The BootyCast Episode 6 – Who’s Got Personality?

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Hey guys,

Sorry today’s episode is so late.  I had a number of technical difficulties that caused me to waste a lot of time trying to get it uploaded to the server.

This week’s BootCast episode comes in at a brisk 1:51:34.  In this week’s episode, we talk about:

  • Ross Jeffries Devil Worship
  • PUA Business Stuff
  • Gunwitch Thinks I’m Mad At Him
  • The CEO Of Stylelife Is A Douche
  • Using Personality To Attract Women
  • Tyler Stepping Down As RSD Figurehead

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15 Responses to “The BootyCast Episode 6 – Who’s Got Personality?”
  1. R31 Blows says:

    Could this have been anymore boring?

  2. trying to imitate barry kirkey’s podcast? well, it’s working, sort of…….

  3. Davis says:

    Adam and Cameron are ok. Gotta say im not all that impressed with your personality. How you are selling a course on personality is beyond me….

  4. Harry K. says:

    This was too much of a commercial for your new product. Your co-host’s enthusiasm for it seemed a little forced.

    I think most people listen to your Bootycasts for entertainment. They can find out about your products through your advertisements, conference calls, etc.

    So-called marketing experts recommend bludgeoning the consumer with product advertising but I think this turns more people off.

    Good luck.

  5. In_The_D says:

    Thundie –

    Please fix the poor audio when listening to your guest hosts. Its really annoying.

  6. Me says:

    You should limit these to 1 hour (don’t try to compete with Barry’s 2.5 hour shows – he’s burning himself out fast) AND in the text introducing it, list the times at which topics start being talked about. That way we can skip to the bits we want to listen to (like ‘scene selection’ in a DVD).

    With these two modifications, I think the number of listeners will increase.

  7. AFC Adam says:

    That way we can skip to the bits we want to listen to (like ’scene selection’ in a DVD).

    I really like this idea.

  8. Puasss says:

    hey adam i had to ask u about puatraning instructors, i have met most of those guys and most of them are cool people but most of them also have no game..the only guy i would say had some sort of game was Beckster but apart from him i dont think anyone really posses anything and does not deserve to be teaching others..what is your take on that ?

  9. AFC Adam says:

    Heya Puasss

    Honestly I haven’t met all the Instructors so I really can’t comment.

    However, the one’s I have met are pretty good. Then again I’ve met alot of instructors from alot of companies and I’ve not been that impressed with any.

    I mean lets get real.

    Alot of people can do this stuff, and can teach it.

    But how many of them have every been able to lay their eyes on a hot girl, approach her and then end up in some kind of relationship?

    Very very few.

    Also, I know some instructors who are INCREDIBLE at game…yet can’t teach for shit.

    It’s a toughie,

    Having good game unfortunately rarely translates into being good at teaching and creating products, as those who really do get good, spend all their time with women.

  10. thunder scat lairchode says:

    why are these so long?????

    thundercat is not funny. also he is clearly not confident judgjing from his voice ..

    also why cant you type up all the interesting parts so we can read itom the site

  11. Me says:

    I think Thundercat is confident enough, not a great PUA, but confident nonetheless. I think the problem is that he’s very dry. Also, there’s always a hint of menace in Thundy’s voice – as if he’s keeping a deep hatred under wraps (probably hatred of Ross Jeffries, and now Barry also)

    AFC Adam has a more expressive voice, but being the sidekick he doesn’t say enough to keep it interesting.

    And why IS Adam acting as the sidekick – he’s a better PUA than Thundercat. He should make his own podcast. Perhaps it’s an internship.

  12. Feezee says:

    “And why IS Adam acting as the sidekick – he’s a better PUA than Thundercat.”

    Man, Adam was on the top10 list. This list made him famous. So now he has to be nice to TC and be the “2nd guy” to give some social proof to him. But I’m sure he thinks that TC is kind of a loser and would better be with Barry in his show (Barry is a 10 times more talented speaker/humorist than TC).

    I feel a bit sad for Adam and his girlfriend because you can hear they are both really cool. Adam deserves more than being the second guy in this “TC wants to be as funny as Barry but he can’t” show.

  13. “TC wants to be as funny as Barry but he can’t” show.”

    I think there is a career for thunderbounce in counterfeiting

  14. John says:

    Hi Thundercat,
    just to add a precision regarding Tyler’s ultra expensive final bootcamps in Honolulu, I was at one of these bootcamps in early september and he charged us the regular going rate he does for every program in his curriculum, i.e. 2000$ not a penny more so it’s unfair to say he is milking it as his last rounds of bootcamps just for extra money.

  15. Bruce Min says:

    Nice post, or rather, nice podcast, if you will.

    I like to hear other peoples opinions on these type of matters, since I have my own field tested ways of doing things.

    You have a cool thing going here Thundercat, keep up the good stuff.

    Keep the ladies smooth.

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