Stephane & Ideagasms – Threats, Lies, & Craziness…

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Okay, back in September I posted a little thread about how crazy Stephane has become and the meltdown he experienced after Ghita finally got away from the guy.  As of this writing, that was 5 MONTHS AGO.  Since then, I have given very little thought to that post, and have not posted anything about it until now.  It seems that even though that silly little post is old news to me, Stephane is still obsessing over it.

I’ve recently been getting very strange emails from the guy.  The tone of them is wildly schizophrenic.  He’ll refer to me as “his enemy” in one sentence, and then practically beg me to take down my blog post in the next.

Him and his “wife” (I didn’t even know the guy was married) have made a concerted effort to try and contact people affiliated with me and get them to stop “promoting” my website in an effort to destroy me.

Not only that, they’ve been trying their best to “defame” me and my business where-ever they can, including this very blog.  Stephane whines I’m not letting him share “his side” of the story, even though I don’t edit any replies made to my postings.

Whatever.  I really don’t care.  Better men than Stephane have come after me, and failed.  They can do what they want to try and “defeat” me or whatever.  I know they’ll fail.  Why?  Because they did not make me succeed, so they can’t take away anything I’ve earned through my own hard work – no matter how much they lie about me.  I’m used to people lying about me and defaming me.  It comes with the territory I guess.

So I’d have never bothered to blog about this loser again – except for the fact that now I’m getting reports that he’s threatening OTHER bloggers out there who picked up on how crazy he is.

Lots of reports about crazy, threatening emails and even phone calls threatening to come over to their houses with a crew of thugs – all because people are posting… the truth?

Stephaker has literally lost his mind.

If this is the way he operates, the guy deserves to go out of business, if you ask me.  Attacking me is one thing, but attacking OTHER people?  That’s inexcusable.  Stephaker now has the distinction of being just as bad as Ross Jeffries, which is saying a lot – considering how evil MINE’99 is.

I would encourage everyone out there – IGNORE anything and everything this Stephane guy does.  His threats are empty.  Do not let “fear” keep you from speaking out about him.  Steve Piccus, just the other day, told me something very sage:  The blog is mightier than the fraud.  I’m convinced Stephane is an unstable, habitual LIAR, and the only way to stop a liar is to reveal the truth and never let him bully you.

Please put this lunatic in the same category as every other sociopath out there.  Do not read his emails, do not respond to his posts, and do not give him any money.  Just make him go away – for good.  The guy can always get a job at McDonalds.

Ghita learned that once she got away from this guy, life was good.  Life can be good for all of us if we just ignore this crazy and get on with our lives.  So don’t let him bully you!  Stand up against him, and tell him to Fuck Off.

A real sound “inner game/spiritual guru” would not resort to threating people in such petty ways.  Shame on you Stephane.

Ideagasms Melt-Down: Stephane’s Lies Revealed

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So if you’re a follower of the blog, you’ll know that I’ve been critical of Stephane over at Ideagasms since, oh, it began.  I’ve just had ay too many people I like and trust tell me about how the guy lied and screwed them over to actually believe Stephane is in this business to actually help other people as opposed to creating a cult for himself.

In one of my early podcasts, you can see where I expose most of his lies during an interview with Barry Kirkey.  (Its not one of my better podcasts, but whatever.  The point is to get the truth out there.)

Anyway, today I get an email from a reader named Lor who informs me of some major drama going on over at Ideagasms.  It seems more and more of the cult has stopped drinking the kool-aid, and Stephane is banning them to keep them from speaking out against his teachings.

But these “Ex-IGs” aren’t staying quiet.  In fact, they’ve created their own forum and Facebook Group to expose the truth about Stephane, and boy, is it not pretty!

Check out what David B., the creator of the Facebook Group, has to say about his experiences with Stephane… Read more