Stephane & Ideagasms – Threats, Lies, & Craziness…

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Okay, back in September I posted a little thread about how crazy Stephane has become and the meltdown he experienced after Ghita finally got away from the guy.  As of this writing, that was 5 MONTHS AGO.  Since then, I have given very little thought to that post, and have not posted anything about it until now.  It seems that even though that silly little post is old news to me, Stephane is still obsessing over it.

I’ve recently been getting very strange emails from the guy.  The tone of them is wildly schizophrenic.  He’ll refer to me as “his enemy” in one sentence, and then practically beg me to take down my blog post in the next.

Him and his “wife” (I didn’t even know the guy was married) have made a concerted effort to try and contact people affiliated with me and get them to stop “promoting” my website in an effort to destroy me.

Not only that, they’ve been trying their best to “defame” me and my business where-ever they can, including this very blog.  Stephane whines I’m not letting him share “his side” of the story, even though I don’t edit any replies made to my postings.

Whatever.  I really don’t care.  Better men than Stephane have come after me, and failed.  They can do what they want to try and “defeat” me or whatever.  I know they’ll fail.  Why?  Because they did not make me succeed, so they can’t take away anything I’ve earned through my own hard work – no matter how much they lie about me.  I’m used to people lying about me and defaming me.  It comes with the territory I guess.

So I’d have never bothered to blog about this loser again – except for the fact that now I’m getting reports that he’s threatening OTHER bloggers out there who picked up on how crazy he is.

Lots of reports about crazy, threatening emails and even phone calls threatening to come over to their houses with a crew of thugs – all because people are posting… the truth?

Stephaker has literally lost his mind.

If this is the way he operates, the guy deserves to go out of business, if you ask me.  Attacking me is one thing, but attacking OTHER people?  That’s inexcusable.  Stephaker now has the distinction of being just as bad as Ross Jeffries, which is saying a lot – considering how evil MINE’99 is.

I would encourage everyone out there – IGNORE anything and everything this Stephane guy does.  His threats are empty.  Do not let “fear” keep you from speaking out about him.  Steve Piccus, just the other day, told me something very sage:  The blog is mightier than the fraud.  I’m convinced Stephane is an unstable, habitual LIAR, and the only way to stop a liar is to reveal the truth and never let him bully you.

Please put this lunatic in the same category as every other sociopath out there.  Do not read his emails, do not respond to his posts, and do not give him any money.  Just make him go away – for good.  The guy can always get a job at McDonalds.

Ghita learned that once she got away from this guy, life was good.  Life can be good for all of us if we just ignore this crazy and get on with our lives.  So don’t let him bully you!  Stand up against him, and tell him to Fuck Off.

A real sound “inner game/spiritual guru” would not resort to threating people in such petty ways.  Shame on you Stephane.

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120 Responses to “Stephane & Ideagasms – Threats, Lies, & Craziness…”
  1. :) says:

    “*must be* so neck deep in a coke binge”
    must be….a speculation

    “based on his hard drug habits I’ve *heard about*”
    heard about….so you dont know

    “wtf just heard *about it* from Kirkey’s old radio show, *my guess*…coke binge photoshop.”
    about it…you dont know it, you’ve heard about it….your guess…a speculation based on what you’ve heard about

    “you *must be* at a pretty low callibration level broseph”
    must be…based on your subjective view of reality…which isn’t the same thing as True Reality

    Perception Vs. Essence.
    Appearance Vs. Reality

  2. Stephane says:

    I looooove cock .. er I mean coke.

  3. I officially endorse Revolution31 and the Barry Kirkey Radio Show.

    yeah you betta represent…

  4. I think :) Smiley face is Stephane. Anybody agree?

    Either way, I sense some deep psychotic issues with that poster.

  5. I agree….

    agree that Revolution31 and the Barry Kirkey Radio Show is the motha-fkin shiznit!

    Pimp out before you Wimp out bytches!

  6. JoeB says:

    We’re all in it for the same thing guys! As one guys said, hugs all round! :)

  7. Dion Wright says:

    Great post Mack Wild!

  8. Hey guys, Prophet here from VA.

    Just letting you know that the post from “Azazels_wolf” was an impersonator. Anyone who has spent any time actually talking to the man knows that he is not a man to just go around attacking people and saying the things that someone is trying to make you think he is saying. In fact, I find it very suspicious that Mack Wild’s name has shown up here as well, since Mack was pretty upset with Azazel after he banned Mack from our forum for being a troll who just went around causing drama all over our forum.

    Makes one think…

    Happy sarging everyone,


    P.S. has anyone noticed the tiny little happy face at the bottom corner of the page? What’s that doing there?

  9. David Gideon says:

    Why does it seem like all the gurus of the pickup community are nuts?, lol. Personally, I don’t care about the personal lives of the people who add value to my life and increase my understanding of social dynamics… I’m just sayin’.

    All I know is I get Stephane’s newsletter and it’s good. Has anyobody tried Stephane’s products? What did you think?

    David Gideon

  10. Soom to be Streetcat says:

    Whazzup Douchecat. I’m really starting to get a kick out of all these nicknames I made up for youz. Let’s see if I can come up with a few more.


    I’ll be back with more!

  11. ¿ says:

    Stephane’s products kick ass. If you ‘get it’, you won’t need any more community products.

    Or you can just go sarging, read some Tolle and take salsa lessons, bro.

  12. Jim says:

    Yeah, I second that. I’ve heard them all.

    If you “get” it, life becomes so good it’s ridiculous. I just sit back these days and watch myself being a natural.

    A genuine natural.

    All it took was to grow a pair of balls and take the action necessary to sort my life out. I have to laugh that I ever used a “tactic” on a girl. They aren’t needed.

  13. Dr. Kraig says:

    Funny to read all of these comments. My thinking about this subject is as follows:

    I don’t give a fuck. I have bought products from both parties, and have learned something from everything I have obtained. This pissing match can continue on indefinitely for all I care. My only concern is for what you produce and the impact it has on me, beyond that it’s all noise.

    In college I had a computer science teacher and an English teacher that hated each other, so for two hours a day we students were treated to a barrage subtle barbs and blatant attacks by both of them. We listened to each of them intently, and often encouraged the ongoing feud…but we didn’t learn shit. Finally the school had enough and got rid of them both. We students then went on to learn about the respective subjects.

    The moral of the story is this: Concentrate on teaching what you know and you’ll have student anxious to learn from you. Become consumed with a pointless battle, and students will go find someone else teach them.

    By the way, I do enjoy Renegade Rapport very much and listen to it often.

  14. M says:

    Thank you for keeping this post UP.

  15. sly says:

    you seduction gurus make me sick you can’t beat stephane so you guys tells lies about him. ME PERSONALY I’M NOT A FAN BUT YOU GUYS SOUND LOW CLASS JEALOUSY WILL GET YOU NO WHERE

  16. Hey guys, Prophet here from VA

    The other Prophet is obviously also an impostor. I can’t believe he would impersonate both azazels wolf and I. This is getting ridiculous. I’m the Administrator of VA and I am the one who banned Mack Wild. Azazels_wolf only bans when I’m busy faking wikipedia entries. I’m disturbed by the amount of filth that has been thrown at the great website we’ve set up. Anybody who knows azazels_wolf would know that he would never attack anyone. Here’s an example of him moderating a well known user of our site in the manner befitting an alpha male.

    Azazels_wolf is a man who is far too busy reading sex and pickup advice he’s read in books and posting it as advice. He doesn’t even have time to test it and see if its actually harmful or not, so why would he have time to be writing on a trashy gossip site like this? LOL.

    The impostors on this site are obviously drunks LOL and need to be in rehab.

    If any of you need me I’ll be on wikipedia faking entries for Mystery Method and lying about it later.

    Happy sarging everyone!

    Love vitasmortis aka Prophet.

  17. Azazels_wolf says:

    Thanks for your kind words Prophet!

    You are the best moderator partner I’ve ever worked with, the fairest, the strongest, the smoothest skinned and of course, the gentlest of lovers.

    Obviously I have not said any of the things I’ve been accused of. I love Neil Strauss, so much, the thought of him makes me tingle in deep dark places that few people know about (but you know Prophet, oh yes).

    It is a sad reflection of people’s insecurities that they would write such harsh things and pretend to be me. Obviously these people are deeply bitter and angry, because only angry and bitter people have a sense of humour about life. The internet is serious business which these poor beta males haven’t realised yet. Do they seriously think that joking about serious things will help them become better with women? Ha! Fools! Women are attracted to real men who take life seriously and view everybody with suspicion. There’s nothing a woman finds sexier than a white knight, willing to lay down his life (for the evening) to tell someone off on the internet, and protect her honour. I get more cyber sex than anyone else on Venusian Arts. Fact. I’m suspicious of everybody and it all pays off because I know I’m right. I just know it. What a wonderful approach to life I have.

    I’ll be releasing an ebook soon. Please PM me on the Venusian Arts forum for updates. It will teach you how to mask that inferiority complex with a superiority complex, and help you refrain from using your sense of humour, instead replacing it with a general snotty disdain for anything fun or reality based. Obviously Prophet is a student of mine. He responded with seriousness and a sense of superiority to an obviously joking beta male. The bitter and angry people will see his misplaced sense of superiority and overly serious tone as an even bigger reason to take it lightly and make fun of him, but thats only because they hate life and beat their wives.

    Prophet was wrong about Mack_Wild but that doesn’t hold him back from giving his opinion, wrong or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong – if you say it, you’re right! Oh yes, the Azazels Method is strong in this one. You will be a master one day, my young Jedi.

    Happy sarging,sexy people. Except you mack_wild. If you come back to Venusian Arts I will rape you. And I practice Tantric masturbation, so be afraid. Be very afraid.

  18. Shannon says:

    That guy looked crazy in his videos. Should have known he was whacked out of his gourd.

  19. Just like there’s a thin line between love and hate, there’s a thin line between genius (hard to understand for most people) and batshit crazy (understandable to NO ONE). Lol!

    I for one am not a divide and conquer player, I’m an unity dude (when both sides show equal respect though – what’s right is right). There are millions and millions of guys out there who seek dating advice, and I’m willing to bet that if gurus would combine forces and create a product together they could help more men and get more money themselves… than when they try to carve out a piece of the market for themselves.

    Think about it: there are now between 50-100 pick up companies, and if all would carve out there own fan base, sooner or later everyone’s fan base would shrink. Anyone that knows economics – beach theory. Look it up.

    It’s the whole notion of competitive thought, swimming in a sea that’s invested with sharks, a red ocean, while you can achieve more success by thinking in blue oceans. Read blue ocean strategy dudes.

    And anyone who knows his social game will agree: strength is in unity, not in divide and conquer.

    To more dating success,

    Dennis Miedema

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