The Pick Up Artist On VH1 – A Review

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So hopefully everyone caught the premier of VH1′s new series, "The Pickup Artist," starring our beloved Mystery, along with his wingmen Matador and J-Dog.

Before the show came on, I was really excited.  I was hoping this was going to be Mystery’s big break.  After all, the potential for this type of show is massive, and something like it has been talked about and fantasized within the community for years.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be the show everyone hoped it would be.

Read on…

The Good:
So we’ll of course start with what I thought was good about the show.  First of all, I think the guys they picked to be on the show were good casting decisions.  They really run the gamut of every type of "community" guy I’ve ever met.  But all of them seem to be good natured guys in genuine need of a real life change.  After meeting them all in the show, I found myself looking forward to seeing their transformation from AFC to PUA.

Secondly, they picked a good location.  Austin is a great city for pick up!  Though it’s not quite as glamorous as New York or LA, I’m sure it was much more budget friendly for this show.  However, there are tons of beautiful girls in Austin, and a great bar/club scene there.

The show also takes a sympathetic look at what we teach in the seduction community, which is nice for a change.  So many mainstream media outlets like to look at this pick-up stuff as a way of manipulating women instead of what it really is:  Male Self-Help.  I liked that Mystery himself pointed out this is about improving the guys’ lifestyle and making them better people.  That’s not a "dumbing down" for mainstream TV, that’s actually the real deal.

The hidden camera stuff was good too.  Sometimes you couldn’t quite see the girls they were talking to, but you got a real feel for how it is to go into a club and start approaching women.  For those of you who have yet to go in the field and talk to girls – that’s what it’s really like!  They’re not overtly mean to you, they just kind of turn their back and ignore you if you’re not doing well.  So I thought that segment of the show captured everything perfectly.

Also, the part where Mystery and the others were watching the guys crash and burn was great!  It was really funny to hear the terrible mistakes the guys made, and the reactions on Mystery’s face… priceless!

Finally, I thought Mystery came off well.  Although, he didn’t come off as very relatable.  He was actually quite stand-offish, way moreso than he usually is in a regular workshop where he’ll pal around and kid with people.  I get what the directors of the show were going for, but I would have liked to have seen him have more personal interactions with the guys.

Also, I thought Matador and J-Dog came off well.  I’ll be interested in seeing how their roles expand in upcoming episodes.

The Bad:
Okay, now I’ll get into what I DIDN’T like about the show.  First of all, it was way too cookie-cutter reality TV.  I felt like I was watching an episode of Beauty and the Geek without the Beauties.  I really, really, REALLY don’t like the whole elimination deal, and I’ll tell you why…

First of all – after getting to meet all the guys on this show, and seeing how in need of help they are, it’s just going to be MEAN kicking them off without helping them achieve real success first.  The whole competition thing about becoming a "Master Pickup Artist" is just lame.

This show is trying to be "Beauty and the Geek" when it needs to be more like "Cool Eye for the Awkward Guy."  We need to see these guys be nurtured and transform into people who are able to achieve their goals.  I want to see the 45 year old virgin get laid and get married.  I want to see the fat guy get a chick and feel good about himself.  I even want to see the annoying Indian guy mellow out and have a good time.

But chances are, none of that will happen, because guys are going to get kicked off in a very unceremonious way.

Also – the house they’re living in.  It’s nice, but… BUNK BEDS?  How are you supposed to take a girl home and bring her up to your BUNK BED?  Give the guys their own rooms, for the love of Pete!  Part of what made Project Hollywood so awesome was the fact that it was a place you could bring girls over to, and the environment would help you "close the deal."

The Austin PUA House is cool and all, but I’m guess no girls are pulled back there at all.

Another thing I disliked was the female announcer’s voice.  I would have much rather heard Mystery himself narrating the piece.  As it was, we didn’t even get to SEE Mystery until about a half-hour into the show.  Mystery has such a great personality, and he didn’t even get to share it with the audience yet.

And when Mystery did do some narration, they had him in a weird candlelit room that looks like something out of "Uncle Dracula’s Saturday Afternoon Movie."  C’mon!  This is MYSTERY!  One of the world’s greatest Pick-Up Artists!  Have him Narrate as he lounges in a bed with two hot chicks for Christsakes!

One of the things I was also surprised at was the lack of tactics in the first episode.  I’d think the show would want to hit the ground running.  Mystery’s intro to his usual seminars is so captivating, I would have liked to have seen him go through his history and talking about his own story.  I’m sure we’ll get more tactics as the show goes on, but still, a little more instruction would have been good.

Finally – J-Dog’s hair.  Dude, I love ya, but what’s up with the black stripes?  =)

The Ugly:
Well, the fact that the show is on Monday Nights isn’t the best.  That, and the fact that it’s on during the summer are working against it.  The show seems to oscillate between brilliant TV and contrived reality smut.  Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s the first episode and the show has yet to find it’s stride.  I’m still hopefull that the show will become great as we get more into it.

However, I still have the nagging feeling that we’re going to see a lot of guys leave this show without really seeing any improvement, and in my opinion, that will reflect poorly on Mystery as a teacher.  Int he previews, it looked like he was being down right mean to some of the guys he was kicking off, which I’m sure doesn’t help their self esteem any.

If the show does get picked up for another season, I’d like to see it take a more positive turn.  I mean, it’s great to go vacation in a mansion, learn to pick up chicks, and possibly win $50K, but shouldn’t the ultimate reward be feeling great about yourself and overcoming an irrational fear of women?  It seems to me like that journey would be just as dramatic as seeing who gets kicked off next week – which is done on EVERY reality show out there.

So there you go, my final thoughts on the Pickup Artist:

Enjoyable and fun, interesting, but could be even better than it is.

So what did you guys think?  Let me know!

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    Gratis slot games have become a widespread form of digital fun, offering players the rush of slot machines free from any cash investment.

    The primary goal of complimentary slot games is to deliver a pleasurable and absorbing way for players to savor the thrill of slot machines free from any monetary danger. They are conceived to imitate the sensation of for-profit slots, permitting players to rotate the reels, savor various concepts, and receive digital rewards.

    Fun: Free slot games are an fantastic option of leisure, offering spans of fun. They feature lively illustrations, compelling soundtracks, and wide-ranging concepts that serve a comprehensive variety of preferences.

    Skill Development: For beginners, free slot games present a risk-free environment to acquaint the mechanics of slot machines. Players can get acquainted with different functionality, payout lines, and special features absent the apprehension of relinquishing capital.

    Relaxation: Playing complimentary slot games can be a fantastic way to unwind. The easy gameplay and the potential for online rewards make it an pleasurable pastime.

    Community Engagement: Many complimentary slot games feature collaborative aspects such as challenges and the capacity to interact with acquaintances. These aspects inject a collective aspect to the interactive experience, motivating players to pit themselves against fellow participants.

    Perks of Complimentary Slot Games

    1. Accessibility and Comfort
    No-Cost slot games are conveniently accessible to anyone with an internet connection. They can be accessed on various devices including laptops, handhelds, and handsets. This ease permits players to experience their preferred games regardless of time and from any place.

    2. Financial Safety
    One of the most significant advantages of free slot games is that they eradicate the economic hazards associated with gambling. Players can enjoy the thrill of triggering the reels and obtaining big payouts absent spending any funds.

    3. Range of Possibilities
    No-Cost slot games are available in a extensive collection of concepts and styles, from classic fruit-based slots to modern video-based slots with sophisticated storylines and illustrations. This diversity ensures that there is an alternative for everyone, independent of their tastes.

    4. Developing Intellectual Aptitudes
    Playing free slot games can lead to improve mental capabilities such as pattern recognition. The requirement to consider winning combinations, comprehend functional concepts, and estimate outcomes can provide a mental challenge that is simultaneously pleasurable and helpful.

    5. Secure Pre-Testing for For-Profit Wagering
    For those pondering progressing to paid slots, gratis slot games provide a valuable preparation phase. Players can try out diverse games, develop tactics, and build confidence before choosing to stake real capital. This preparation can translate to a more educated and rewarding paid gaming experience.


    Free slot games deliver a wealth of advantages, from unadulterated fun to proficiency improvement and interpersonal connections. They present a safe and zero-cost way to relish the excitement of slot machines, establishing them a helpful complement to the world of virtual amusement. Whether you’re wanting to unwind, enhance your intellectual faculties, or merely derive entertainment, no-cost slot games are a wonderful possibility that persistently entertain players worldwide.

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    Slot-based activities have historically been a cornerstone of the gambling encounter, delivering users the possibility to secure major payouts with just the trigger of a handle or the press of a button. In the modern era, slot-based activities have likewise become favored in online wagering environments, making them reachable to an further wider audience.

    Amusement Factor
    Slot-related offerings are conceived to be enjoyable and captivating. They showcase vibrant visuals, suspenseful auditory elements, and diverse concepts that suit a comprehensive range of preferences. Regardless of whether customers savor traditional fruit-related symbols, adventure-themed slots, or slot-related offerings inspired by popular films, there is an option for all. This breadth provides that players can consistently find a offering that matches their tastes, granting hours of amusement.

    Easy to Play

    One of the most significant upsides of slot machines is their uncomplicated nature. As opposed to certain gambling games that require forethought, slot-based games are straightforward to grasp. This renders them approachable to a broad audience, encompassing novices who may experience deterred by increasingly sophisticated games. The easy-to-grasp nature of slot machines permits customers to decompress and experience the offering free from worrying about complicated protocols.

    Stress Relief and Relaxation
    Partaking in slot-based games can be a wonderful way to relax. The monotonous character of spinning the wheels can be soothing, providing a cerebral respite from the difficulties of regular existence. The possibility for earning, even it’s merely modest quantities, injects an element of anticipation that can boost players’ emotions. Several individuals find that interacting with slot machines enables them unwind and shift their focus away from their worries.

    Shared Experiences

    Slot-based activities as well provide prospects for communal engagement. In traditional wagering facilities, players typically group near slot-related offerings, cheering each other on and reveling in triumphs together. Digital slot-related offerings have also featured communal features, such as leaderboards, enabling players to network with fellow players and share their interactions. This environment of shared experience improves the holistic entertainment interaction and can be especially pleasurable for people aiming for group-based participation.

    Monetary Upsides

    The broad acceptance of slot-based activities has noteworthy fiscal advantages. The industry creates jobs for game engineers, casino personnel, and player support representatives. Moreover, the earnings produced by slot machines contributes to the financial system, granting fiscal incomes that resource public projects and systems. This financial influence expands to both land-based and virtual casinos, making slot-based games a beneficial component of the entertainment domain.

    Intellectual Advantages
    Playing slot-related offerings can also result in cerebral rewards. The offering requires users to make prompt choices, identify regularities, and supervise their risking tactics. These cognitive processes can enable sustain the thought processes acute and bolster intellectual capabilities. For mature players, partaking in cognitively challenging activities like engaging with slot-based games can be beneficial for sustaining mental capacity.

    Accessibility and Convenience
    The introduction of virtual gaming sites has constituted slot-based games more approachable than in the past. Participants can relish their cherished slot-based games from the simplicity of their own abodes, using desktops, pads, or cellphones. This convenience allows players to partake in at any time and wherever they are they prefer, devoid of the need to travel to a traditional gambling establishment. The offering of free slot-based games in addition permits participants to relish the game devoid of any economic commitment, establishing it an accessible style of leisure.

    Slot-related offerings provide a wealth of benefits to people, from absolute amusement to cognitive benefits and collaborative connection. They offer a worry-free and cost-free way to experience the thrill of slot machines, establishing them a beneficial extension to the landscape of online recreation.

    Whether you’re seeking to destress, enhance your mental faculties, or just enjoy yourself, slot-based games are a excellent option that constantly entertain users worldwide.

    Key Takeaways:
    - Slot-based activities provide fun through lively imagery, immersive audio, and diverse motifs
    - Ease of play makes slot machines available to a broad population
    - Interacting with slot-based activities can offer relaxation and cerebral benefits
    - Group-based functions bolster the holistic leisure encounter
    - Digital accessibility and gratis options establish slot-based activities open-to-all kinds of fun

    In recap, slot-based activities constantly provide a varied array of advantages that appeal to users throughout. Whether aspiring to sheer pleasure, mental challenge, or group-based connection, slot-related offerings persist as a fantastic possibility in the ever-evolving landscape of digital entertainment.

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    Prosperity Gambling Platform is a renowned digital venue known for its extensive range of offerings and captivating incentives. Let’s explore the reasons why so many individuals enjoy partaking in Luck Wagering Environment and how it benefits them.

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    Fortune Gambling Platform presents a variety of experiences, including traditional casino games like blackjack and spinning wheel, as in addition to groundbreaking slot-based activities. This variety secures that there is an alternative for everyone, rendering every single encounter to Prosperity Casino pleasurable and amusing.

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    Breadth of Offerings

    Luck Casino offers a broad assortment of offerings, guaranteeing that there is a choice for all type of participant. Beginning with classic wagering games to story-based slot-based activities, the diversity maintains users absorbed and amused. This array likewise allows users to investigate new experiences and uncover unfamiliar favorites.

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    Prosperity Gaming Site offers a feeling of community and interpersonal connection for customers. Through messaging platforms and discussion boards, users can communicate with each other, share recommendations and strategies, and occasionally establish friendships. This social element adds another dimension of enjoyment to the entertainment encounter.

    Key Takeaways
    Wealth Wagering Environment provides a comprehensive range of upsides for users, involving amusement, the likelihood of earning significant rewards, simplicity, variety, bonuses, and social interaction. Whether seeking excitement or hoping to strike it rich, Fortune Gaming Site delivers an enthralling encounter for everyone partake in.

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    Free slot-based games have emerged as progressively well-liked among participants looking for a captivating and secure leisure interaction. These offerings present a wide range of benefits, making them a chosen choice for numerous. Let’s analyze the extent to which free poker machine experiences can upside users and why they are so widely relished.

    Entertainment Value
    One of the principal drivers players savor playing gratis electronic gaming offerings is for the fun element they grant. These experiences are created to be compelling and enthralling, with vibrant illustrations and engrossing soundtracks that bolster the total leisure interaction. Whether you’re a occasional customer looking to spend time or a avid interactive entertainment participant aiming for excitement, complimentary slot-based games grant enjoyment for everyone.

    Skill Development

    Partaking in no-cost virtual wagering offerings can as well assist acquire worthwhile faculties such as problem-solving. These experiences necessitate players to arrive at immediate selections based on the hands they are acquired, assisting them hone their problem-solving aptitudes and intellectual prowess. Also, users can investigate multiple strategies, perfecting their skills without the potential for loss of parting with paid funds.

    Ease of Access and Reachability
    A supplemental benefit of gratis electronic gaming experiences is their user-friendliness and accessibility. These games can be engaged with on the internet from the simplicity of your own dwelling, excluding the obligation to journey to a physical gambling establishment. They are also present around the clock, enabling customers to relish them at any desired moment that suits them. This simplicity establishes complimentary slot-based offerings a widely-accepted choice for players with busy routines or those looking for a quick interactive remedy.

    Communal Engagement

    Numerous complimentary slot-based activities likewise present communal elements that give players to interact with their peers. This can incorporate discussion forums, forums, and competitive configurations where customers can go up against one another. These communal engagements bring an additional dimension of pleasure to the gaming experience, allowing players to engage with like-minded individuals who have in common their interests.

    Anxiety Reduction and Mental Unwinding
    Engaging with complimentary slot-based experiences can likewise be a superb means to decompress and de-stress after a long period. The straightforward engagement and tranquil soundtracks can help reduce anxiety and apprehension, granting a welcome escape from the pressures of typical living. Also, the thrill of earning virtual credits can elevate your disposition and render you revitalized.


    Complimentary slot-based offerings present a broad range of rewards for customers, involving entertainment, skill development, simplicity, social interaction, and tension alleviation and decompression. Regardless of whether you’re seeking to hone your poker faculties or solely derive entertainment, complimentary slot-based experiences grant a beneficial and satisfying sensation for users of any stages.

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    Digital Casino-Style Games: A Wellspring of Fun and Competency Enhancement

    Digital card games has arisen as a widely-accepted kind of entertainment and a channel for capability building for customers across the globe. This article examines the beneficial components of online poker and how it benefits individuals, underscoring its widespread popularity and impact.

    Fun Element
    Internet-based card games provides a thrilling and compelling leisure encounter, mesmerizing customers with its strategic engagement and changeable ends. The game’s immersive core, along with its communal aspects, grants a unique kind of pleasure that numerous consider satisfying.

    Skill Development

    Aside from entertainment, online poker also operates as a channel for capability building. The experience demands decision-making, quick thinking, and the skill to comprehend adversaries, each of which lend to brain function enhancement. Participants can bolster their analytical aptitudes, interpersonal skills, and risk management capacities through frequent interactivity.

    User-Friendliness and Availability
    One of the principal benefits of digital table games is its ease and approachability. Participants can relish the experience from the convenience of their homes, at whichever moment that accommodates them. This reachability eradicates the requirement for journey to a brick-and-mortar wagering facility, rendering it a convenient possibility for individuals with packed routines.

    Diversity of Options and Bet Sizes

    Virtual casino-style games systems present a comprehensive range of activities and bet sizes to accommodate players of all skill levels and preferences. Whether you’re a newcomer wanting to understand the basics or a skilled expert desiring a obstacle, there is a experience for you. This range ensures that players can always discover a game that fits their proficiency and spending power.

    Communal Engagement
    Online poker in addition grants opportunities for interpersonal connections. Numerous interfaces offer communication tools and collaborative formats that permit participants to interact with like-minded players, communicate encounters, and establish personal connections. This social element adds complexity to the gaming sensation, establishing it as additionally pleasurable.

    Financial Rewards

    For certain individuals, internet-based card games can in addition be a wellspring of monetary gains. Skilled participants can receive substantial gains through regular activity, making it a lucrative undertaking for those who master the game. Furthermore, many virtual casino-style games matches grant substantial prize pools, granting customers with the opportunity to earn significant rewards.

    Online poker presents a selection of benefits for users, incorporating entertainment, capability building, simplicity, communal engagement, and financial rewards. Its popularity persistently increase, with several people shifting to online poker as a provider of enjoyment and self-improvement. Whether you’re seeking to hone your skills or simply have fun, virtual casino-style games is a flexible and beneficial hobby for users of every experiences.

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    Siapa Ashley JKT48?
    Siapa tokoh muda berbakat yang menyita perhatian banyak penyuka musik di Nusantara dan Asia Tenggara? Beliau adalah Ashley Courtney Shintia, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan nama bekennya, Ashley JKT48. Menjadi anggota dengan grup idola JKT48 pada tahun 2018, Ashley dengan cepat muncul sebagai salah satu personel paling favorit.

    Terlahir di Jakarta pada tanggal 13 Maret 2000, Ashley berketurunan darah Tionghoa-Indonesia. Beliau mengawali kariernya di dunia hiburan sebagai model dan aktris, sebelum akhirnya bergabung dengan JKT48. Kepribadiannya yang gembira, nyanyiannya yang kuat, dan kemampuan menari yang mengesankan membuatnya idola yang sangat dicintai.

    Penghargaan dan Pengakuan
    Kepopuleran Ashley telah diapresiasi melalui banyak penghargaan dan nominasi. Pada tahun 2021, ia memenangkan penghargaan “Member Terpopuler JKT48″ di ajang JKT48 Music Awards. Ia juga dinobatkan sebagai “Idol Tercantik di Asia” oleh sebuah media online pada tahun 2020.

    Fungsi dalam JKT48
    Ashley menjalankan peran utama dalam group JKT48. Ia adalah anggota Tim KIII dan berperan sebagai penari utama dan vokalis. Ashley juga menjadi bagian dari unit sub “J3K” bersama Jessica Veranda dan Jennifer Rachel Natasya.

    Karier Solo
    Di luar aktivitasnya di JKT48, Ashley juga mengembangkan perjalanan solo. Ashley telah meluncurkan beberapa single, termasuk “Myself” (2021) dan “Falling Down” (2022). Ashley juga telah bekerja sama bareng artis lain, seperti Afgan dan Rossa.

    Kehidupan Privat
    Di luar dunia perform, Ashley dikenal sebagai sosok yang low profile dan ramah. Beliau menggemari menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga dan sahabat-sahabatnya. Ashley juga menyukai hobi melukis dan photography.

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    Taylor Swift, seorang artis dan komposer terkenal, tidak hanya dikenal karena melodi yang menawan dan nyanyian yang merdu, tetapi juga karena lirik-lirik lagunya yang penuh makna. Dalam syair-syairnya, Swift sering melukiskan bermacam-macam faktor kehidupan, mulai dari kasih hingga tantangan hidup. Berikut ini adalah beberapa ucapan menginspirasi dari karya-karya, beserta artinya.

    “Mungkin yang terbaik belum datang.” – “All Too Well”
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