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Sexkitten chimes in with a post where she claims she discovered the magic bullet.

Sexkitten writes:
…It’s very simple and I’ve just now figured it out. The only time I’ve ever been without a man is when I didn’t want one. I thought it was the hardcore sexual acts that I like so much. And that I take great care of myself inner and outer self. That’s part of it, but not all. The secret: I ACT LIKE A MAN.

They do not understand me, never has and never will. I like to have a lot of dirty sex. And I take it and leave. I could care less if they call me, and I sure as hell don’t call them. You’ll never find me sitting waiting by the phone. If he messes up, I’ll simply replace him. Sexkitten has never met a man whom she cannot walk away from no matter how deeply I feel or how badly it hurts.

I never say the love word first. Show no interest in wanting to marry or have their children first. Don’t expect or need them to pay my bills. I am a different gosh darn person every other day–mysterious and elusive. I don’t have a charming bone in my body except when I want to–don’t fight, or nag, or whine. I would rather have sex. I look at other men and shows no jealousy when he looks at other women. (It’s normal) I don’t want to spend all of my time with him.

Men simply like us better if they can’t contain us, use, misuse, or abuse us. Treat your man like a prince. Love him, treasure him, kiss him, have sex with him. DON’T EVER try to OWN HIM. Or let him believe that he owns you.

I think it’s funny how her solution to get a man is to “Act Like A Man.” I know a lot of our tactics in the Pick-Up community come from stuff women do to us. Guess it’s kind-of a wierd circle of life type thing. Oh, the irony…

Anyway, I love the last part of her post: Don’t ever try to own him. Or let him believe that he owns you. That’s great stuff, and the best way to keep a relationship healthy and alive IMO.

You can read and comment on the post on her blog here.

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2 Responses to “Get and Keep a Man!”
  1. Endi says:

    a lot of standard “Rules” technique except this girl likes to fuck! Hells yah, power to her.

  2. Tony McRush says:

    It is immoral to fancy bullies
    I am fed up with women who fancy bullies. Women and men who support, tolerate, or commit bullying are evil.
    I am fed up with evil abusive women boasting of supporting abuse. They see abuse as sexy and manly, and think anyone who doesn’t is insane.
    I am fed up with snobby bullying thugs picking on me and calling me a mong or sad, etc:.
    I have done NOTHING TO the snobby bullying thugs. Why do they expect to use me as an emotional punch bag, or a sadistic pleasure toy.
    I have emotions and a identity too.
    I do not need to be patronised, insulted, ignored, mocked for making these remarks. It does not make me a troll for making remarks you disagree with.
    I am not looking for advice or insults I am giving MY opinion. I do not need some sick manipulative terrifying pro abuse maniac justifying abuse. I would regard that as deeply deeply hurtful and insulting.
    If you are angered by my views then that is sick, and terrfiying. All I am doing is arguing against abuse, so there is no I repeat no logical justifiable excuse for being upset or angry at what I have written here.
    I do need to be patronised by some terrifying bully.
    Lets just point out something here I don’t do abuse.
    I don’t rape,
    I don’t beat up women
    I don’t abuse children
    I don’t rob, mug, harash old aged pensioners, the menally ill, or vulnerable school children.
    I don’t bully.
    I am not dangerous or sadistic, or cruel. So who on earth is scared of my writing.
    In my experience sadistic snobby bullying thugs like to claim that shy bullied mens like me are the dangerous ones.
    Abusive men do not represent men, they represent abusive men.
    It is not liberal to support, or commit, or tolerate abuse. Liberalism is do whatever one wants as long as it does not harm others.
    If you find my article boring then why did you read it up to here..
    Why on earth would this article annoy anyone. Why? Why? Why? I have written an anti abuse post, so what is the problem.
    By the way we should divide up men’s groups into abusive snobby bullies and non abusive.
    You need mental treatment to protect others, if you disagree with my views.
    Don’t call my views hate filled or extreme, or drivel like that. Don’t call my views a rant it is a deeply held important view I hold and I don’t need my sensitive views being dissmissed by some snide insensitive prat, bullying snob thug. Victims get upset by being abused, why can’t you understand that.
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    Why are you so angry at not being able to insult me, Why?????
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    By the way I don’t need any immoral indignation, from some abusive bully being upset a at a victim complaining about abuse. .
    I don’t need Advice from this board, I want agreement.
    I don’t look on internet message boards for advice. Especially one that are used by bullies and wife beaters.
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    So what about the length of what I’e written, I can write what I want.
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