The New “Art of War”

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Robert Greene, author of two of the greatest books of all time — The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction, chimes in on his message boards about his new book, which supposedly “bridges the gap” between the two books he’s already written as a modern day “Art of War.”

Robert Greene writes:
I am currently writing a chapter on the notion of the counterattack—always letting the other person go first, make the first move, and then playing off of what they give you. In martial arts, jujitsu and other swordfighting schools that only use the counterattack. In games, such as backgammon, what we call the back game. In soccer, the classic counterattack. In politics, staying above the fray and letting the other guy hang himself with nastiness. In seduction, drawing someone in, in order to take command of their minds. The essence of the counterattack is that you are working with their mind, their personality, their weaknesses to bring them down. This is chapter nine, in a section on defensive warfare. Next, I will be writing about the Bluff, Intimidation games.

Sounds awesome. If you’re interested in checking out either 48 Laws or Art of Seduction, buy them through my site so I can get a commission! =)

You can check out Robert Greene’s website here.

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