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SteviePUA chimes in with another Live Audio Sarge!

SteviePUA writes
Here is a MP3 from last night. I was sarging a girl who was part of a 4 set. It was three guys and one girl together. The three men didn’t cockblock so I went into full sarge mode, I’d befriended the guys earlier anyway.

I’d already displayed personality and she was enjoying herself. I moved into rapport building by talking about dreams and their meaning.

The vague pattern language is getting underway when an AMOG appears on the scene and begins to engage my target, Danielle.

He introduces himself as Julio Caesar – Julius Caesar. I call him Julio Iglesius. He offers his hand to me and instead of shaking his right hand I offer my left hand because I have a wet right hand from biting my fingers (so I tell him).

Then I take over the interaction again and blow him out. I run with the Roman theme and “What did the Romans ever do for us” (Monty Python line).

He then tries to engage me about the football on TV but I tell him I can’t see it clearly. I have him explain to me who is playing and I condescendingly say “Thanks for telling me, I would never have figured that out.”

He sees he is going nowhere and can’t muscle in on me. He makes his excuses to leave. Listen to him say “Well it was nice to meet the both of you”.

I then bust on the Danielle and say she’s crazy, that we go way back, and he needs to be careful with her. I tell him Danielle lives with me and is related to me. Her buying temperature jumps so much she tries to PUNCH MY BALLS!

“Don’t punch my fucking nuts, that was close, that was a close call.”

Exit AMOG stage left : – )

You can download the audio here.

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