My Dinner with Orion

March 5, 2004 by  
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So last night I met up with the PUA community’s biggest mainsay, the one and only ORION.  Most people in the community will recognize the name, but for those of you who don’t, just go out and buy almost any product from Double Your Dating and SS and chances are you’ll hear him on there.  Orion has been going strong in the community for nearly 10 years now, and has been in the inner circle of big guys like David DeAngelo and other gurus.

I first met Orion back in October when I was at the Chicago DYD seminar.  I remember he was rather stand-offish when I originally tried to contact him, but once he realized I was a member of Mystery’s Lounge and good friends with Papa and Tyler Durden, he quickly warmed up.  It was kind-of wierd to meet the guy, because I’d spent years listening to audio of him espousing pick-up theory on various home study courses.  I guess it’s the equivalent of meeting a B-movie star, or an actor from TV who’s name you can’t remember but who’s face is instantly recognizable.  It’s funny, because he’s exactly how he is on the products you hear and see him on as he is in person — a funny, good hearted guy with a genuine excitement for pretty much everything he does.  Orion has a great energy about him, and is a genuine good guy to know.

In a lot of ways, Orion was an innovator in the seduction comunity, especially when it comes to the use of palm reading and handwriting analysis, as demonstrated by his Magical Connections videos.  When I taught alongside him in the live in-field RSD workshops in Chicago, I was impressed with the sheer zeal with which he attacks the game.  I’m often reminded of driving through downtown Chicago in a cab as Orion leaped over me in the backseat, stuck his head out the window of the moving car, and actually tried to sarge a girl walking on the sidewalk as we drived by.  If that doesn’t illustrate this guy’s passion for picking up women, I don’t know what does.  =)

Anyway, I met up with Orion and my buddy NuAje at the Grove and had a nice dinner (NuAje, I still owe you $20!).  During that time, we talked about a lot of stuff.  Orion was in town to meet up with his LA girlfriend, and seems to be getting more and more into the the fetish scene, which he says is easy to pick up in due to the easily suggestible girls who frequent it.  He especially likes Goth clubs, because the girls are usually more open to being adventurous.

I asked him about Kamal, his partner in the Magical Connection videos, and he said they’re still friends, though he hasn’t talked to him in a while.  Speaking of friends, we also talked about the David DeAngelo team-up with Tyler Durden and Real Social Dynamics where TD is now teaching the official DYD workshops.  Orion expressed some disappointment at being pushed out of the in-field training position that was originally his.  He talked about how he introduced David D to Papa and Tyler, and how he seems to have been cut out by those he helped champion.  But he seems confident in Tyler’s abilities as a Pick-Up Artist and a Teacher, and knows he’ll do well no matter what.

All in all, it was an interesting night and it was fun to see Orion again.  Hopefully, we’ll be seeing great things from him in the future.

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