BootyCast Episode 4: Number 5

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Hey guys,

This week’s episode of the BootyCast has special guest Brad P. from

Issues covered in this week’s podcast…

  • My appearance on the Barry Kirky show (again)
  • Devil’s Threesomes & Johnny Wolf
  • New Sex Terms
  • The Looks Vs. Personality Debate
  • How Brad P Got Started Teaching Dating Advice
  • Thundercat’s Top Ten List
  • How Brad P Met Tyler Durden
  • Blog Reader’s Questions For Brad P
  • The Similarities Between Brad P’s Routines & Dean Koonts Novels
  • The Real Man Conference In Amsterdam
  • PUA Action Figures
  • Upcoming Free Teleconference Call

This week’s podcast runs 2:56:47 minutes.  You can download the Podcast by clicking here.

Or you can listen to it here:

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20 Responses to “BootyCast Episode 4: Number 5”
  1. madcutter says:

    Sinn = Mack-Wild

  2. Paul says:

    I’m 45 minutes in…..a TOTAL waste of time. TC talks about Barry talking about him.

    How rude to BradP.

    TC, you like abuse obviously. Mack Wild is a problem. Stop being so selfish. Moderate. Rub 2 brain cells together. You want people to watch your videos, then, you’ll have to grow up and listen to what your audience wants, and make some adjustments right?

    And not moderating??? huh? you ‘don’t give a shit want anybody thinks?’ But, hold on. Brad, refers to himself as a big nosed ***…..yes, you edited out JEW. So, you do care? You don’t care? what people think. Huh?

  3. Harry K. says:

    This interview was as boring as the Barry and Johnny Wolf interview. Too much of a commercial for his services.

    Sorry dude. I like your other Bootycalls, though….

  4. Chancellor says:

    Your podcasts generally suck, but i can’t stop listening to them! ;)

  5. madcutter says:

    Your “Looks Don’t Matter” mantra is an epic fail. Lol at Amandas anti-corroboration.

    Hey try this one on for size Thundie… a Yahoo headline no less..

    New Olympic heartthrob

    Michael Phelps is grabbing all the headlines, but Ryan Lochte is a big hit with women. » New American crush

    Could it be because looks DO matter? On one hand we have a young man who wins 7 gold medals. Then there comes in another dude and he’s an instant heartthrob. Geez, I wonder why? Maybe you could explain it for me? If you can’t, then maybe Amanda could. Yeah, ask her in the next podcast. Thanks! And while you’re at it, name one ‘heartthrob’, ever, that wasn’t classicly good looking, and achieved that title based on personality alone.

  6. G says:

    Lame lame lame.

  7. mike mynamesnotreallymike says:

    I only downloaded this cause brad p was on the show, I originally thought you guys were just going to bullshit around have fun and tell some jokes, instead you make him wait for like an hour and a half while you talk about drama then when you do get to brad it turns into a talk about game and gaming, (all of the stuff talked about I’ve heard a million times) would have been better if you guys just chopped it up, put all the game shit aside and just chopped it up. thats where I think Barry Kirkys show is better he tries to steer the conversation away from “game” type of topics. leave all the game topics to the pickup podcast guys is all I’m saying.

  8. dc says:

    i fell aslep after first 10′

  9. Amanda says:

    Ok, for all you haters out there… Ya’ll know that it’s not just all about looks, because its not. But, looks ARE important, as are personality and social status.

    Looks and no personality will get you as far as personality and no looks. It’s not about being naturally attractive, it’s about doing the best you can with what you got, which is exactly what Thundercat and many other PUAs have managed to do.

    Yes, being a heartthrob may generate instant attraction, but what those guys have is the social status. If they don’t have the personality to back it up they will be relegated to posters on 13-year-old girls’ walls.

    Listen next week and we will cover this better. Throw out any topics ya’ll want to hear covered. And maybe cut back on that haterade.

  10. In_The_D says:

    My take:
    Yes the podcast is very long. But its Thundercat’s podcast. He can make it as long as he wants. And if I don’t like it – I can choose not to listen .

    I watched the Thundercat vs Two Hot Guys video. I thought the two “good-looking” guys were boring. Women (like Amanda) might find them attractive initially, but the boring conversation eventually wears them down. What would they think of Ryan Lochte (Olympic swimming stud) if he was not confident around women or couldn’t carry a conversation?

    Men are different. I am willing to put up with a LOT of shallow conversation if I think that flaky hot girl is becoming attracted to me.

    Looks DO matter to women. But many of them are looking for a more complete package, including good conversation, value, and character. It’s a more mature outlook on life and relationships, and I want to emulate it myself (by qualifying women more by WHO they are, and less by how they look in tight jeans and a midriff).

    I liked hearing from Brad P that some instructors worry about “proving” themselves on bootcamps. I’ve attended two bootcamps, and both times I saw instructors who had issues when it came to approaching women. Which means they should consider going back to working at the 7 Eleven or wherever they came from. These kinds of posers have no business teaching students.

    Women addicted to Internet dating:
    Do you really want to date most of the women who post on plentyoffish, etc.? The crazys will create more drama than they are worth, and any attractive females will post and then not bother to go back and check their inbox. I have better things to do than write hundreds of messages to the deranged female population out there.

    Amanda –
    Yes, please cover the “looks vs personality” debate next podcast. I’m interested in your opinion on this.
    Also – how (and where) to meet and attract quality women? By “quality” I mean women who don’t frequent bars all the time, have a life (and career) of their own, and don’t respond to “daygame” tactics. They are generally more stable than the women most PUAs meet in clubs.

  11. Joker says:

    Brad P is real down to earth cool dude. Intresting to find out that he learned “Old School Style” haha. The story about Tyler Durden was real facinating. Brad P. has some balls doing that type of thing considering people think of TD as a god or something. TC great Podcast. Peace!!

  12. “Could it be because looks DO matter? On one hand we have a young man who wins 7 gold medals. Then there comes in another dude and he’s an instant heartthrob. Geez, I wonder why? Maybe you could explain it for me? If you can’t, then maybe Amanda could. Yeah, ask her in the next podcast. Thanks! And while you’re at it, name one ‘heartthrob’, ever, that wasn’t classicly good looking, and achieved that title based on personality alone.”

    So you think your Mom and Sister would just rip Phelps clothes off and go down on him as soon as they saw him, before he even opened his mouth, even before he got famous and they didn’t know him from Adam?

    I think you guys are being a little too literal when Thundie says “Looks don’t matter.”

    Take it in context.

    Maybe he should have said “Looks aren’t necessary to get laid, even in the face of competition from supermodel-type males. Even when we’re talking about HB10s.”

    And he would have been absolutely, 100% correct.
    Sorry to destroy your limiting beliefs, but it’s true.
    Field tested.

  13. madcutter says:

    Mack wild = Sinn

  14. Haterade says:

    I really dig Brad P’s vibe. Just a cool dude who isn’t into trashing other people. Rather, he wants to help guys and he still shows he has a lot of personality.

    I understand that Thundercat needs to stir up drama to have a popular site, so that’s part of why he comes off as such a hater.

    I think bleeping out the word in this podcast is not a sign of pandering to others but a sign of being civilized.

  15. Jason Reitger says:

    Im Jewish and `Jew` is not any kind of swear word.

    Are you trying to injure me?

    Fuck Off

  16. Haterade says:


    Don’t recall anyone saying ‘Jew’ was a swear word.

    Obviously, talking to a Jew and using the word in a certain way in a sentence may piss that Jew off.

    Get it now ya Jew?

  17. Chase says:

    Really liked this podcast since it was entertaining but I honestly TC was extremely rude and disrespectful to Amanda. Asking her if she’d wanna be part of a spit roast and eiffel tower not just once but several times? Pretty weird and borderline creepy IMO. I’m sure they’re friends and all that but especially on a public podcast you should try and have a little more respect buddy.


  18. Respect says:

    Yeah dude, I agree totally. It’s lame to make sick jokes that obviously make Amanda and Adam uncomfortable. I mean they are a couple so it should be obvious that it’s not in your best interest to alienate 2 people who are contributing to your podcast, whether they get publicity or not.

    Advice: Don’t get too caught up in the leverage you have because of the number of hits your website gets or, for example, how much the Top 10 PUA list has boosted people’s business.

    That’s not an excuse to act like a dick and expect others to just take it. Try to stay true to yourself and not become an egotistical asshole.

    I think everyone’s had a boss who pulls that shit and we can agree that this is an uncool ego trip to be on.

  19. Kurt says:

    I saw the “looks do not matter” videos and was initially intrigued….However it was so lame…And I hate to say it I think it was staged. The guys in the videos were complete duds and there is no way that there personalities could be that extremely bad….I was very disappointed…The Brad P interview as overall a non-interview…for god sakes let the guy talk – Brad P is a genius and has helped what little game I have reach levels I never would have….again, the videos were really bad and we all no that looks do matter to some extent…Thundercat is like 6’1″ – that is a natural DHV already…if he was say, 5’5″ then it would be a different story…..sorry to be so negative but this community really does a disservice when they put out such bad and questionable at best product….

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