Persistence is King

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I found a good repost from Gunwitch via an ijjjjji post in the Advanced forum of mASF. I found it interesting because I’m not really a fan of Gunwitch, but I can’t deny the validity of what he says here.

Gunwitch writes:
Can’t read peoples minds, supposing someone thought something because of something you said or did is irrational and goes on far too much.

Women want to have sex with men, women are not from Venus, we are not from mars, there is no need to see this as a battle, it is mutually shared sexual gratification. Women love sex, one must realize this.

Field work generates effective techniques and tactics, not vice versa.

Ejecting from a pick up unless it’s a DONE deal is illogical. Better to stand there with nothing particular to say and let her talk or walk, than to leave and never know.

If I relax they will relax, if I am sexual they will be sexual. First basis of getting anyone to do anything is the walks like a duck acts like a duck must be a duck principle. If you pigeonhole yourself as entertaining guy, or funny guy, or witty guy in her mind you are shorting yourself from pigeonholing yourself as “lover man”. Feel it, show it, but don’t say it, and she will place you in the category of a lover.

I like this because it’s very much about having such a dominant frame, that the social awkwardness of a situation where you continue to stand around a girl who might not want anything to do with you simply doesn’t register in your mind. It’s a very powerful frame to come from,

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One Response to “Persistence is King”
  1. The One says:


    Is it a good idea to stand there and push through? Yes and no.
    If you are a beginner, it’s a good idea to stand there and not eject. It’s all a learning experience at this point. The more you stay in that set, the more you learn.

    However, if you are advanced, things change drastically. There comes a point where you deem yourself in the selector frame. This is a powerful frame to have. If you are in a set, and the girls are boring the shit out of you, there is no friggin reason to stand there like a desperate horny dude (I.e Everyone else in the bar) and take the shit.
    There is a better set of girls not too far away.
    Every experience PUA will reach a point, (in my opinion) where he does not want his time wasted.

    Standing there “just to see what happens” is a beginner tool, but a necessary one.

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