hair and body. Not to mention the fact that he was hung like a horse. Mmmmm….

We took a trip one time back to his hometown. I was excited at the prospect of meeting his friends and getting a clearer insight into who he was.

What I didn’t know was that this trip was to be a defining moment (to use a Dr. Phil-ism) in our relationship. Circumstances happened that allowed him to get the upper hand and from that moment on, he became “the boss”.

Kaii goes onto relate the story as to how this happened. It boils down to her going to this “J” guy’s hometown to meet some of his good friends. They all meet up at her hotel room and get high, and Kaii ends up getting jealous about “J”‘s relationship with his best friend, and freaks out on him.

“J” and I argued. He was pissed off and decided to teach me a little lesson and left with his friends….for 6 hours.

I was sufficiently subdued by the time he returned. Well, almost.

I was lying on the bed when he came in. He walked over to the bed, crawled over to me and put one leg on each side of my body, straddling me. He leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips. Our tongues danced and circled one another, always touching and then retreating. He pulled back and we just looked into each other’s eyes.

I looked away as I was still bristling with some fight and was hurt and angry that he would leave me in a strange city all by myself.

We sat in silence and smoked another joint. We argued and I told him that I didn’t love him anymore. Now it was his turn to freak out. I got up and locked myself in the bathroom to get away from him. Now, I never said that I was mature, did I?

When I finally came out, he was gone…..GONE? That rat bastard!! I opened the hotel room door and he was leaning against the wall opposite me, looking at me with a fierce expression on his face. He was wearing his jacket and had his back pack with him.

He came back inside and we argued some more, you know lots of name calling and blame laying stuff. He tried to leave again, but I was standing in front of the door, blocking his way. He was so angry. Id never seen him so angry. My resolve was definitely hanging by a thread.

I started to cry. I was afraid he’d leave again….maybe for good this time. I begged him not to leave, but that seemed to incite him further.

He reached out and grabbed me, his fingers digging into the tender flesh of my arms. He threw me to the floor, opened the door and left without a backwards glance.

Okay….so picture this…I am totally high, crying hysterically, calling his name, chasing after him, without any shoes on, across a hotel lobby and out onto the street.

He was hoofing it up the street and didn’t even look back as I called out his name. I was absolutely hysterical. Here I was alone, in a big city…I didn’t even know how to get on the highway to drive home.

I chased after him, up the street, calling his name, pleading and sobbing. People were looking at me, but I was beyond embarrasment at this point. He had me just were he wanted me….crying and begging, with him in control.

After following him for what seemed like forever, he started to slow down and then eventually stopped altogether. He turned around and waited for me to come to him. I was barefoot and following him had been difficult.

I came up and stood in front of him, sobbing and broken.

He didn’t say anything, but reached down and grabbed my hand and started to walk back towards the hotel. He was tall and had longer strides than me, he pulled me behind him the whole way.

Kaii then goes on to describe, in pretty graphic detail, how “J” then proceeded to sexually ravage her back in the hotel room, which instigated a phase shift in their relationship from her using him for sex to the other way around. She ends her post with this:

He lay down on the bed and pulled me down to lay my head on his chest. He stroked my hair and back until I fell asleep. I was emotionally spent.

The next day, things between us were different. A new “boss” had been elected and thus the Dominant became the dominated…..

Now, the thing I find interesting in this post is how “J” made this shift from dominated to dominator, and it all comes down to how this guy used his “reality” to bring Kaii to her knees (literally and figuratively).

Basically, this is a perfect example of bringing someone into your reality. I often equate this to “Home Field Advantage.” Basically, Kaii was taken to a strange city, filled with strange people, cut off from her own friends and family, and was basically relying on “J” for everything while in his hometown with him. She was pretty much isolated in this hotel room, at the mercy of his reality.

Now, the most powerful thing you can do with someone once they are into your reality is to ignore them. Because by ignoring someone who is overpowered with your reality, you force them to qualify themselves to you, and as we all know — attraction is just an intense need for validation. You can see how powerful this tactic is by how Kaii reacted to “J” leaving.

Of course, this whole shift started when “J” showed that he was willing to leave Kaii if she was going to throw her shit at him. If he had done this in normal circumstances where Kaii had the upper hand, it might not have been as effective. But instead, he let her stew for 6 hours in an unfamiliar place completely cut off from any of her support group. She was completely in his control. By the time he came back, the shift was completed once he demonstrated he was willing to leave COMPLETELY.

But the final nail in Kaii’s coffin comes in when “J” exherts his masculinity and pretty much dominates her in the bedroom. He defines their roles as her being the woman, and him being the sexually aggressive male. He exherts his power over her, and she is forced to accept it, and that changes the dynamic in the relationship between the two. It’s a very interesting shift, and I’ve heard stories of some of the best PUAs in the community who do very similar things to women — and it works!

Anyway, you can read the whole post and all its juicy details here.

The New “Art of War”

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Robert Greene, author of two of the greatest books of all time — The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction, chimes in on his message boards about his new book, which supposedly “bridges the gap” between the two books he’s already written as a modern day “Art of War.”

Robert Greene writes:
I am currently writing a chapter on the notion of the counterattack—always letting the other person go first, make the first move, and then playing off of what they give you. In martial arts, jujitsu and other swordfighting schools that only use the counterattack. In games, such as backgammon, what we call the back game. In soccer, the classic counterattack. In politics, staying above the fray and letting the other guy hang himself with nastiness. In seduction, drawing someone in, in order to take command of their minds. The essence of the counterattack is that you are working with their mind, their personality, their weaknesses to bring them down. This is chapter nine, in a section on defensive warfare. Next, I will be writing about the Bluff, Intimidation games.

Sounds awesome. If you’re interested in checking out either 48 Laws or Art of Seduction, buy them through my site so I can get a commission! =)

You can check out Robert Greene’s website here.

The New “Art of War”

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Robert Greene, author of two of the greatest books of all time — The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction, chimes in on his message boards about his new book, which supposedly “bridges the gap” between the two books he’s already written as a modern day “Art of War.”

Robert Greene writes:
I am currently writing a chapter on the notion of the counterattack—always letting the other person go first, make the first move, and then playing off of what they give you. In martial arts, jujitsu and other swordfighting schools that only use the counterattack. In games, such as backgammon, what we call the back game. In soccer, the classic counterattack. In politics, staying above the fray and letting the other guy hang himself with nastiness. In seduction, drawing someone in, in order to take command of their minds. The essence of the counterattack is that you are working with their mind, their personality, their weaknesses to bring them down. This is chapter nine, in a section on defensive warfare. Next, I will be writing about the Bluff, Intimidation games.

Sounds awesome. If you’re interested in checking out either 48 Laws or Art of Seduction, buy them through my site so I can get a commission! =)

You can check out Robert Greene’s website here.

Mystery on Jealousy and Phone Game

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Mystery has graced the web with yet another $$$ post in the Field Reports section of mASF. He gives away some good tips and tricks which, honestly, should be saved for a newsletter — they’re that good. But Mystery is so passionate about this stuff he can’t help but give it away I suppose.

Mystery writes:

If Im with a hotty I will OFTEN do a takeaway so that when they find me minutes later Im in set with another girl. this makes them jealous and then I can CHOOSE THEM … this happened to the HB9 I ‘enjoyed’ in Vegas. Same scenario. So the girl then # bridged ME and my ex got up and then conveyed jealous tension by putting my top hat that she was wearing on the girl and then pushing it too hard over her head, covering her eyes. my ex was JEALOUS haa. Perfect. It demonstrates that Im desired by others. the pre-selection switch I talk about on my site is TRIGGERED! THe 9.2 girl said to me, “that is so rude” and I replied, “the plot thickens. Youll have to fight for me … but I think you’ll win”.

This is how to run a jealousy subplot and I believe it is NECCESSARY in ALL sarges. that is why it exists in the COMFORT PHASE of MM. Its hard to build it in every time but when you can the results are ALWAYS SUPER POSITIVE!

NOTE> JUST noticed something! Im excited about this! the jealousy plotline is the LAST tactic I must do in the F2M ATTRACT phase! once I have CHOSEN HER over someone else (which gives her strong IOIs) then Im in COMFORT with her. PERFECT! this is much better than simply throwing in the jealousy plotline somewhere in comfort! nice. oh my god I LOVE THIS GAME! If I absolutely CANNOT do it in F2M, then I have to throw it in sometime in COMFORT. So there is really a WINDOW in which this plot line must be thrown into the game. cool. oh shit this is advanced stuff. The only guys who will even know what Im talking about are Style, Papa and Tyler D.



From this sarge Ive noticed a SECOND PLACE where false disqualifiers fit perfectly. we all know about the first place, which is during the M2F attract phase. We will falsely disqualify ourselves (“too bad Im gay or you’d be so my type” or my fave “you and I will never get along”) to our target so that her peer group thinks we aren’t hitting on her and will instantly disarm without the need to do AMOG tactics. negs are in fact a breed of false disqualifier. they build comfort with the obstacles basically. but I used them in this set in a different way … one that I will use in the future! see, during the second attract stage: F2M I said, “I dont think Im really your type” and she qualified herself with “yes you are.” so I said, “Im really weird” and she said, “so am I” and I said “yeah but sometimes Im just like a little boy” and she said, “I love that about you” and that was that. I was IN! haaa. So there I was trying to disqualify myself on PURPOSE and she wouldnt LET ME haa. another one I used was “youre 5ft3 and Im 6ft5″ she said, “I love tall guys”. nice. (I hope I can maybe start a relationship with her – she is hot AND sweet. too bad she lives so fucking far away).



so I got her number and then went home with my ex. and did I fuck her? of course! she loved (or hated) the fact that hot women want me and I have choice. she even knew I had the girls # in my pocket. strange but true. After sex, she was in the shower when I called the other girl. its a fucked situation because I am close to my ex, but she is not going to be my LTR so I have to actively sarge on.



My new # M.O. is to tell my target I’ll call her when Im in bed so I can hear her voice before I goto sleep. (I also told her if we dont see eachother in person within the next 7 days Ill throw the # out, which is true). So when I called she was SO HAPPY to hear from me. She was still in her car driving home (she lives in orange county) but it was a good move to touch base with her that night. Normally Id talk for a long time (hours!) because they are in bed and so am I and its so intimate (and the calls at night are free!) but my ex was here so the girl said shell call me later and I returned to my ex. but now get this. my ex has decided to sleep on the mattress on the floor again instead of my california king sized bed. ah women, confusing creatures arent they.



the girl didnt call which sucked but the next day she DID call and we talked for a bit. she said she got home late and had to wake early and crashed and was sorry. all is good in the world.

Love Mystery

Mystery is gonna have to change his handle to “Frank TJ Mackey” if he keeps on about jealousy traps and the like, lol. You can read the whole thread here.

I don’t know if I agree with the “Call in less than an hour” thing. I mean, the idea is great in concept, but I’ve seen Mystery in action before. He creates SUPER HIGH value for himself in his sarges, so he can get away with calling that same night because he has so much room to work with. I’m wondering how this will look if us rank-and-file seducers were to do something like this. Would it work? Or would we devalue ourselves by doing so and thus blow our chances?

What do you guys think?

Ultimate Framework @ El Rio

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One of my favorite posters on both mASF and Mystery’s Lounge is jlaix. He’s very funny, often irreverant, and has lots and lots of game. His field reports are consistently the most entertaining to read as well, and his latest one doesn’t disappoint. I’ve reposted it here for everyone to enjoy.

So read on and see jlaix vs. the chess club. =)

jlaix writes:
Went to the Rio last night. Let me tell you guys, after three days and nights with 26, two Craigs, a J-Dog, Playboy, TD, Papa, and Christophe among others in some very tough venues, I walked into the ole El Rio literally like I owned it. In fact the owner was there at the door as I approached, dude says to the door girl, “This guy is here every week… he doesn’t pay.” I ignore this and give the door chick $2, I tell her, “That’s for YOU.”

I walk in with Christophe and my roommate Brion. Take a look around. Dude, this is my home turf and its like a child’s toy compared to those loud ass uberclubs we were at during the workshop. Instantly I spot my target, HB ChessClub. This chick is not exceptionally beautiful, she dresses down but with work she could be a high 8. The thing about this chick is that she’s always surrounded by at least seven guys, these hipster weirdos who wear Buddy Holly glasses and scarves. We call them The Chess Club cause they look like fuckin dorks. I’ve talked to the chick briefly before, but she would always get swept off by the Chess Club. Because of this, I was always intimidated to talk to her. Not tonight.

I look at my boys and say, “Watch this. Follow me.” And I saunter right up to the Chess Club, push them aside “excuse me!” and go right up to the girl. I say, “I hate you” and stare at her, waiting. She looks all weird and then says, “I know… I’m sorry!” WTF?

I start slamming routines as Brion and Christophe handle the CBs/AMOGs, Brion is particularly effective at this as he is bigger, he engages them, bombards them with logical questions, positions himself between them and me. Then he gets uncomfortably close to them while he’s talking so they back up. It’s not uncommon for me to look over and see that Brion’s pushed an AMOG over to the other side of the fuckin room. So it’s going good, she is my little sister, I do “alternate opposite sex name” and she’s calling me Wendy and I’m calling her Rob. She’s loving it, my bodylanguage is good, I’m doing a good job of engaging the group. I’m constantly misinterpreting things she says as meaning she wants me, then saying, “Gross! You’re my little sister!” When her attention wanders, it’s “Hey! Show’s over here! Are you multitasking me?” etc. I do trust test and all this other kino shit, then disengage hard with false disqualifiers. Numerous alpha attacks are thrown my way. One guy tries to cut in and I am all over his ass… “Wow dude, that’s a nice scarf. I bet you get all the girls with that.” BOOM he’s deflated. I cut him out of the circle. Nice.

However, Christophe leaves and Brion and I can’t handle all ten of these bozos. Sure enough, one of them latches onto the chick and gets her full attention. I keep in the group talking to an UG. Suddenly, my friend Celine appears. I say what’s up, then instruct him to occupy the AMOG. He refuses. I pinch his nipple and twist it… “Go bitch!” Celine says, “No. It’s over. You lost.” I’m like, fuck that shit. I SLAP my friend in the face. I say, “GO!” He says, “No, fuck you! I’m not like you! It’s over, can’t you see?” I SLAP him again and say, “Fuck that negative shit, nothing is over!” At this point people are looking over, so I pull him away to the bar.

“Dude,” I say, “I’m sorry I hit you man. But THAT SET IS MINE and I don’t need negative shit from my friends fucking up my state.” He’s like, “It’s ok, you’re my friend” and seems cool, but he immediately leaves after that. Fuck, I feel bad.

Now I’m out of the set, but I just go back in with “80s music” opener, using Suzanne Vega’s “Luka”. I discover that one Chess Club member is really cool and he’s into all the same crap music I like, he has on all these buttons for Styx, Air Supply, REO Speedwagon and stuff. I say, “Wow man, I thought you were a total fucking prick, but you’re sort of cool. You should come to karaoke on Tuesdays.” He agrees, and the target starts getting jealous that I’m not paying attention to her. Ok, cool. I do a takeaway and get another drink.

When I get back from the bar, I see that many more dudes have joined the group, AMOG looking surfer dudes, and I am now all alone. Fuck. I look around, and open a three-set of two girls and a guy, start asking lame questions to the guy and ignore the girl, standard shit. I run the “Best ice cream flavor” bit, then they tell their favorites and I say, “OMG, you have to tell my friends, come on.” I drag them over to the Chess Club and get back in set, pawning the three-set off.

So now I’m back in set, but I’m getting mad aggressive rude comments about my appearance and stuff from the dudes. IRRELEVANT. My frame was tight, I just laughed and executed picture perfect AMOG tactics. “I love your shirt man, IZOD fuckin rocks, I used to wear that in high school all the time.” “WHAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY? No, man, what did you just say to make yourself look cooler than me? Come on, man, I wanna hear this!” “(laughing) You’re cool, man, hipster guy, fuckin rocks bro!” “Awesome. You’re like my PERSONAL ASSISTANT, dude! Keep the good advice coming! Like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!” Handled. Other AMOGS in the group, I just pre-empted by opening them first and going logical. The target sees all this and is duly impressed.

At one point the target says something which could be interpreted as negative towards me. Now, I already told her that we should “play nice” at this point and drop the ball-busting. So I say, “You’re not a good little sister.” And turn my back on her. I force myself to not turn back around and it sucks, it was hard, but after like a full minute of torture, the chick is all up in my face again. Awesome, I clearly passed the social hook point. She is chasing me.

The crowd thins out, it’s near closing. Turns out this chick is moving to Canada on Saturday. I bust on her for wearing a beanie, I’m like, “IT’S CALLED A TOOK!” I throw my phone at her. She’s like, “What’s this for?” I say, “We’re going to karaoke tomorrow.” She seems quite excited about this and I make her put my number in her phone, because, “I don’t answer numbers that I don’t know, even if it’s my friends, so this way you’ll know it’s me…” She’s all stoked and shit.

I called her tonight, she answered first ring (credit Craig for the phone game tip) and was really happy to hear from me. Solid game. We’re meeting up on Thursday.

LR forthcoming…

You can read the mASF thread here.

Tingly Method

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Tingly from the PLAY and “Seduction, the Art of” lists has hit mASF with his Method, entitled “Universal Boomerang. I know feelings are mixed about this guy and his skill level, as he is yet another self-proclaimed guru who feels the need to create his own method and often fluxuates between beligerent ego-maniacal flamer and selfless teacher, but regardless, someone may get something from his style of pick-up.

So without further ado, here is the Tingly Method.

Tingly writes:
My method is comparable to that of TD, Mystery, Swingcat etc.


What Mystery Calls:


I call:


Between these 3 phases I basically have 5 steps or levels of women’s interest, along with what must be done on each level to bump her up to the next. No matter how much interest a woman shows me, when I meet her I automatically have it in my mind that a woman’s interest in me starts on LEVEL 1…NO INTEREST. The object is to get her interest to LEVEL 5. Once there, I can sex her. (Think of a thermometer when you look at this for it’s an upside down scale) It would looks something like this:


5. Aroused. => Once she’s aroused, you Sex her.

4. Comfortable. (Complete comfy that is) => Once she’s comfy enough to talk about ANYTHING including SEX…make the smooth transition to sex talk to AROUSE her.

3. Neutral. (True 50/50 Chance) => Get her to spill her guts about her life to make her feel completely COMFORTABLE talking about anything…including sex.

2. Interested. => Plant suggestion. Qualify. Close her to NEUTRALIZE HER.

1. Not interested. => Open her to get her INTERESTED.

LEVELS 1-2 are the Interest/Attraction Phase.
LEVELS 2-4 are the Trust/Comfort Building Phase.
LEVELS 4-5 are the Arousal/Seduction Phase.


You must know Who, what, when, where, why and how to say what you want and need to say to woman at all times. Your “ARSENAL” of convo is what keeps things interesting and keeps the convo going. It consists of:

C & F (Cocky Funny material) (DYD-Double Your Dating), Negs, Witty Comebacks, Stories of Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV), Jokes, Analogies, and Neutral Opinion Openers, Flirtatious undertones etc.

Trying to pull women WITHOUT this is like diving off of the Empire State Building without a parachute and hoping that you live through it when you hit the ground…ain’t gonna happen.


This is the actual name that I’ve given my system.

UNIVERSAL- Means two things:

1. We’ve ALL been flaked by women before.
2. We’ve ALL been in the FRIEND ZONE before.

BOOMERANG- Means two things:

1. Taking a negative and turning it into a positive. In other words, you WANT to get into the FZ under YOUR TERMS, not hers. By coming at her neutral/like a potential “friend” this makes her lower her “shields” and allows you to “slip under the radar” as opposed to avoiding female friendship.

2. Doing the OPPOSITE of what a woman expects you to do. (i.e. SUPPLICATE and SPEND MONEY, CHASE, PUT UP WITH HER FLAKINESS etc.)


“All women are easy, you just have to know what buttons to push,” is what every woman I’ve ever met told me in regards to women’s sexuality at one time. And it’s true. Reflecting back on this statement, I had an epiphany that hit me like a ton of bricks.

Those two buttons are:

1. EXCITEMENT. (General-i.e. Making her laugh, AND Sexual. ESPECIALLY “sexual.”)

2. A CHALLENGE. (Don’t answer questions directly and thus become an open book. Think of how hard you have to work JUST to get a woman’s AGE. Do the same to THEM. “BOOMERANG” it.)

Once you get into the FZ on YOUR TERMS, the ONLY thing that separates a SEX FRIEND from a PLATONIC FRIEND is SEXUAL EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE…with an EMPHASIS on SEXUAL EXCITEMENT.

1. PLANTONIC FRIEND: Friendship + No Sexual Excitement + No Challenge = Platonic Friend/”girlfriend”. (BORING)

2. BOYFRIEND: Friendship + Little to No sexual Excitement + A Challenge = Boyfriend. (PRETTY COOL.)

3. SEX FRIEND: Friendship + Sexual Excitement + A Challenge = Sex Friend. (EXCITING)

Put the elements of sexual EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE into a “nice guy” and what do you have? Right. A “Bad Boy.”

Take the elements of sexual EXCITEMENT and A CHALLENGE “OUT” of a “bad boy” and what do you have? Right. A Nice Guy.


You have three goals/closes when dealing with a woman.

1. Number. (Close on Level 2)
2. Meet. (Close on Level 4)
3. Sex. (Close on Level 5)

4. *Boomerang Close- Get her so interested/attracted to you that if you don’t close HER, she will close YOU.

That’s it.

To accomplish EACH goal you MUST do the following:

1. Increase her interest to a level adequate enough to make her show IOI’s for that particular goal….so that you can close her.

(i.e. She’s giving hints that she wants to stay in contact or she’s giving hints that she’d like to have sex based on how she flirts with you.)

2. Plant a favorable suggestion.

(She’s throwing hints that she’d like to stay in contact, so you say, “I think it’d would be great if we picked this conversation up another time, don’t you?” As a result she gives you the number. The REAL number.)

3. Qualify her a couple times to eliminate flakiness.

Don’t just take the number. Say something like, “Don’t give me your number if you know you won’t be there to pick up the phone.” Or “If you won’t be happy to hear from me, then don’t give me your number.”

4. Close her.

(Once she’s qualified herself a couple times, she’ll feel as though she’s earned the privilege to get you to call her. She’ll almost beg you to take it. Flakiness will be DRAMATICALLY reduced at this point.)

The above looks complicated, but it ain’t. Read it a couple times and you’ll get my meaning. I don’t like SS etc because it’s to long, structured and drawn out. Takes you damn near a month just to trick yourself into believing women want you and you STILL don’t know how to pull women. One website just to tell you how to get laid. It ain’t that serious.

Whether you’re big, ugly, white, black, latino, tall…etc…everybody can do this simply because it focuses on engaging a woman’s emotions with what you SAY…and you don’t have to be “pretty” to be an exciting talker. All I want to do is get a woman to engage me in convo. That’s it. She’s does that, I don’t care if she’s married, single…etc…her booty belongs to ME…well, at least for the night…LOL. The above is really basic common sense when you take the time to…


You can read the whole thread here.

Quote of the Day

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Quote of the Day goes to Neo-Rio.

Neo-Rio writes:
Yeah, suppose I am totally useless about knowing women’s periods… then again I’m not a woman fuckstick.


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