Podcast 5: Polyamoury & Stephane on Revolution 31

July 8, 2008 by  
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Just got back from my trip over the fourth of July, and suffered an intolerable 18 hour trek back from the East Coast.  (God, I hate air travel!)

During one of my many layovers, I listened to the latest edition of the Revolution 31 podcast, and got SUPER PISSED OFF.

So pissed, I had to make a podcast all about it.  =)

Check it out:

Right click here for the MP3 File

In this edition of the Podcast:

1.  I get irritated and angry
2.  Barry Kirky lets Stephane get away with massive amounts of bullshit.
3.  Why I’m not negative
4.  Why Polyamoury is a BAD IDEA.
5.  To be continued…

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