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I got an email from a guy named Miso telling me about an upcoming event to help raise money for a community member’s mother who has liver cancer.  Now, LIVER cancer is big.  Big as in – this guy could lose his mother.  I think its great that these guys are trying to pull together and raise money to help this guy and his family out.

Miso writes:
Hey bro,

I’m just curious if you could possibly post the announcement about this event to your mailing list/website somehow:

It’s a 3-day fundraising event for our friend Snow and his mother who
is battling with liver cancer, and all the funds collected will go
towards her treatment and such… so I can’t really offer you any
affiliate fees or payouts of any sorts, aside from a huge "thank you"
for supporting our cause, and maybe a mention on the website itself and
referring some of the visitors to your website as well.

The event is happening this upcoming weekend, so the earlier you can
let everyone know about it, the better – there are still almost a dozen
seats available and we’d like to gather as much as possible in that
time. Plus, the event will feature some dozen or so speakers from all
walks of life and industries giving all attendees the best bang for
their buck – whatever amount they donate, that is, as this is a
fundraiser and there is no set fee for the workshop…

Thank you.

Go to the website.  If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, please be sure to do so.

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