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You know, we all have our own definitions of "confidence."

That is why when someone says "You just need to be confident to get a woman," most guys will groan in dismay.


Because no one really knows what that means!

What one person things is "being confident" may not be another person’s definition of confidence.

And of those definitions – they may all be WRONG!

Let me share with you my definition of confidence…

Confidence is secure self knowledge.  It is knowing who you are – your strengths and your weaknesses – and being HAPPY about it!

Confidence truly stems from your own personal belief systems.  Bad beliefs will lead you to not like yoruself, and this will lead you to being unconfident.

However, good belief systems allow you to love who you are and accept your faults – and this leads you to being SUPREMELY confident.

So the big question is:  How do you go from hating yourself to loving yourself?

Afte all – if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Well, one very effective method is to work from the outside in.  Its a proven scientific fact that emotions follow physicality.

So if you’re all hunched over, you may not feel very outgoing.  But if
you suddenly sit up straight with your sholders back, you may feel more
like being social.

But not only does this method of changing your physicality work on you, it works on other people as well!

Understand:  People subconsciously are aware of other people’s body language!

This is especially true of WOMEN.

Women seem to have an uncanny ability to read the body language of
another man.  So guess what?  If your body language reflects someone
who isn’t confident – they are going to know!

And that’s where "Physical Confidence" comes in.

Now, PC comes from the good people over at Pick-Up 101, one of my
favorite workshop companies.  It was developed by the PU101 head honcho
- Lance Mason.

Now, Lance is a cool cat.  I really like the guy.  Not only does he
really know his stuff, but he has some pretty tight inner game too.
And part of how he transformed himself was learning how to control his
body language.

And I can’t really agree with him more – you’re going to do anything
with a woman – especially if its the first time you’re meeting her -
you have to project a confident image – even if you don’t "feel
confident." (at least, not yet anyway.)

Just remember that your physicality is communicating to women before
you even open your mouth to talk to them!  It is so important, I can
see why Lance decided to devote an entire product to it.

The course itself is pretty massive.  It’s a whopping 8 DVDs and comes
with a bonus CD and a full workbook you can use along with the DVDs.

The DVDs consist of Lance and his crew at one of their seminars laying
the smackdown on your pick-up knowledge base, covering everything from
the true basics (like how to stand, sit, and carry your shoulders) to
some of the more advanced tactics that rely on subtle nuances (like how
to engage an entire group of people with your body language without
speaking to them directly, etc.)

Anyway, the DVDs are long and tend to drag in afew spots, but at least
everything seems to be in focus and the audio is clear (for the most

The benefit of having this as a DVD set is that you actually get to see
good ol’ Lance demonstrate many of his techniques – so if you’re a
visual learner (like myself) they are great training tools.

(Not to mention, when Lance gets into some of the advanced stuff, you’ll be glad you’ll get to see what he’s talking about!)

So even though there’s a lot of good stuff in this course, not everything is peaches & cream.

Some of the Body Language techniques demonstrated are pretty laughable,
and not all the guys on the DVD look comfortable on stage.

Also, I’m not sure if I agree that all confidence stems from one’s bod
language, and some of the "emotional distance" stuff Lance talks about
could be much simpler expalined in terms of "rapport."

But hey, that’s just my humble opinion.  =)

Overall, I’d say for anyone looking to improve their confidence, the Physical Confidence DVDs are a definite must have.

It’s a good place to start, you can do it quickly and get results (no
months and months of retraining your beliefs!), and it will help you
along the way as you get your inner game worked out.

Just a warning though:  The course is not cheap!

In fact, it clocks in at about $597 – though they do split that up into seven payments of $97, so the sting isn’t quite as bad.

But in my opinion, $97 over 7 months is a good deal to learn some of the tactics in this massive DVD set.

Click Here To Check Out Physical Confidence.

Anyone who’s struggling with their current inner game won’t find a better course to help get them started at the moment.

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2 Responses to “Review: Pick Up 101′s Physical Confidence DVD”
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    You can also try thinking that looks are not everything. Some of the most beautiful Women can be the ugliest women because they may look nice on the outside but may be ugly on the inside. If you can tell yourself that just because they are pretty does not mean they are better then you. You may be better then them. So if you are going on a date just look at the woman and try to figure out if she is a nice person or a ugly person. You may find that a woman that may not have pretty looks may be a nicer choice for you. If you find a nice person then you will be more comfortable and have more confidence while being with them.

    If you are not a very confident type of person you can also date in a group allowing you to be around other people you know and are comfortable with. This can help you relax and have fun with your date. A lot of people go on dates as groups. You can just be yourself around your friends making your date more successful.

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