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Hey guys,

Pure Personality is now officially live!  This is what you’d call my “attraction” course, I guess, since it is all about how to be more attractive to women – no matter what you look like.

Check it out here:


The feedback I’ve been getting from the course so far has been great!  And you can still view some of my old videos on the site.

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124 Responses to “Pure Personality”
  1. Wilson Fisk says:

    “I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Thundie’s method.’

    what’s disturbing is that what “you know who” is teaching is a retrofitted rip off of elements of SS.

    as an example , a main component of the method is creating connection with the women by retelling a story of when you had a connecttion with someone, and then having the women tell a stroy of her having a connection…sounds lke a sloppy ass version of srt

    with all this talk of “natural” it’s just dumbed down ss concepts that were out like 15 years ago

  2. “I was talking about when I talk about newcomers who make it to the top 10 list, which is something that happens all the time.”

    Yeah, new bands get deals with MTV all the time too, but if you’re in a band, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

    People win the lottery all the time too.

  3. Anon,
    Since you got so many questions and I don’t feel like working because of my gig last night, I’ll answer some of them.

    “I think most of us are tired of hearing your stories and listening to your long winded” debates.

    Compare your average word count to mine, buddy.

    “You plug your method over and over as if it is a magic bullet and give no examples of anything.”

    What I do is just a variation of SS with some Swingcat thrown in. Sure I do some original stuff but it’s not necessary, just more fun for me.

    “Your just wasting your time especially where you don’t put it into context and experience. If your aim is to get more respect for your method Im not sure what your motivation would be for that, if your already getting success thats all that should matter.”

    I like to debate and I get bored of writing and designing cabinets during the day.

    “If you want to continue to push your success onto others perhaps you should be more descriptive. Is your identity supportive of the tactics you use and how?

    You mean am I congruent? Of course. I’m an artist type so people accept me playing with their imaginations.

    “DO you just walk up and do this weird stuff right off the bat, and if you do why do you think you get the compliance?”

    I do, and I get compliance because I first get rapport and intrigue, and another reason I get compliance is because it isn’t “wierd” to most open minded girls, it’s just wierd to thick-skulled jocks and linear thinking men.

    “Do you have a low flake rate and why you think that is?

    I think I have an average flake rate, and when they flake it’s usually because I didn’t have time to set environmental anchors, install my voice, and use time-distortion and looping.

    “What types of girls and in what situations.”

    Most women in their early 20s because that’s what I find myself liking usually. In just about any situation I find myself.

    “Do you use this as a secondary support to your identity or is it something you use to close the deal with a girl thats already into you.”


    “I mean there are so many variables. Your motivation clearly is not to help anyone else more than it is to try to develope some sort of long winded ego identity on thundercats blog which I feel is pathetic and wreaks of insecurity which I can only conclude is insecurity because you pose as someone your actually NOT. If your truely 36 and bald and are fucking 19 year old girls and you want to waste your time posting about it and it’s not just an ego trip and you truely feel your offering value here than it would make much more sense for you to tell the whole story and the context behind this because most people do not find the success that marketing guru’s would have you believe and even the marketing guru’s themselves openly admitt that. One only needs to check out Ross on Dr phil to hear it right from the horses mouth.”

    Because most students are lazy, or just give up!

    Why do you think it’s insecure for me to post about success, and it’s not insecure for you to post about failure? It doesn’t make any sense. I like to post here because I happen to be into seduction, and I hope you are too or else you’re REALLY wasting your time here. Do you think that men who are successful with women fuck them all day long, every day? Can’t I have other interests besides talking to and fucking girls 24-7 ?

    I still manage to write 3 blogs, sell 30-60,000 worth of cabinets a month, do a little writing, and excersize for an hour a day. You must type reeeeeally slow if you think this takes up much of my free time.

  4. Oh- the context for the girl last night was I was playing a gig and she was a waitress. I flirted with her a little during the show and whe she got off I analized her handwriting, challenged her a bit, ran some patterns, and then did the srt question and demo.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Maestro if what you carry on about is true than you are simply an example of what I have been saying.

    Guys this dude is trying to tell us that he does gigs, is a writer, has a flourishing business where he works with his hands, is an artist, and on top of that seems to have some social intelligence on how to seamlessly introduce the things that he introduces to these women.

    He could use any method and seamlessly make it work because of his foundation, his life situation. None of which has to do with the method he uses and all of which has to do with things that DONT have to do ANYTHING with seduction. That’s been my point. It just goes to show you how you should NEVER listen to men on an internet trying to explain why they have success ANY MORE than you should listen to women trying to tell you how to get into her pants. It’s all on you. Create and lead a life that your happy about and others will become happy with you naturally.

    Thank you Maestro for bringing home my point.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Some people say “duh” to my point. No doubt there are some who get that and feel it is common sense. Unfortunately the majority of the people who are drawn in and suckered into this community in the first place are guys who either have not tasted success with women or in life yet, or who are in a transitional period, fresh off of rejection. They then waste weeks, months, or years of their lives chasing this marketing vision that the marketers of this industry and people like Maestro paint for them, only to continue to meet with frustration.


    They don’t have this foundational point I am making as a part of their lives and chasing mastery of magic bullet methods and techniques 24/7 and posting on forums exchanging information with guys who don’t have a clue or guys who dont know how to explain their success (like Maestro) CERTAINLY does not help them. Once they can understand this foundational point and work to take their life back and get it under control and get confidence in THEMSELVES than eventually they may be able to have the success that other people like Maestro or David Deangelo or Eric or Style … who have that part handled, can have.

  7. You are assuming that the reason I’m having success is because I have a full and interesting life, and it’s true that it is important to develope your life as you study suduction, there’s a small problem with your reasoning.

    I had an even MORE interesting life when I was an afc. I interviewed famous rock stars and toured the US and Europe (mostly Holland) with big name acts.

    Sure I have a book now (but I rarely tell chicks that), and I make more money (cabinet design), but I don’t travel as much and my gigs are in pubs, not huge music festivals like back in the day. I have much more success with women now that I have learned about seduction. Sure I’m a more confident person now, but that is what we call the developement of “inner game.”

  8. And you wanna know how I made the jump from cabinet installer to cabinet designer without a degree? You guessed it- good ol’ NLP at the job interview.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well NLP doesn’t work on me and many people I know so I see it as tacky and new age crap. Being a challenge to women who are use to having men throw themselves at them, recognizing non-sexual unique things in women that they work for to have you see in them, being in the moment and playful, being unreactive to others attempts to manipulate you, and other things that are taught more now a days seem to have more an effect on me and on the people around me.

    At the end of the day a “method” or “tactic” is to success what A1 sauce is to a steak. Some prefer the extra boost of tang but no one is drinking A1 sauce by itself.

  10. How do you know it doesn’t work on you? How many times a day do you recognize that NLP is being used on you (in political speeches, advertisements, sales pitches, etc?)?
    Several times a day I recognize it from various sources, and sure as hell works on rich folks who buy $60, 000 kitchens…

  11. Anonymous says:

    I recognize the nlp in advertisements and political agenda’s, I have studied NLP, I have used NLP on myself for NLP visualizations and things like seeing yourself through the screen or rewinding things in your head. I find it to be very gimmicky and empty and not very effective. I have much better success with things like writing out affirmations or guided meditation but still that success is very temporary and small.

    For self help, confidence, and inner game I find it much more effective to set goals and take consistant actions and to better ones life so one can feel better about him/herself. I gave NLP a very solid shot and it seems very empty to me, almost like a ripoff of more traditional methods with some extra complexity and steps that ring hollow so as to market itself as the NEXT BIG THING. Another marketing stunt is all it amounts to in my book. Psychocybernetics with it’s old school strategies or psychological achievement by Brian Tracy are much more simplistic and effective to the average person. Overall focus on any mind tricks are short lived and useless if your not out there setting goals, taking action, and putting yourself in situations where your making a better life for yourself that you can be proud of.

    As far as using clever word phrases to better effect someone elses imagination, anchoring, routines, and all the other advanced concepts that you mentioned … again I feel this stuff is a bit overboard. If you strip away all the marketing bullshit thrown in to get someone to believe there is something “more” to it that makes it “special” and get to the meat of it, it’s just a little old fashioned thing called “involking imagination”. It’s the kind of thing that some people are good at doing naturally and others need to learn but learning it in a mechanical and artificial way yields lower results than just having a little common sense and learning to become the kind of person that can do that naturally.

    So lets agree to disagree, Im too busy trying to do that word count. I’ll have to get back to you on that one. ;-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    I will also add a couple more things to my thoughts here. The whole idea that you need to transfer any feelings you make a woman feel towards YOU and connect them together through language or hand gestures is foolish. If you go to a movie and a woman enjoys it, she associates it with you automatically. A woman associates how she feels around you and making a point to link the feelings you make her feel to you comes off transparent, needy, and phoney. Ross is a phony guy and it rings through very easily when one watches or listens to him.

    Also women have a short attention span. Like I referenced previously she needs to already be very attracted to you for you to have a chance of engaging her in any sort of deep process like the ones you seem to endorse. The degree to which you get her attention, keep it, and effect her with your “tricks” is directly correlative with the degree of attraction she has to you in the first place. When you were up taking center stage at your “gig” or she see’s you working on your cabinet .. that stuff goes far further towards creating the end results that a man strives for than some drawn out psychological trick. I think the reason there are still people supporting this old school methology is that of all the internet marketing methods out there SS by ross jeffries has been the one that is marketed the most effectively because it promises insane results and involves much higher complexity. Since this is the case guys looking for direction feel so confident that they have magic powers that it comes through as confidence. They really believe they have these magical powers that can control someones mind and so they act like it, but really it’s just a placeabo effect. That is why people like you argue so adamately against people like me, we are threatening the main source of your power … belief. By arguing against me and standing by your method you are reinforcing your beliefs and keeping control of the placeabo effect in your mind.

  13. Dude, if you don’t want to get laid and you’d rather just write about how nothing works in order to excuse yourself, then great! When you use this stuff and have success with it there is no doubt about why you got the results. It can’t even be denied rationally once you’ve experienced that, but I understand that people are doubtful because either they think it’s too good to be true or because they subconsciously don’t want to succeed. And BTW that’s really silly to think that inviting a woman into my shop to watch me build cabinets is a better system than capturing and leading her imagination.
    I am tired of trying to lead anorexic horses to water. I think I’ll go debate anthropology on google groups today instead of seduction. At least the scientist and archies there are more open minded and less self-defeating.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Dude, if you don’t want to get laid and you’d rather just write about how nothing works in order to excuse yourself, then great!”

    You just showed yourself to be the internet fantasy kj poster that you are right there bud. I can’t believe I even bought into all your shit. Your pathetic. Anyone who thinks that you must be a part of the community or practice NLP or any method in order to get “laid” is a loser and most likely a virgin. GET A LIFE BRO.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “I am tired of trying to lead anorexic horses to water. I think I’ll go debate anthropology on google groups today instead of seduction.”

    and this right here … is the best damn news I think ANY of us have heard on this blog in a long time. Guys dont listen to this guy, he’s dillusional and it’s his stories keep changing. I think he’s some sort of combination of a kj troll and pathological liar.

  16. DAvid says:

    Your just figuring this out anom?? A little slow arn’t you. :-)

  17. Oracle says:

    A while back I remember him saying that he had not been out in 4 years or something, and he was posting about how proud he was that he went out for the first time or got a number or something small like that. Regardless I dont think people come here to get quality advice, especially from the posters here. Most people here know that this seduction maestro guy is a looney, he found someone who would entertain him thats all.

  18. Cool someone semi-worthy of debate. Hi oracle. You have your facts wrong; I was in an LTR for 4 years and the first time I went out I got a kiss close, but I wasn’t proud of it, I was just giving an example about how the techniques work because someone asked me to give an example. I guess this means if I give more examples I’ll be bragging even though Anon is requesting them yet again. At least a spin doctor is better than a guy who just kinda rants, so thanks Oracle!
    And Anon, I really hope you have a desk job too or you’re really wasting some time here.

  19. And Anon, you sure do take things literally, don’t you?
    Of course I don’t think that it’s impossible to get laid without the community, after all I was BORN and my parents are older than Ross Jeffries. I just think YOU need it, or else why do you spend so much time here?
    *I* needed the community to get laid on a regular basis, because I wouldn’t settle for anything but absolutely beautiful women. That’s plural. Sure as an afc at 18 I got in a relationship with a beautiful woman without the community, but it was dumb luck really and I would have had no idea how to frame it as an MLTR.

  20. Coven says:

    I have seen Thundercat out in Hollywood

    Always alone and looking terrible

    Thundercat was the first guy I saw who I realized was almost all talk, and not good at pick up.

  21. well, RJ is doing a free course over at his blog, and the first 10 minutes is considerably better than Thundercat’s entire course:


  22. Snapper says:

    everyone knows thundercat is a dumbass fake, all bark no bite, artard, a friend pointed him out to me in real life, he’s a miserable slob, so leave him alone, his life is sad enough without you people insulting him further… hold on thundie… you’ve sold you’re soul, but if you’re thinking about ending you’re own life(and you should be, its pathetic) don’t do it, because my tax dollars will have to clean your miserable mug off the pavement

  23. Bruce Min says:


    nice course you have there. Looks nice…

    I can only wonder what types of techniques you have listed inside.

    Perhaps they’re all the ones that I know, but maybe I could learn something.


  24. Good stuff Thundercat. I took a look at the course and leaned alot. Thanks for all your tips!

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