“Baiting” Technique

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IN10SE chimes in with a bit of advice from his midgame.

IN10SE writes:
Ok guys, I’m going to GIVE AWAY one of my GOLD techniques so pay attention… and to the guys that don’t read this… well their loss and your gain! :)

One of the things that I do early on is to give a woman a sense that there is “something more”.

I may start off as being overly confident and tease her just like a good PUA would – but then I’ll let her “discover” that I keep a journal… or drop a line about some random act of kindness that I just did… or mention something that I did for my mom recently (“I took my mom out for dinner last Valentines day”)… let her get a hint of a “softer” side that I’m trying to hide.

And I just leave it at that… a one sentence hint about what I did or do, and then move on to the next topic as if I don’t really want to talk about it.

If they DON’T ask about it, you can bet they’re THINKING about it and will bring it up later. -often times after sleeping with you when you ask them “So what were some of the things about me that first attracted you?”.

If they DO ask about it – I may mention a little more and then say, “It’s not really a big deal… it’s just me. I don’t usually tell people about it because guys aren’t supposed to “do” those kinds of things.” Then they’ll say things like, “Well REAL guys do!” And then she begins to “discover” what a great guy you are… and humble too because you don’t talk about it much. And they’ll LOVE you for it.

I call this technique of mine “Baiting”. Because it’s what you offer to hook them in.

You can read the whole thread here.

“Baiting” Technique

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IN10SE chimes in with a bit of advice from his midgame.

IN10SE writes:
Ok guys, I’m going to GIVE AWAY one of my GOLD techniques so pay attention… and to the guys that don’t read this… well their loss and your gain! :)

One of the things that I do early on is to give a woman a sense that there is “something more”.

I may start off as being overly confident and tease her just like a good PUA would – but then I’ll let her “discover” that I keep a journal… or drop a line about some random act of kindness that I just did… or mention something that I did for my mom recently (“I took my mom out for dinner last Valentines day”)… let her get a hint of a “softer” side that I’m trying to hide.

And I just leave it at that… a one sentence hint about what I did or do, and then move on to the next topic as if I don’t really want to talk about it.

If they DON’T ask about it, you can bet they’re THINKING about it and will bring it up later. -often times after sleeping with you when you ask them “So what were some of the things about me that first attracted you?”.

If they DO ask about it – I may mention a little more and then say, “It’s not really a big deal… it’s just me. I don’t usually tell people about it because guys aren’t supposed to “do” those kinds of things.” Then they’ll say things like, “Well REAL guys do!” And then she begins to “discover” what a great guy you are… and humble too because you don’t talk about it much. And they’ll LOVE you for it.

I call this technique of mine “Baiting”. Because it’s what you offer to hook them in.

You can read the whole thread here.

The ultimate PUA — Rick Salomon

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I got to hear Howard Stern interview Rick Salomon on the radio while driving to work this morning. Now, if you’re like me, you probably don’t recognize the name. But this guy is the other star of the Paris Hilton sex tape (ie, he’s the sausage with feet that you ignore while watching Paris do her thing). He’s also part owner of TrustFundGirls.com, which is currently selling the new, High Quality, Paris Hilton sex tape.

The interview on Stern was quite astounding to me, because I had no idea just who this guy was or what his background with women was. But needless to say, I was impressed. This is the guy all those dudes living in Project Hollywood are aspiring to be. Howard went through his resume of girls that he’s slept with, and it reads like the fuckin’ Internet Movie Database, from actresses to supermodels, this guy has done them all.

Turns out this Rick Salomon guy comes from a pretty rich family, his dad was a former executive VP at Warner Brothers. He was a drug dealer in Hollywood from the ages of 15 to 20. He mentioned the most famous woman he was ever with was Drew Barrymore, who he fucked when she was 15 and he was 20. Of course, she was legally emancipated at the time, so the sex was legal. He’s also the ex-husband of Shannon Dougherty, and made his living as a professional gambler after he gave up dealing drugs. He’s friends with some incredibly famous socialites, and has naked hot tub parties with the likes of Pamela Anderson. He’s now making shitloads of money off of selling the Paris Hilton tape, and is currently seeing a rather famous model/actress/singer/socialite who’s in an unhappy marriage (he was sketchy on who it was, since the affair is ongoing). The guy is 35 years old.

Howard tried asking Rick Saloman about how he goes about getting all these girls, and Rick’s responces were that of a Natural who doesn’t really know how he does it. It seems his MO is to get a friend to introduce him to the girl (social circle/social proof), and then he parties with her and tries to bed her within the same night (10 hours) of meeting her, otherwise he says it usually doesn’t work out. He seems to do well with the stimulus junkies and party girls, though he has bagged a few of the more “conservative” celebrities out there.

Rick also briefly talked about a few of his “non celebrity” lays, and he says he always has some type of “normal girl” on the hook.

Now this guy, ladies and gentleman, is a pimp. Forget Tyler, I’m wondering when he’s gonna start giving workshops! lol.

But it’s funny, because I recognized a lot of stuff in this guy that I have noticed in a lot of the more naturalistic guys I’ve met in the community, most notably people like Craig, Zan, and Maddash. He doesn’t really talk that much, and when he does he usually has something funny or interesting to say. He has specialized knowledge of some fairly taboo subjects (drug dealing and gambling) that lends some mystique and excitement to him. He’s a fun guy who likes to party, and cares very much about his own pleasure. He also has a really strong frame (though he did end up qualifying himself quite a bit during the interview, but for the most part he seemed aloof). He’s also very comfortable in his own skin, and he gets very sexually aggressive with women VERY early on it seems.

Overall, an interesting look into the frame of a natural. And after the social proofing he got on the Stern show today, chances are it’ll be even EASIER for this guy to get laid.

Can you say “jealous?” I know I can. =)

Be a Real Man?

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Matthew Fitzgerald chimes in at Askmen.com with what is probably the best article I’ve ever read on that site. It’s VERY non-PC, VERY Male-centric, and VERY VERY true in what it speaks of, in my humble opinion. It’s basically a very “Fight Club”-esque philosophy about how most men nowadays have been psychologically castrated by society, and about how it’s hurt both males and females. Here’s the intro to the article:

Matthew Fitzgerald writes:
Men are PC’ed to death. The consequences of almost 50 years of ardent feminism have been devastating: a society in bewilderment about gender roles, the rise of a class of ball-busting bitches whose battle cry is, “We don’t need men,” trumped-up charges of “date rape” and “sexual harassment,” angry women blaming men for all their problems — in short, an overall erosion of male confidence.

As society becomes more and more feminized, as more and more young men are being raised by single mothers who don’t have a clue about the male sex drive, but who teach their sons to surrender their natural masculinity and pander to women, today’s man is forced to apologize for — and feel shame about — his inherent male sexuality.

Mr. Fitzgerald goes on to say:

This abrogation of sexual confidence has resulted in a world full of wusses and doormats, men who cater to women and willingly hand over all their male power in exchange for a few crumbs of approval or sexual “favors.”

The modern man walks around on eggshells, afraid of saying the “wrong thing,” scared of showing his natural sexual interest to a woman, scared of being scorned, humiliated, or even fired — scared of his own true self.

All of this flies in the face of nature. For years now, men have been forced to bend over backwards to please women, but pandering to a self-serving social movement can’t really reverse five billion years of human evolution.

Clearly this essential point is lost on the female gender because women just don’t have a clue what it is to be truly sexual — a woman’s sex drive can’t even begin to compare with a man’s. Yet modern feminism still blindly strives to feminize men into submissive she-males.

Nature intended men to be strong, assertive, bold, sexual — this is why testosterone surges through their bloodstreams. This is a man’s right — his heritage — as a member of the male gender.

And the truth is, despite what women say and how much they protest, they want a man who acts like a man. Scratch the surface and you’ll find that deep down they don’t really want a man to act like a woman any more than a guy wants a chick to be masculine.

So instead of letting women snip pruning shears at their crotches, it’s time for men to stop apologizing for being male, to celebrate their inherently sexual natures, and to reclaim their sexual confidence.

It is funny how in modern times, women’s rights have, in a way, overshadowed nature with respect to men’s sexuality. That is to say that some of it isn’t warrented, since women have been abused and taken advantage of in the past. But what is the cost of this regulation? How much psychological harm is being inflicted upon the new generations of men because of this stuff?

I think the basic problem comes down to women’s rights trying to raise women above men, instead of promoting equality. Most “women’s organizations” out there today are more concerned with keeping men down and subserviant to women than giving both genders equal rights. And it’s this mentality that most men kind-of fall into, since they seek the approval of women.

I know I’m guilty of this, and chances are many men who get into learning Pick-Up and Seduction are too. I’m happy to see an article such as the one Mr. Fitzgerald wrote on such a major website like Askmen, because I think it speaks to a fundamental truth in our society — Men and Women enjoy a sexually confident and mature man who is free from guilt over his desires as a man.

It’s a pretty good read, and you can check out the whole thing here.

Sex without Orgazm

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Sexkitten wrote a pretty good post about having sex and not orgazming.

Sexkitten writes:
It’s difficult for a lot of women to reach orgasm during intercourse, but we can reach one through direct clitoral stimulation such as oral and or hand masturbation. Which leads me to a very important point. We have to know ourselves, and that extends to exploring and familiarizing ourselves with our bodies. For heavens sake don’t be ashamed to masturbate and try different positions while you’re at it. Then tell your man what does it for you and instigate them into your lovemaking. Don’t just tell him, show him. And if there’s a sexual position that feels as though it will send you into orgasmic heaven, let him know so that he’ll keep doing it.

Amen to that. I’m no sex expert by a long shot, but I remember the first time I had sex, it was such an awkward thing. I wasn’t sure if anything I was doing was right (I was pretty much going off of what I’d seen done in pornos) and the girl certainly wasn’t offering much in the way of advice.

But the ability for a man to make a woman orgazm is a powerful one. My buddy MasterClass is a firm believer that the ultimate endgame is the ability to have a woman achieve multiple orgazms reguarly. Once you become that type of an authority in her world, you have incredible value, and will be pursued by her to the end of the earth. I see how MasterClass plays his women with this technique. Very powerful.

You can read the whole of Sexkitten’s post here.

Sex and the Bitchy

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An article on the Website “This is London” talks about a study where researchers have found that women tend to be more bitchy when they are on the lookout for a man.

Fans of the TV series Sex and the City may not be surprised, but scientists have found women are prone to bitchiness when they are on the hunt for a man.

It is because females become far more critical of the looks of potential rivals when they are at their most fertile, say researchers.

This use of ‘indirect aggression’ to denigrate potential rivals is designed to boost their chances of finding a ‘good man’.

Wow, lookout boys! Our “Active Disinterest” is now being countered by female “Indirect Aggression!” Or, to give it the appropriate mASF spin, “IA!”

But I found this part of the article quite humorous…

‘When women are at their most fertile, they’ll pay more attention to each other’s appearance,’ said Maryanne Fisher, of York University, Toronto.

‘There can be more catty behaviour, there will be more gossiping, nit-picking and spreading of nasty stories.

‘You might see two women in a pub and one might say to the other, “Oh my God, look at her, she’s so ugly” or “your hair is such a mess”. That is an example of a competitive strategy.’

Looks like the HBs are whipping out some Mystery-style old school harsh negs. When I read this passage, however, it became clear to me where Style learned most of his techniques. It’s very powerful when you turn that gossiping, nit-picking, cattiness around. =)

You can read the whole article here.

Completely Cold

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A lot of people seemed interested in the book Style reffered to on Cold Reading in his rather mean post on Social Robots (but I guess when you’re as good as he is, you have the ability to look down on us mere mortals).

Regardless, thanks to IN10SE’s help, I was able to track it down. It’s called Completely Cold and is written by Kenton Knepper. It seems to be a book on mentalism tricks for street magicians, so it only seems natural Mystery would have incorporated something like it into his game. Here’s the description from the website:

For years Tank and Kenton have been working on an “ultimate” system for “psychic readings”. They dreamed of a system using absolutely No memorization. No props whatsoever! No having to read a spectator’s body language for information! A system you could do over the phone! Simple. Never fails. Use it anytime, anywhere. No set up of any kind.

This system is so easy, you can learn to do the readings in minutes. You only need to know two amazingly simple, yet potent rules. Even the two rules don’t need to be memorized…Once you know the secrets, YOU KNOW IT COLD! You have never seen anything this perfect and this simple in any other “cold reading” materials. It is truly a dream come true!

If you are a magician who has ever been asked to do readings, but had to back off because you didn’t have a secure system, this is for you! If you are a seasoned mentalist or reader, this will greatly enhance what you already know. Just add in Completely Cold wherever and whenever you like. You’ll never believe the power of this system’s simplicity, until you try it!

You can buy the book here.

Style on being a Social Robot

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Wow, the GREAT and MIGHTY Syle (the most powerful of the Jedi) has graced the Advanced board of mASF with yet another $$$$$ post on something which stikes to THE VERY CORE of many of the “Poo-Ahhs” out there. Here’s what he has to say:

Style writes:
Have you ever noticed that there’s something strange about a lot of sargers?

It’s as if you look at a guy, and you can just TELL that something is missing.

And some of these guys even do amazing in the field. They get great reactions most of the time, and sometimes even #s and !s. But, at the same time, they NEVER seem to have a girlfriend.

Most of the guys I know are like this. And there are a few reasons why: First, it goes back to one of my cardinal rules: The best way to sarge is to have something BETTER to do than to sarge. Some guys give up everything — school, work, even GFs — to learn to sarge better. But all these things ALLOW you to sarge better, because they make you a more COMPLETE person.

A problem I’ve noticed amongst some of the most dedicated posters here, especially those who got into ASF in their teens or early 20s,, is that they have INVENTED themselves through this theory. They are, to some degree, SOCIAL ROBOTS. And, after a great 20 minute set, it begins to show through to an HB that you don’t have anything MORE going for you. The other problem with being a social robot is that you start to thing that everyone else around you is one too, and begin to read TOO MUCH into their actions.

Here’s another thing Social Robots do: They treat Women completely differently than they treat Men. If they are around women, even at a lunch for work, they feel a stange shot of adrenaline and feel as if they have to sarge. Interactions with women are no longer normal; they become special occasions to feel a sense of self-worth. Your self-esteem is contantly at the mercy of the reactions of women.

Social robots also stop seeing value in things that are non-PU related, such as books and movies and even friends that they can’t learn about PU from.

So, what I’m trying to say in short is that ASF and the PU lifestyle can give you SO much — I know it’s given me so much — but it can take away a lot too. You can end up becoming just a one-dimensional person, a social robot.

The solution is to put your life back into balance; spend just an hour a day reading ASF/PU-related material; spend just three nights or afternoons a week sarging or hanging out with PUAs. Alternate PUA reading with good literature. Make it a HOBBY. And focus a greater share of your efforts on the job/achievements/success you want in life. If you can make something of yourself, the HBs will come and what you’ve learned here will prepare you to deal with them.

There’s a book on cold-reading that basically breaks down all problems to Health, Wealth and Relationships. And each have an Internal and External component. (This btw is the book where Mystery got his theory on this from.) And you need to start DIVIDING your attention between ALL of these to be successful in any single one.

A lot of guys always ask how I got good so quickly. And I think that in addition to all the awesome things (like Mystery’s workshop) that changed my life, I was well-rounded and interested in people to start with. So when I ran out of routines, I could still be INTERESTING and INTERESTED. Those two words in caps right there are, I think, the special sauce that can prevent a lot of flaking that guys here seem to get.

And then later on Style chimes back in with this:

Oh, and here are some other things Social Robots do:

–They think that everything that a HB says to them that isn’t 100 percent positive is a “shit test.”

–They think that if an HB is busy on the one night they ask her out, then it’s a personal insult and must be dealt with using “anti-flake” measures.

–They panic if they run out of “material” during a conversation with a woman.

–They see all other males who are interacting with women as AMOGs who must be destroyed.

–They cannot discuss a woman without asking first, “What’s her rating?”

I could go on. But you get the point…

(And, hey, I have no illusions: I’ve been guilty of being a social robot just like everyone else here.)

Hmmm. More than a few not-so-subtle pot-shots at some big guys in the community (and the community in general to boot). But does that make him any less right? Ideed, I have noticed this is a big problem with lots of guys as well. But the real question is: Are people like this because it is a result of studying this stuff, or does it just bring out who people are to begin with?

You can read the whole thread here.

SteviePUA Live Audio!

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Okay, this is cool. SteviePUA has put up an MP3 of him doing some routines. It is a new example of the Vampire Girls Dream routine, followed by some cocky and playful busting on the chicks. Apparently this was a 3 set of 2 chicks and one guy. Great stuff.

You can download it here.

You can also find a good MP3 of Stevie doing palm reading here. This is the rundown on this audio:

SteviePUA writes:
I was working on a 3 set of 2 chicks and 1 guy. I’d started by doing a mind-reading effect and then I went into palm-reading. There is a lot of extremely vague hypnotic language here. I really am saying little of substance, but it is all so completely vague that she can find her own meaning to it and apply it to herself. I bring in themes of this being a special experience, acting on her passion, and going for something even though it might not make sense (like my language – get it?). I also bring the BF into the interaction to reduce him feeling alienated and cockblocking.

It’s one thing to read about this stuff, but to listen to a fied-tested guy do it is something quite different (ie: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THIS STUFF WORKS!!!) etc. =)

Congruence — Being All of a Piece

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Vince Runza has an excellent post up on the General board of mASF talking about the importance of congruency. Here’s my favorite paragraph:

Vince writes:
Your reality must be more powerful than hers. It’s that simple. As long as your reality is the dominant reality, no woman can shake you up, make you crazy or ever take away your power. While this may sound like hubris, or overweening pride, it’s simply the way things work. It may not be absolutely true that you are the best possible choice for her to make, but it is an effective working rule that you are. She wants you to be the man. It’s her own hard wiring that makes her respond positively to a strong lead.

Wise words indeed. Very powerful stuff. Read it all here.

The Art of Introducing Yourself

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Boiledbrain wrote a post asking the eternal question “Should you wait to introduce yourself to a girl until she asks you or not?” Now, obviously this is a bit of a controversial topic based on the responces:

warlord3421 writes:
Introduction is big supplication, wait for her to ask the name!

effigyc writes:
Like I’m saying, this is BS. People have taken this non-supplicative thing way, way too far! Giving a girl your name is NOT supplicating unless you just walk up and go “Gosh, you sure is purty! My name’s Jim-Bob. What’s yours?” If you’ve had a conversation, if she’s smiling at you, laughing, etc. introducing yourself should be no big deal. It might even keep the conversation going if you stall, or even further the sarge if you’ve done enough work.

FatAss writes:
Doesn’t matter. Really. I wait until a convo warms up, because I figure that otherwise there’s no point in introducing myself.

So what is the right answer? I know someone like the all-powerful Zan would laugh at a question like this (I should know because I’ve asked him this before). To some guys it doesn’t matter if you introduce yourself or not. To others, it’s a sign of showing interest, so they play the game where they wait for the girl to either ask/introduce herself first before introducing themselves. But I personally feel it all comes down to the frame from which you’re coming from.

If you’re coming from the frame where you don’t care, you’re just having fun, etc. You’re going to introduce yourself when it feels appropriate. If you’re coming from the frame where you’re gaming a chick, introducing yourself too early telegraphs your intentions. It’s not a deal breaker by any means, but it’s usually best to get her intrigued to the point where she asks you first.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no right answer here, since it’s context dependant. Of course, what do I know? Anyone agree/disagree?

Where to find girls

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So I’m surfing mASF today and find a post by LowRider69 about how he can’t find the type of girls he wants to pick-up at his college campus.

LowRider69 writes:
For me, the FIND is probably the toughest part of the game right now. I understand why Mystery does strip clubs, he’s looking for the hottest women available.

Right now the ONLY place I have is college campus.

I automatically weed out fatties, UGs, super nerdy girls, average girls who are superpeacocked and brown/black chicks. I also don’t like sarging super peacocked hotties because I think they’re retarded for dressing up that much on campus

Yeah its fucked up. Btw, I have female friends who are UGs, nerds and all different races. I’m just not interested in sarging these girls.

So my FIND is limited. It is SERIOUSLY limited.

I’m a wierd breed. An anamoly.

Anyway, my first thought is “Wow, he must go to a really sucky school if he can’t find any good looking girls there!” Colleges especially usually have a lot of good looking chicks, and if he’s not finding them, he’s hanging out in the wrong places. I can remember having the same problem when I was in college, complaining about how there were “no hot girls” around.

The thing is, they’re there. You just have to find them. So where do the hot girls go? The same place the fun guys go. I didn’t start to meet REALLY hot girls in college until I made friends with Frat Boys and musicians. The Frat Boys would invite me to their parties where they had tons of the hottest girls on campus getting drunk and having fun. I became friends with a few local bands and began to meet their groupies (all bands, no matter how shitty, seem to have groupies).

Also, libraries on campus are always GOLD when it comes to finding girls. Student unions as well. If you’re active, join clubs — especially those dealing with Greek Life Government on campus. I met lots of girls through that venue.

Also, coffee shops, bars, and pool halls can be pretty good as well. Though I’d imagine you’d be hard pressed NOT to run into an attractive girl just walking around the street on a college campus.

But probably the best place to meet a girl on a college campus is the cafeterias. I met SO many girls in college just by sitting with random groups of people when it came time to eat and striking up conversations. There really is no excuse for not being able to find girls to sarge while in college.

The Real David DeAngelo

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So I’m reposting this from the latest Cliff’s List, just because it’s not every day we see a post from David D outside of his newsletters. I found this post to be quite interesting, because he seems to be revealing a bit more of his personal life/experiences than we’re used to seeing from him. It’s also a damn good Field Report with some quite humorous moments, especially if you imagine David D talking in his typical monotone ultra-serious voice. (Think “Al Gore” in “party” mode) =)

David DeAngelo writes:
Tyler, I just read that Outing Report you sent in… What a damn FREAKSHOW you’re becoming.

Tyler, I want to be you when I grow up. Of all the guys I’ve known and met, you might be the most intense when it comes to learning, innovating, and implementing. The depth of your understanding, and the subtle levels of your communication are amazing. I learn something every time I talk to you or read your stories.

OK, so you inspired me to share a quick story from tonight.

I just got back from going out with Rick H. (good buddy of mine that
many of you may have heard of). We went to a trendy bar in Hollywood, CA. We were just there to have a drink and kick back with friends…

I walked into the men’s room, and there’s a girl pulling her pants down to use the toilet. There are two other guys in the men’s room as well. This particular bathroom has one toilet, one urinal, no stalls, etc.

In other words, she’s right out in the open.

So I walk over to wait for the urinal, and I turn my back to the girl (without even looking at her) as I say “Here, I’ll block for you”. As I’m standing there, one of the guys says “Her name is ‘D.’…” I say
“Hey ‘D.” whatup” (ignoring her, monotone statement… not a question). I didn’t turn around, or answer her as she said “hi” back to me.

She finishes as I walk over to the urinal to do my thing. I walk over to the sink as she’s pulling her pants up. I turn on the water, and point to the sink. She looks at it, and walks out the door. I wash my hands… and walk out the door. She’s outside the men’s room, so I strike up a conversation by busting her balls for not washing her hands after using the bathroom.

Now, I should mention, this girl is six feet tall, super-model face and body, small tattoo on the back of her neck. I’m talking SMOKING hot. If you live in New York, L.A., or Vegas and you go out to exclusive places often, you might have seen a girl this hot within the last few MONTHS. If you don’t live in one of these places, you probably haven’t seen a girl this hot in YEARS. In other words, she was hot. OK, whatever.

By the way, I’ve already seen this girl a couple of times earlier in the evening, and guys are lining up to kiss her ass, horn in on her, and generally seek approval like pussies all night.

So where was I? Oh yea… I’m busting her balls about not washing her hands…

She just stops and stares directly into my eyes with a serious look on her face. She can’t exactly believe what she’s hearing… so she’s challenging me with a combination of no verbal response plus direct serious eye contact.

Of course, I look right back at her without flinching.

We make small talk for a minute. Hair, clothes, drinks. I then take out a breath mint, and offer her one. I did it in such a way that she couldn’t tell if I was being nice or if I was hinting that she had bad breath. She declined, saying that it wouldn’t go with her martini.

Another minute or two of small talk. The L.A. Scene, the bachelorette party that’s there, whatever. More ball busting. By now she’s grabbing my coat, pulling herself towards me… looking directly into my eyes intensely… I’m looking her in the eyes… and leaning back, not responding to her physical touching.

I take out the breath mints AGAIN. This time I actually take one and go to place it in HER mouth. She opens her mouth, but in SHOCK. She takes the mint with her hand, and puts it in her own mouth.

She says “I can’t believe you called me on my bad breath!”

I said “I didn’t call you on it, I just gave you a breath mint… much classier.”

She said “Oh my God! I had Mexican food for dinner… blah blah blah (explanations and excuses for her breath).”

Then she said again “I can’t believe you called me on my bad breath… I LOVE YOU!”.

At this point she’s putting her arm around me and pulling me toward her… putting her cheek up against mine, etc. I’m leaning back, not taking the bait. I put my hand up slowly into the back of her hair and pulled gently/firmly She did the “deep inhale” of pleasure. I take her shoulders (bare), turn her around physically, and give her a gentle bite on the neck.


I say “I’m going to go find my friends”… and turn to walk away.

Normally I would have kissed her, gotten her info at that moment (minimum), etc. but this particular girl was so hot and so damn SHARP that I wanted to let the tension build a little more. Well, I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as I turned around to walk away, she literally grabbed me by the back of my hair, and pulled me back to her She put her arms around me and pulled me into her. I gave her a squeeze (sister style)… but didn’t take advantage of the moment to kiss her. Again, tension, tension, tension.

OK, short story short… I find out she’s there with some guy friend who’s taking her home… and I’m getting ready to leave with my friends… she’s begging me to write to her… and I’m off with her info.

The moral?

Sexual Tension or “Chemistry” can be sparked, amplified, and dialed up so high that it’s almost unreal within just a few minutes… sometimes even less. And it can happen with the hottest of the hot girls… as long as you’re open to it, and you know what to do in order to create it.

A key to this equation is total PRESENCE and total COMPOSURE. You must mentally become the gay-marriage child of Obi-Wan and James Bond. Remember how COMPOSED those dudes were at all times? Add an understanding of Sexual Tension, and a few ball-busting comments, and you’ve got all the makin’s for a party. That’s the way.

Just a thought…

There you have it folks! David D is the KING of picking up unhygenic chicks with bad breath! I suggest you start studying Double Your Dating Immediately!!! lol.

Quote of the Day

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So it seems Friday is "TD Luvin’" day, as Tyler’s streak of memorable posts continues.  This one was just so funny, I had to post it as the Quote of the Day.

Tyler Durden wrote:
MINE’99, this is genius post.  Not many people know this: although Isaac Newton is often credited for discovering gravity, it was in fact first discussed by MINE’99 in the ’99 LA Palo Alto psychic influence seminar.

**Original post has been edited by me.


Turning Around a Set

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We’ve all been there before. We approach a set, and things go bad. But TD chimes in with a post about his structure for turning a bad set into a good one. Here’s the basics:

Tyler Durden writes:

1- Don’t acknowledge that she’s even pissed. Don’t show any facial expressions of reaction to her bullshit. Laugh it off, but in a way where you’re not laughing to cover up discomfort. Like you think she’s almost joking or teasing. This is important, because if she thinks you realized she was serious, it’s natural psychology to be consistent to it and not let it go.

2- Interpret it like she just qualified herself to you, in the way that she showed that she can stick up for herself. Do this in a funny way, using funny mini-cold-reads or future adventures projections.

3- Give a brief sincere apology from a position of authority.

4- Follow up immediately with something funny or intriguing to distract her. “Change her mood not her mind.”

I recommend reading the whole thread. Lots of good stuff in there. Check it out here.

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