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Mystery has graced the web with yet another $$$ post in the Field Reports section of mASF. He gives away some good tips and tricks which, honestly, should be saved for a newsletter — they’re that good. But Mystery is so passionate about this stuff he can’t help but give it away I suppose.

Mystery writes:

If Im with a hotty I will OFTEN do a takeaway so that when they find me minutes later Im in set with another girl. this makes them jealous and then I can CHOOSE THEM … this happened to the HB9 I ‘enjoyed’ in Vegas. Same scenario. So the girl then # bridged ME and my ex got up and then conveyed jealous tension by putting my top hat that she was wearing on the girl and then pushing it too hard over her head, covering her eyes. my ex was JEALOUS haa. Perfect. It demonstrates that Im desired by others. the pre-selection switch I talk about on my site is TRIGGERED! THe 9.2 girl said to me, “that is so rude” and I replied, “the plot thickens. Youll have to fight for me … but I think you’ll win”.

This is how to run a jealousy subplot and I believe it is NECCESSARY in ALL sarges. that is why it exists in the COMFORT PHASE of MM. Its hard to build it in every time but when you can the results are ALWAYS SUPER POSITIVE!

NOTE> JUST noticed something! Im excited about this! the jealousy plotline is the LAST tactic I must do in the F2M ATTRACT phase! once I have CHOSEN HER over someone else (which gives her strong IOIs) then Im in COMFORT with her. PERFECT! this is much better than simply throwing in the jealousy plotline somewhere in comfort! nice. oh my god I LOVE THIS GAME! If I absolutely CANNOT do it in F2M, then I have to throw it in sometime in COMFORT. So there is really a WINDOW in which this plot line must be thrown into the game. cool. oh shit this is advanced stuff. The only guys who will even know what Im talking about are Style, Papa and Tyler D.



From this sarge Ive noticed a SECOND PLACE where false disqualifiers fit perfectly. we all know about the first place, which is during the M2F attract phase. We will falsely disqualify ourselves (“too bad Im gay or you’d be so my type” or my fave “you and I will never get along”) to our target so that her peer group thinks we aren’t hitting on her and will instantly disarm without the need to do AMOG tactics. negs are in fact a breed of false disqualifier. they build comfort with the obstacles basically. but I used them in this set in a different way … one that I will use in the future! see, during the second attract stage: F2M I said, “I dont think Im really your type” and she qualified herself with “yes you are.” so I said, “Im really weird” and she said, “so am I” and I said “yeah but sometimes Im just like a little boy” and she said, “I love that about you” and that was that. I was IN! haaa. So there I was trying to disqualify myself on PURPOSE and she wouldnt LET ME haa. another one I used was “youre 5ft3 and Im 6ft5″ she said, “I love tall guys”. nice. (I hope I can maybe start a relationship with her – she is hot AND sweet. too bad she lives so fucking far away).



so I got her number and then went home with my ex. and did I fuck her? of course! she loved (or hated) the fact that hot women want me and I have choice. she even knew I had the girls # in my pocket. strange but true. After sex, she was in the shower when I called the other girl. its a fucked situation because I am close to my ex, but she is not going to be my LTR so I have to actively sarge on.



My new # M.O. is to tell my target I’ll call her when Im in bed so I can hear her voice before I goto sleep. (I also told her if we dont see eachother in person within the next 7 days Ill throw the # out, which is true). So when I called she was SO HAPPY to hear from me. She was still in her car driving home (she lives in orange county) but it was a good move to touch base with her that night. Normally Id talk for a long time (hours!) because they are in bed and so am I and its so intimate (and the calls at night are free!) but my ex was here so the girl said shell call me later and I returned to my ex. but now get this. my ex has decided to sleep on the mattress on the floor again instead of my california king sized bed. ah women, confusing creatures arent they.



the girl didnt call which sucked but the next day she DID call and we talked for a bit. she said she got home late and had to wake early and crashed and was sorry. all is good in the world.

Love Mystery

Mystery is gonna have to change his handle to “Frank TJ Mackey” if he keeps on about jealousy traps and the like, lol. You can read the whole thread here.

I don’t know if I agree with the “Call in less than an hour” thing. I mean, the idea is great in concept, but I’ve seen Mystery in action before. He creates SUPER HIGH value for himself in his sarges, so he can get away with calling that same night because he has so much room to work with. I’m wondering how this will look if us rank-and-file seducers were to do something like this. Would it work? Or would we devalue ourselves by doing so and thus blow our chances?

What do you guys think?

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  1. SirItalian says:

    Not for me. My phone game is limited to scheduling the next meet. I don’t call for “comfort building” after the PU or first meet. Talking for hours to build comfort? Uh, no, thanks.

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