The BootyCast Episode 5 – Welcoming The One

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Hey guys,

Here’s this week’s episode of the BootyCast:

  • Cameron Teone joins the show
  • Cameron’s trip to Germany
  • Discussion about fake boobies
  • Brad P’s “Jewgate” scandal
  • Is Thundercat being disrespectful to Amanda?
  • Paul Janka’s accused of attempted date rape
  • The Mexican Lair’s shenanegans
  • More on the “Let The Game Begin” movie
  • Analysis of UK PUA’s getting arrested
  • Pick Up Artists at Fetishcon
  • And more!

This week’s podcast clocks in at a cool 3:04:21.

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You can find out more about the show’s participants on the following websites:


Cameron Teone:

AFC Adam:

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11 Responses to “The BootyCast Episode 5 – Welcoming The One”
  1. Harry K. says:

    Would AFC Adam get pissed if you told him that he is no longer needed for the Bootycalls?

    TC and Amanda would have a better flow without him. Three’s a crowd, afterall…

  2. AFCAdam says:

    hahaha Nah man it takes more than that to get me pissed.

    There are many benefits of me not being there….for one I’d get an extra 3 hours in bed.

    :o )

  3. davo says:

    Well done, guys. You had gold comedy material in the Mexican lair guys, yet you turned it into a major yawn fest. Barry Kirkby, however, had me in hysterics.

    Shorten the show — 3 hours is light years too long — and limit yourselves to what you do well, having relaxed, lighthearted chitchats about the seduction community and seduction in general.

  4. Martin says:

    Adam rocks, any british person instantly adds a element of authenticity to any production.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Man, the audio bugged the crap out of me. I think Thundie should have taken Adam’s advice and re-connected the call to see if it helped. I am about an hour and 20 into it. Hope the audio improves

    I like Cameron btw. I like him more on Barry’s show though

  6. Harry K. says:

    You’re a cool dude, Adam but Amanda’s voice is a little bit sexier :)

    More than two people on the show at once is too choppy.

  7. mike mynamesnotreallymike says:

    good show, my only complaint was the cutting in and out. cameron was hilarious at the end.

  8. Dare says:

    Just listening to Adam try to make sense when he`s really trying to be serious about something REEKS of fakeness.

    Sorry mate but you know what i mean. Trying to see the Police`s point of view and stretching your positivity to the extreme.


    Worst Bootycast to date guys. Sorry. I got bored and left.

  9. Tantric says:

    Jesus the quality is unlistenable. The constant stepping on each other’s voices, the clipping out of the british guy, the horrible timing of the sound effect clips. Good god, I wanted to listen, I battled through 15 minutes but you gotta get the production values better. I might try again.

  10. Gamma says:

    hahahaha saludos desde MEXICO

    well im far away from the guys of the mexican lair… they live in the capital… im from baja… we do have a group of players here in baja… there are some good players down here (only the withe ones…) and it would be great to have you guys here in mexico

  11. Madness says:

    We DO have more than one lair on Mexico… Actually the players you know and the lair you know is the one that everyone laughs about… But anyway… There is tallent in Mexico… As Gamma said it would be great to have you guys here, we are so close that is really simple so…. Get in touch if you ganna have fun ;)


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