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Tyler Durden has posted a pretty good post in the General forum of mASF about a pitfall a lot of guys can fall into during a sarge, and that is the dreaded “becoming a Cheesy Guy.”

Tyler Durden writes:
Like something that I think a lot of guys don’t get is that girls are chatting you, and yes its important to get them into you – but its also equally important not to do anything stupid to disqualify yourself.

It’s like when you’re talking to a girl, and she’ll be totally into you, but the second you talk about your house or car she instantly loses interest. Or you’ll tell her about how you beat somebody up, and she loses interest. Anything like that is visibly showing that you are trying to change her opinion of you in an artificial way. The same goes for unwitty innuendo or anything that cleverly gets her to do things she’s not choosing to do on her own.

There’s a bit of a data fallacy though with pickup, because guys may do something and think it helped them, but really it only worked because of other reasons.

For example, guys will beat eachother up in front of girls, and their girls will become more attracted. They’ll think “Aha! She likes me because I’m so tough for kicking that guys’ ass!” Really though, they’re not realizing that it was actually that their girlfriend likes insecure guys, and that’s what turned her on. Like for the same reasons you can get blown out of sets with 7s or with any girl who isn’t self confident, by using too much C&F or overgaming, you can attract her by acting insecure. Like these guys don’t even realize that the girls they got by fighting were attracted them because they *lowered* their own value, and it made the girl feel qualified.

This is a very interesting concept. I like the idea that some guys may get lucky by inadvertantly qualifying a girl by lowering their massive value. It’s really never a concept I’ve considered before. Props to Tyler on calling this one.

You can read the whole thread here.

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