The Pick Up Artist On VH1 – A Review

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So hopefully everyone caught the premier of VH1′s new series, "The Pickup Artist," starring our beloved Mystery, along with his wingmen Matador and J-Dog.

Before the show came on, I was really excited.  I was hoping this was going to be Mystery’s big break.  After all, the potential for this type of show is massive, and something like it has been talked about and fantasized within the community for years.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be the show everyone hoped it would be.

Read on…

The Good:
So we’ll of course start with what I thought was good about the show.  First of all, I think the guys they picked to be on the show were good casting decisions.  They really run the gamut of every type of "community" guy I’ve ever met.  But all of them seem to be good natured guys in genuine need of a real life change.  After meeting them all in the show, I found myself looking forward to seeing their transformation from AFC to PUA.

Secondly, they picked a good location.  Austin is a great city for pick up!  Though it’s not quite as glamorous as New York or LA, I’m sure it was much more budget friendly for this show.  However, there are tons of beautiful girls in Austin, and a great bar/club scene there.

The show also takes a sympathetic look at what we teach in the seduction community, which is nice for a change.  So many mainstream media outlets like to look at this pick-up stuff as a way of manipulating women instead of what it really is:  Male Self-Help.  I liked that Mystery himself pointed out this is about improving the guys’ lifestyle and making them better people.  That’s not a "dumbing down" for mainstream TV, that’s actually the real deal.

The hidden camera stuff was good too.  Sometimes you couldn’t quite see the girls they were talking to, but you got a real feel for how it is to go into a club and start approaching women.  For those of you who have yet to go in the field and talk to girls – that’s what it’s really like!  They’re not overtly mean to you, they just kind of turn their back and ignore you if you’re not doing well.  So I thought that segment of the show captured everything perfectly.

Also, the part where Mystery and the others were watching the guys crash and burn was great!  It was really funny to hear the terrible mistakes the guys made, and the reactions on Mystery’s face… priceless!

Finally, I thought Mystery came off well.  Although, he didn’t come off as very relatable.  He was actually quite stand-offish, way moreso than he usually is in a regular workshop where he’ll pal around and kid with people.  I get what the directors of the show were going for, but I would have liked to have seen him have more personal interactions with the guys.

Also, I thought Matador and J-Dog came off well.  I’ll be interested in seeing how their roles expand in upcoming episodes.

The Bad:
Okay, now I’ll get into what I DIDN’T like about the show.  First of all, it was way too cookie-cutter reality TV.  I felt like I was watching an episode of Beauty and the Geek without the Beauties.  I really, really, REALLY don’t like the whole elimination deal, and I’ll tell you why…

First of all – after getting to meet all the guys on this show, and seeing how in need of help they are, it’s just going to be MEAN kicking them off without helping them achieve real success first.  The whole competition thing about becoming a "Master Pickup Artist" is just lame.

This show is trying to be "Beauty and the Geek" when it needs to be more like "Cool Eye for the Awkward Guy."  We need to see these guys be nurtured and transform into people who are able to achieve their goals.  I want to see the 45 year old virgin get laid and get married.  I want to see the fat guy get a chick and feel good about himself.  I even want to see the annoying Indian guy mellow out and have a good time.

But chances are, none of that will happen, because guys are going to get kicked off in a very unceremonious way.

Also – the house they’re living in.  It’s nice, but… BUNK BEDS?  How are you supposed to take a girl home and bring her up to your BUNK BED?  Give the guys their own rooms, for the love of Pete!  Part of what made Project Hollywood so awesome was the fact that it was a place you could bring girls over to, and the environment would help you "close the deal."

The Austin PUA House is cool and all, but I’m guess no girls are pulled back there at all.

Another thing I disliked was the female announcer’s voice.  I would have much rather heard Mystery himself narrating the piece.  As it was, we didn’t even get to SEE Mystery until about a half-hour into the show.  Mystery has such a great personality, and he didn’t even get to share it with the audience yet.

And when Mystery did do some narration, they had him in a weird candlelit room that looks like something out of "Uncle Dracula’s Saturday Afternoon Movie."  C’mon!  This is MYSTERY!  One of the world’s greatest Pick-Up Artists!  Have him Narrate as he lounges in a bed with two hot chicks for Christsakes!

One of the things I was also surprised at was the lack of tactics in the first episode.  I’d think the show would want to hit the ground running.  Mystery’s intro to his usual seminars is so captivating, I would have liked to have seen him go through his history and talking about his own story.  I’m sure we’ll get more tactics as the show goes on, but still, a little more instruction would have been good.

Finally – J-Dog’s hair.  Dude, I love ya, but what’s up with the black stripes?  =)

The Ugly:
Well, the fact that the show is on Monday Nights isn’t the best.  That, and the fact that it’s on during the summer are working against it.  The show seems to oscillate between brilliant TV and contrived reality smut.  Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s the first episode and the show has yet to find it’s stride.  I’m still hopefull that the show will become great as we get more into it.

However, I still have the nagging feeling that we’re going to see a lot of guys leave this show without really seeing any improvement, and in my opinion, that will reflect poorly on Mystery as a teacher.  Int he previews, it looked like he was being down right mean to some of the guys he was kicking off, which I’m sure doesn’t help their self esteem any.

If the show does get picked up for another season, I’d like to see it take a more positive turn.  I mean, it’s great to go vacation in a mansion, learn to pick up chicks, and possibly win $50K, but shouldn’t the ultimate reward be feeling great about yourself and overcoming an irrational fear of women?  It seems to me like that journey would be just as dramatic as seeing who gets kicked off next week – which is done on EVERY reality show out there.

So there you go, my final thoughts on the Pickup Artist:

Enjoyable and fun, interesting, but could be even better than it is.

So what did you guys think?  Let me know!

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29 Responses to “The Pick Up Artist On VH1 – A Review”
  1. Dynamics says:

    1.I think it was a great mainstream product. Sure we as a community would like to change some things(including Mystery being more himself and not that mean guy) but that’s not a show for the community…

    2.I think they have to eliminate somebody each week because for us it’s the transformation that is woth looking for most people it’s the excitment wether “their” favorite will get kicked or not…

    3. J-Dogs hair is better then it used to be. I remember him having blonde hair with a mix of colors on top-that was cruel. But these black stripes are OK.

    Finally I think that the show will become a hit f they promote it better. If only all the community guys watch we would have a better rating for VH1 than for any other of their shows. So it’s in our hands

    Mystery, Matador and J-Dog I wish you a great success with this show!


  2. It’s pretty damn cruel to take guys who desperately need the help, build up their hopes, then kick them to the curb because they are not succeeding right away.

    A very cruel and damaging message about improving in this area which takes time, patience, persistence and support.


  3. Black says:

    I was really looking forward to it but i was let down. I mean kicking the guys off is so mean. That is like the worst thing in the world. I mean there should be like a 3 strikes system. If you fail 3 missions you are out. Like in the first episode when the one guy didnt even try, that should be a strike. The whole you get kicked off thing is so over done.

    Mystery came off okay. He was a little mysterious :P in the show. I really think he should be more of a part of the guys there, like living in the same house with them or something. That would be great.

    Finally I mean did you see the guys faces when mystery was like hey u get to travel the world with me… there was nothing. Then he is like oh u get 50k and they jumped… i mean they dont understand how cool traveling with him would be. I would take a year traveling with him over 50k ne day.


  4. Bing says:

    Some guy did an mp3 attacking the show and the MM itself. Here is the link:

    Some good points, he also attacked Rion William’s stuff

  5. charmin says:

    i thought the same thing about the bunk bed. lol

  6. charmin says:

    i feel bad that i cant use that ‘sing in the shower’ line anymore. lol. agree with you on the elimination process of the show.

  7. Matt Savage says:

    I agree about the kicking them off thing. I actually just wrote a post regarding that exact thing here. It doesn’t reflect well on the community. The community is not a competition it is a support group. It’s too bad the show couldn’t figure out a novel way to use this concept in a reality show.


  8. David says:

    No offense but I think the show isn’t focused on the guys although it is set up around these guys it is supposed to be set on his teachings hence the definitions of pua terms that pop up from time to time. It is an introduction to the pua lifestyle to the general public. Not to sound selfish but not everyone is ment or can become a pick up artist. Just think about it if all the guysaround the world new the same thing we’d all be at square one. Although mystery tries to help as many people as he can not everyone will succeed. I think the way the show is setup is to subliminally speak to those who are interested and who have a calling in this lifestyleto let them no that there is a communiy out there that does this. You can’t beleive that evryone who watches it will think its real. Mystery does seminars if he could he would have set up the format of a the show around his seminars. My point is THIS IS AN AD FOR THE PUA COMMUNITY.

  9. mike says:

    Can’t blame the guy for making money. But what a twit. Reality TV again humiliates it’s company. By definition…that’s what it is.

  10. Frying says:

    I find the show amusing to watch: funny characters, fun to see em crash and bur and great to see mystery and his crew evaluating/commenting on what they see..and the ‘virgin mobile’ ad.. LOL. It shows pretty well what picking up girls/the PUA community is about/can do. I don’t like the MTV format they used tho. I prefer a more personal approach, focussing on everybody’s improvement (like is done nicely in ‘Seduction School Video Series: Juggler & Jonnie Saviour’ which has been broadcasted on the BBC?) instead of kicking them out one by one. Also I think it’s a good thing mystery says its about GETTING A LIFE and not just learing how to ‘tool’ chicks and not changing your true self. Hopefully he will get back on this once more because I’m affraid ppl might start thinking all the PUA community is about is learning how to smooth talk girls into bed.. and that’s really not what it is about.


  11. Alexandros says:

    “…Mystery has such a great personality….”


    Nice joke!!!!

  12. Legacy_NYC says:

    Thank god this show is going to bomb. Pickup isn’t supposed to be profitable and while tight game can adapt no matter how many people know the common routines, it is still disheartening that people are whoring tactics of the community out for a price. While I would take a workshop with a select few PUA’s if I had extra money, the prices are so ridiculous that it seems getting outragously rich, not just supporting a lifestyle, is everyone’s goal.

  13. FrenchTouch says:

    I agree with the elimination point: it sucks and its overdone in this kind of TVshows… Someone can just suck at the beginning then after a few weeks become the best. They should have let everyone stay and then, at the end, based on their improvement and performance pick the final MasterPUA. Maybe using some kind of “points” system.

  14. Random PUA says:

    I found the show very entertaining, and really phoney at the same time, I know mystery and his wings got game in the real world, but in order to control TV Land the people behind the scenes need actors or at least people who weer cast who know what is going on. I mean you can’t show people on TV without them knowing they are going to be on TV.

    The cheesiest part of the whole episode, was when Mystery turns away from the girl he picking up and looks up at the “hidden” camera and say “gentlemen I am going to teach you that and more” and the chick just acted like it was normal for him to be talking to the wall.

    That was corny as hell, sorry.

    But I know that’s not Mystery’s fault, it’s the damn directors, and writers.

    I do like the clips of the future episodes taht show the AFC’s becoming confident and happier that Mystery has been able to help them. It’s awesome that this show is showing the positive side of the community rather than the dark side.

    However, I am not convinced yet that this pilot will last.

    It’s interesting for people in the community to watch mystery ay work, like myself, but I do not think that every day people will find it very interesting to watch.

    I also have a feeling that more corny cheesy sh*t is on the way from our friends over at VH1.

  15. adam says:

    The Students on the show are all aspiring actors/comedians/directors/writers (even the 45 year old virgin lists himself as an actor/comedian, I am sure he is not a virgin). The show is faux, these guys are just playing a part. Click the myspace link below and scroll down until you see the students, click on their pictures and read their background info. or watch amateur movies that they’ve made

  16. vanquish says:

    I agree with the guys not being eliminated, they should be kept and then the best of them can be picked out. I also agree with tight game being able to withstand publicity of some good openers and such but it still sucks, I trust mystery with what he does but hopefully this is somewhat of an ad and the info given is kept lite, though I’m sure it will be.

    P.S. Honestly when I saw the guys I was pretty sure that I’d seen several of them around somewhere. Whats up with the actors?

    P.P.S. The bunk beds? WTH? Like the only thing wrong with that pad.

  17. Geese says:

    WOW. People actually reply here again. Whaddya Know.

  18. Geese says:

    Plus I wonder how long it will take for wrestlers, starwars characters and various impersonations to begin again. Good luck. :)

  19. Geese says:

    PS Im not sure but last time I had dinner with Juggler in Ann Arbor, he said that Mysterys show was gonna be on VH1 but that (Jugglers) is going to be on CBS or NBC or something. I cant remember but Im for sure it was in the works. I wonder how much this fued with Christian is gonna affect that. I think it would be interesting to see the difference and see a Juggler show without the crappy oddball kid thing they did with the british show.

    You know what though. Someone point me to the nearest reality TV show production company and if I can get all these community members together I think what the community could use is a Reality Show with all that GURUS living in one house to see whos game is the best.

    Put David D and RJ and Mystery and TD and Juggler and… Oh yea, Elvis Preston King ;oD and Hypnotica and Style all in one house and let them go out every week and fuckin Score their Game. Whos pullin the most Gash home wins!!

    I honestly think it could be a reality movie and it would pull TONS of people.

    Of course after that the jig is up because everyone will know everyones method so people will have to come up with something completely new and different.

  20. Geese Howard says:

    OH OK. People really DONT respond here any more. Just a few guys from time to time.

    Remember the glory days Thundercat when you would get 500 responses to a post, most of which had absolutely nothing to do with the post?

    It was a fun time on this board, honestly. Sure it was meaningless nonsense, but it was still fun. And you know what, even while all the nonsense was being posted STILL all the heavy hitters of the community would find their way here.

    Mystery, TD, RJ, Hypnotica, lots of em would post so there mustve been something to the madness.

    You shouldnt have went for the registration, and you shouldnt have did so much advertising in your posts.

    Its ok, looks like you got a slow influx of noobs, and with this mystery show, maybe even more hapless noobs will find their way here.


  21. Frying says:

    Seriously.. whats up with everybody bitching each other in the seduction community? And especially: whats up with (sarcastic..) bitching other people blogs if you have nothing to contribute yourself? Most of the people posting here are -supposed to be grown up men- who seem to think of theirselves as being big shots while all they are really expressing is quite some childish behavior. As for the previous poster, Geese Howard, what’s wrong with ‘noobs’?.. where you not one before? the way you act you still seem to have quite a journey left to figure out yourself, all the best luck !


  22. RayGordon says:

    Fuck VH-1, watch ICE ROAD TRUCKERS for the best reality show!

  23. Jay says:

    ha ha ha – ray gordon!
    you are such a joke!

  24. Jay says:

    I just realised that ray gordon – you may think i was laughing at your ‘joke’ – I wasnt – suck my bellend!

    Frying – shut the fuck up – nothing else needs to be said – you will suck my bellend after ray!

    And Geese, you were right – it was a lot of fun on here with the meaninmgless shit! I remember randam.samurai, don won ton, as well as all the impersonations! Good times!

  25. Geese says:

    LOL I totally forgot about those guys until you just mentioned them. Not to mention that they were part of the joke a hell of a lot. Jesus Cryminee this place was fun once upon a time.

    Im still laughing.

  26. Geese says:

    And then there would be posts like this

    Seriously.. whats up with everybody bitching each other in the seduction community? And especially: whats up with (sarcastic..) bitching other people blogs if you have nothing to contribute yourself? Most of the people posting here are -supposed to be grown up men- who seem to think of theirselves as being big shots while all they are really expressing is quite some childish behavior. As for the previous poster, Geese Howard, what’s wrong with ‘noobs’?.. where you not one before? the way you act you still seem to have quite a journey left to figure out yourself, all the best luck !


    Which would raise a whole hell of Flames which were always funny to read.

    Man, those were the good old days.

  27. RayGordon says:

    Don’t forget the hey-he-deserves-to-make-a-buck-don’t-hate-on-him folloowed by posts hating on other commercial guys.

  28. Truth about Alvaro says:

    This show might be fake. Alvaro is an actor, not a game programmer like they claim.

    Here are his headshots and demo reel.

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